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  1. haha you're going too fast, I don't have time to see everything if I can allow myself a tip, you should prefix your scenarios I put AK for those from Africa and Kreta on those from Crete it allows you to find them in alphabetical order in the list You should date the mods that will allow you to see the old ones already loaded with the new ones because soon it will be difficult to navigate given the rhythm where you produce and of course thank you, thank you a thousand times
  2. it's a great mod, but I can't find the author's name 🙄 the guy did this on Blender Accessorys on sdkfz 250 and Protze and flak 36. For the flak, the sandbags are purely decorative and do not protect the flak and the flak is the color you want !!! I am contacting you by mp
  3. the victim smokes and other shells are closed at hands
  4. your link work CMRT and CMFB are empty and CMFI contains 3 scenario and the AK mod I checked the psw 231, the 2nd right front wheel don't move
  5. I don't think it's from you but from BF it's like the dingo wheel, I also spotted some problems in some German halftrack on RT, I will take some image capture and will do a post this winter or I will have more time.... thank you for these scenarios and all these mods
  6. I'm going to try ! I played the first one I already had a lot of fun I love this game format and your map is very well thought out In addition it is the ideal format for me currently who am busy Thank you Did you notice the bug on the vehicle, it has a fixed wheel !!! or it comes from my mod
  7. I have been playing this campaign for several months now it's really a great campaign with very well done maps, great storytelling, really immersive dominant infantry combat. For those who haven't tested, I highly recommend it. @General Jack Rippervideos add more to this pleasure, a crazy job that sublimates the @Paper Tigerwork
  8. Bonjour à toi monsieur Matos Yes as JM says, the whole world frequents this forum and the easiest way to be understood by everyone is to communicate in English. The site given by JM is essential and has no equivalent anywhere I also advise non-French speakers to test it, it's a mine of information
  9. post 17h ago and not a like !!☹️ nobody saw ....🤔 it's great and very immersive Bravo a hundred times😍
  10. Driven by curiosity I went to see "the poppy grow" Quite the kind of game I love with a role playing level On the other hand once the game opens, surprisingly the platoons only have 4 tanks ??? in view of the level of detail I am surprised, it should not be a hazard
  11. The feline sneaks through the tall grass... and surprises the herd !!
  12. yes I think like you, but it remains exceptional. The ground leveled by a heavy bombardment becomes impracticable this is why the Allied General Staff do not take this technique into account So in the absolute between an ease of breach by the engineers and the tanks and the supernatural resistance of an airplane bomb right on hedge, we reach the right compromise
  13. I just redo the resistance test !! there is a point with that i agree with @Bulletpoint it is for low boccage which is little can too resistant! Then but this is related to the design of the map, no hedge is completely impervious to the passage of the infantry even more true with the low boccage I sometimes go to the editor to open passages and see how the scenario is modified by realistically modifying the nature of the hedge
  14. it is said that the good deal is when neither the seller nor the buyer is really satisfied. Here CM with its hedge has the right deal !! Unlike @Bulletpoint I find the hedges far too easy to pierce, it takes 1 to 3 minutes to pierce them with explodes loads which is infinitely shorter than in reality, even the dino tank pierces them all! In reality, only the intermediate hedges were pierced by this means. The main hedges which are at least 4 meters in base and at least 2 meters in height mixed with earth, maconerie and tied with an interlacing of roots of trees of several centuries are only destructible with the implementation of considerable means. and requiring a lot of time. Shells like bombs do not prove to be an effective means of smashing them, they are not even mentioned in the techniques of crossing.
  15. As I said before, Italy is very demanding after it is trained on CMBN and FB it is really a must-have game with a certain number of units and terrains and climates. As Erwin says, the Brixia is amazing, not being able to divide the disturbing group but I really like to play with it, the liaison with the officer is essential try to follow the posts of @Freyberg which is a fanatic of cm Italy, he has a lot of finesse in the use of these troops then made a series of cards essential for this opus
  16. oui @Erwin the tree goes through 3 stages: less leaves, no leaves and no trees !!! for bushes: without leaves and then without bushes here less leaf for tree and the bush is without leaves, the tank exploded!
  17. dément !!! it's superb with the tags and a lot of talent we can do incredible things you can do amazing things we must get out of it now !!!
  18. To be honest I am not a fan of Beach house however I really liked Changing the guard I have to test Night moves and Dnieper rising! Anyway I am in ecstatic in front of the presentation graphics. Those of Night moves, Dnieper rising, Changing guard and t junction are superb the one I like the least Beach house, probably a sign 😁
  19. carambar! there is movement here ! First the new presentation of the depot III scenario superb @Bootie 😍 It fits perfectly with the "Gamer time" theme that I just installed on Mozilla... red and anthracite and 3 @Canuck21scenario he creates them faster than I play them !! 😁
  20. Alas no ! the problem would have been elegantly resolved ... I did the test the bug persists 😪
  21. Beginner's luck 😁 I, i did not do too badly on the 1st try not a total victory but a victory all the same, the aviation was decisive ! but the second was a disaster🙄 I did not have a problem with the bridge !! like @Vacilllatorthis is exactly the kind of scenario that I like @slysniper for the "Last King" I tried to restart the backups but nothing has changed, it's really strange 🤪
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