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  1. Well, Phil. I don't know what to say apart from great job! I don't think I would have found that out by myself.
  2. CMRT's model seems to be working properly. Here it is: https://www.mediafire.com/file/wn6idd5mjgi31r0/sdkfz231.rar/file
  3. You should grab the StuG III F/8 from CMFI instead. Looks more similar to the early short-barreled StuGs.
  4. The rolled sleeve mod is a texture trick. Whoever made it just textured skin on the sleeves. It doesn't really look good to me.
  5. There's no uniform like that that I've seen. I'd say drop the rolled sleeves. To get jackboots only you only need to replace the ankleboot uniform model with the jackboot one, you might have to replace the ankleboot texture as well. You need either M36 or M40 pattern uniforms with some having the gas cape on the chest as well. I was contemplating doing that for some time with Ez's uniforms, so something might come out soon.
  6. Okay nevermind it seems I noticed a problem like that before and promptly replaced it with the CMBN model which actually works. Here it is. https://www.mediafire.com/file/940790tikkrv9d8/pz+iii+g+late.rar/file
  7. I can't replicate the problem on my install, did you do any switching or renaming or?
  8. nope, radios got pretty small by the Vietnam war. The model used in CW would be the same, a PRC 25 or 77. You can see the spare battery pouch on the left.
  9. The scale of the equipment is also incorrect. The radio is huuuuuge, the ALICE pouches are too small, same for the compass pouches. The radio is also missing its frame and spare battery pouch but eh, I'd assume it's a done deal at that point.
  10. Did someone mention the Volkssturmgewehr (MP-507) firing full auto? Because in-game it does even though the real gun is only semi-auto capable (it's even said in the manual).
  11. If possible for the next patch, I noticed that the G41 riflemen don't have ammunition pouches. Unless it was fixed in this one.
  12. Umlaut, maybe you should grab this one from CMFI since it has the proper cupola. https://www.mediafire.com/file/k0ebijt171pjcu8/r-35.rar/file
  13. Well, you can just release your own version later, I'm sure it'll be better than mine. You're free to take from what I've done if necessary.
  14. Did you check the file load order? Do you have models that can conflict with it?
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