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  1. Lol, didn't think of that. Either way, trying to fix CM is a good way to learn how to use Blender. It's how you repair these kinds of things that cannot be fixed with simply switching textures or models around.
  2. If you own CMBN Market Garden you can also grab the "jpz-iv-70-early" model from "normandy v210 market garden b.brz" and just drop it in the Z folder for FB to fix it.
  3. The SU-122 should be available from the start - it was fielded in 1943 - to the end of the timeframe. I can find it just fine in the Medium Assault Gun regiment along with the SU-85 in QB. Do you have the latest patch installed?
  4. Not really. Me and Lucky Strike have seen our share of Waffen-SS pictures and it's practically impossible to find any peadot on helmets or even any kind of headgear like field caps (if you do find something that looks similar, it's probably plane tree camo). I have seen Heer soldiers wearing peadot trousers in 1945 though, as well as an officer with a peadot tunic with Heer insignia sewed onto it, and a probable picture of an SS Fallschirmjaeger smock in peadot. Just spraying the helmet with camo paint seems more practical than gathering damaged uniforms and salvaging the material. It wou
  5. Looks very nice. The Waffen-SS was never issued peadot camo helmet covers however. The pattern was only used to make tops and trousers.
  6. I'd like to note that for the next CMRT patch, the Soviet officer should be fixed. In many formations he shows up in a regular grunt model. On the officer model he's missing his holster as well. I reported this earlier on this post:
  7. Not really, no. I don't think that ever happened in real life either. You can still at least have HG panzers since field divisions only had StuG units.
  8. https://www.mediafire.com/file/tp3g3ign74rpum7/south_african_voices.rar/file Here's a temporary fix for the SA voices. Extract to the Data/Z folder.
  9. Alright, fair enough. It was in the files and in the store page list so I thought it was the same situation as the French handguns. We could use the M1892 texture though lol.
  10. Will the Vickers-Berthier be made available for Indian troops?
  11. Congratulations on finishing the mod! Not to be too indiscrete, but have you done anything on CMFI?
  12. Yeah, I've tried it and the modtagged files in the sources don't seem to do anything. I've replaced the textures with Ez's and used modtags on the scenarios instead.
  13. Ez made some HG Division skins, tropical and temperate. Go and grab them here: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=5140 You can also find the ones he made for CMBN for field divisions. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8257
  14. Yeah, they are. Usually if the exact variants of the vehicle/weapon are present between games they should be compatible.
  15. I managed to fix the problem with the wheels in my AT gun rescale mod. Check it out here (use the download links at the bottom of the thread)
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