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  1. I have a feeling that an IFV uses its machine gun when it's ordered to target light an open target, while it uses its cannon when ordered to target light a hard target like a building. As for the target order, in the open it will use its cannon and for a hard target it will use its ATGM.
  2. From what I can see they're using mods which are available to anyone on CMMODS.
  3. Catch-22 is a book that represents 12th Air Force bomber crews and their mission count with a lot of dark humor. It was written by a 12th Air Force airman. Guess he's the devil. Bill Mauldin may have made a joke about skipping out on a patrol as well. Down to the pits of hell with him. I do respect the G.I. Joe and I think he was a good guy but I don't treat him like a Greek mythology hero either.
  4. Listen, if you want to gang up on me and make me an American-hater, then go right ahead. What I have to say is that I had no intention in degrading the contribution of the United States during WW2. In fact I spend most of my modding time trying to represent U.S. forces in as authentic a way as possible, mostly unit textures (right now I'm trying to work out how I should distribute HBT uniforms in each division), and I collect U.S. WW2 equipment, original or repro. This was a failed joke and I regret it. Let's move on.
  5. It may not have been obvious due to the format, but it was a joke. I am aware of these great contributions. The American sentiment on combat was not the most gung-ho you could find however, especially in the ETO. If a Joe could skip out on a patrol he would definitely take the chance, just like how an Air Corps aviator would be concerned about the mission count. I wouldn't call that cowardice either, but I would describe it as an American mindset. The Joe definitely believed in going home as soon as he could, while Germans or Japanese knew they were in the show until they were either dead
  6. Well, the winter skins are indeed seasonal and have gloves. Fair point on the sunburnt ones though.
  7. The gloves (hands) are part of the face texture. So that's false. They simply made the face redder when they added the gloves. You can see it in CMFB and CMFI.
  8. Yeah, until the enemy shoots back with anything bigger than a rifle.
  9. [whitewash snow] would make it show up when there's snow on the ground during or after January 1945.
  10. Yeah, I played a few games of that with a friend connecting over LAN using a Hamachi server. What CM really needs on top of that is multiple players on each side or co-op so each can take care of their own formations. Frankly, I would pay for an engine upgrade that includes this.
  11. I've heard that G.I.s would get as many grenade launchers as they could without really following the TO&E later in the war, like the second BAR, but a maximum of three sounds like a reasonable number. The Joes really liked them. Talking about the second BAR however, it seems that it shows up in an unreasonable amount in BN compared to FB. I noticed this change in one of the last patches for the game.
  12. Yes, as long as it's between the two [ ]'s separated by a space. Modified files will show up when those two mod tags are active at the same time.
  13. You could tag it [snow] so it shows up when there's snow on the ground.
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