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  1. There is no tactical interest in riding the captured Panther, just the fun, the feeling of power and that stoast of revenge and freedom after 5 years of oppression. In a few moments they will pay a lot for their youthful unconscious!!!
  2. I've been very busy lately and I didn't have time to play or post pictures luckily @kohlenklau made micro scenarios and @JM Stuff set the mood merci les gars !!! ambush ! anti tank grenades fly a second ! onslaught !!
  3. fascinating! now that technique is no longer an obstacle with your talent and your inventiveness and improved performance programmed by battlefront it is a limitless universe that opens before us
  4. yes the Americans shoot standing with the Bar and even on their knees they shoot but Italians or Germans with LMGs do not shoot they get down on their knees, aim then get up it's frustrating
  5. Before testing the graphic improvements of lucky and its superb very realistic trenches I continued to test that of kole when the behavior of the troops. alas an insurmountable problem for me arose, the LMG shooters if they stand to watch only shooting lying down or kneeling result they do not shoot in the trenches !!! trechs thus lose all interest!
  6. beautiful @MOS:96B2P but I thinked that I will not have enough green heart ! The SS keep their helmets, discipline is maintained in these units those who do not wear a helmet should also remove the gas mask !!!
  7. I have been very calm for a month and a half, but I am starting to smell musty, never seen so much rain in the summer
  8. My photos are not as pretty as Lucky's, I haven't changed anything of what @kohlenklau did I just tested if it improved the defense and if shooting was still possible under all circumstances. I found that the soldiers were better protected, the parapet stopping the projectiles and the men did not emerge up to the waist, only the top of the shoulders and the head, but I think @Lucky_Strike made that even better. Among the disadvantages, the machine guns which as in reality cannot fire from the bottom of the trench. Where it becomes great is that if you make angles, the trench returns to the original. You just have to place the HMGs in these adapted positions to be able to benefit from them. here we see a shooter! and in the dedicated positions the machine guns
  9. I reduced them to the maximum just to leave a background noise because as I said I can not stand and it tenses my nerves !! and this noise with a part where I lose could lead to the destruction of my pc
  10. we have to see the behavior but I think you achieved what many wanted !! génial
  11. I still have this problem !! I deleted my French mod nothing changes! I use the mod africa maybe it is he who does not work besides, why don't you tag your scenario to have the house with a flat roof I am obliged to tag your scenarios? Otherwise the idea is great "Les gars de Koenig" will still have to work miracles Tiens voila du boudin , voila du boudin .....
  12. this is the first time that I see this! but after research on the net I found this "Mine marshes (low density of mines) can be used to cover large areas in front of a combat zone."
  13. it's @Erwin moment I finally understand droopbox and its strange ergonomics !! here are the cicadas, personally that annoys me and explains in large part why I rarely descend more to the south of the Loire river https://www.dropbox.com/sh/re1eho8d0rmqga9/AACP7xLilsEc5xv-hiGcictPa?dl=0 yes I want to test your sound
  14. Marais is a wetland champ de mine is minefield on a panel or in general in military terms we say "Champ de mines"
  15. Here are the sounds day and night, I use a sound the day (bird dog and shot (shotgun !!) ) For the night it's a soundtrack recorded in the Chartre area in june ,July (with song of frogs ) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0jn8prynuanoryi/AAA8KukS8zG0Zalb6AWtwGkUa?dl=0
  16. I let go of the ramp for 2 weeks and I no longer recognize anything! As for Kohlenklau I no longer understand what he is saying and he crashes the translator bravo les gars !!!
  17. a new step I was happy to have completed my June July August with live verification and using as much as possible of your great mod !!!! you add a new
  18. haha you're going too fast, I don't have time to see everything if I can allow myself a tip, you should prefix your scenarios I put AK for those from Africa and Kreta on those from Crete it allows you to find them in alphabetical order in the list You should date the mods that will allow you to see the old ones already loaded with the new ones because soon it will be difficult to navigate given the rhythm where you produce and of course thank you, thank you a thousand times
  19. it's a great mod, but I can't find the author's name the guy did this on Blender Accessorys on sdkfz 250 and Protze and flak 36. For the flak, the sandbags are purely decorative and do not protect the flak and the flak is the color you want !!! I am contacting you by mp
  20. the victim smokes and other shells are closed at hands
  21. your link work CMRT and CMFB are empty and CMFI contains 3 scenario and the AK mod I checked the psw 231, the 2nd right front wheel don't move
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