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  1. Hmm interesting. I've not encountered that problem myself when testing through the entire campaign although CM has been known to crash occasionally when loading scenarios (often for larger scenarios). Sometimes I find quitting the game, rebooting the pc and starting it back up fresh helps. Alternatively might be worth going back to a previous save continuing from that save and see if it then is able to process battle 8. Well done on the total victory though for battle 7. If you still have problems let me know, and I'll investigate further 👍
  2. Cheers thank you all for the kind comments :). It was long learning curve with many mistakes along the way but was happy to improve and make a contribution, even if its near 10 years since CM:BN was released lol.
  3. The first mission is quite a slog I'll admit and the casualty parameters harsh. Did you try concentrating on just 2 of the objectives or all 3?
  4. Hello, Just wanted to let those that might be interested my campaign ‘Operation Undergo -Gris Nez’ has been finally released! It has been uploaded to the scenario depot and its ready to be downloaded (link is below). I have included some information too as to what it is about and basic requirements. What do I need: CM:BN, CW, Market Garden and Vehicle Pack. What forces will I command? 2 Canadian Infantry Battalions, Squadron of Sherman Tanks, 1 Troop of Churchill Crocodile, Petard and Sherman Flails (not all in the same battle do not worry 😉). And a tonne of artillery! How is it meant to be played: Player (Canada) vs German AI What size battles can I expect? About company strength for the most part. A third of the campaign is set at commanding battalion strength. Type of maps: Typically reminiscent of the Calais region. Rolling hills, semi open, semi bocage semi woodland. Historical or not: Semi-Historical How long is it? 10 or 11 battles When does it take place: September ’44. What do I get with it? - Northern Master Map - Southern Master Map - 25 page Campaign Design Booklet PDF including OOB - Picture of Battalion Company movements (was not able to include this in campaign briefing although it is useful for reference) - Campaign Progression Tables (Battle order) Has it been tested? Yes. I have only been able to find people that have been in a position to try the first and second battles respectively – everything thereafter I have tested myself. I have gone through it fully about 7 or 8 times now and feel it is at a point for release. Those that are familiar with the history of Undergo, particularly at Gris Nez will know roughly what to expect. I should mention this my first campaign that I have designed, and as such it does therefore commit some absolute cardinal sins over what really makes an effective engaging campaign, which I have learned from. That being said, if you want a campaign which follows the actions at Gris Nez as accurately as I could get them, well your about to experience the often-forgotten battles for the coastal garrisons in September of 1944. And finally…some pictures…. Has it put you off from making more campaigns: Absolutely not? Working on the next one already. Download link: CMBN CW: Operation Undergo – Gris Nez (thefewgoodmen.com)
  5. Thought I'd share a random assortment of pictures I've taken... Who would have thought a collapsed roof could look so beautiful. The Germans got their Kubelwagen into the repair garage... Perfect positioning...
  6. Will sewer movement be incorporated? I think I know the answer to this question but a little voice in my head is begging for me to ask the question. I remember using it a couple of times wayyyy back in Barbarossa to Berlin, and it was a really interesting concept for urban maps. It was admittedly rough and the risks were high as there was a chance teams sent down would never resurface. It was a good way to bring reinforcements to a factory building in a heavily built up area however. Not to mention there was no guarantee how long the movement command would take to complete.
  7. That's a really good resource! Thank you for pointing it out to me :).
  8. I'd say the campaign is historical/semi historical account of the attack made by the Canadians against German forces in the Gris Nez sector of Operation Undergo (Sept '44). Ive had to take some liberties for gameplay reasons with some of the scenarios but I believe all the height terrain mapping, allied order of battle, and most axis unit placements to be correct. The biggest difficulty was trying to figure out what GER units were where, in and after August, as what few records there are either contradictory or incomplete, which is perhaps a reflection of the chaotic situation for the German armies in France in late August/early September.
  9. Hi all, I've been working on a campaign which comprises of 10 battles which are directed against German forces in Northern France, and wanted to see if anyone is able to playtest it to provide some feedback? I've had a couple of play testers review it when it was really in its infancy, and have put a lot of work in to correct those early errors. For clarification its Canada vs German AI. and the modules needed are: Commonwealth Forces, Market Garden and the Vehicle pack to play it. If anyone is interested let me know
  10. I dont, although I probably should lol. I've altered the individual battles so many times I still keep finding new things to add with new perspectives to try out. Still, I have worked on some basic tables which I intend to attach to the zip file so players can see the battle order and force components before playing as it is quite useful to look over. The only thing that would have been a huge help would be a export to Excel function for the 'purchase unit' tab so tracking what core units are meant for what battle would be easier (I've had to write all my force components for each battle by hand, which took a few hours).
  11. Cheers for this, I added another mission in here as you suggested, and that worked. The only other errors I had was on a couple of lines which I was able to solve. All compiled. Now I'm half way playtesting this all the way through...and have quite a few things ill need to change before release 😁.
  12. Its definitely line 24 as Ive not only counted manually myself, but used the notepad to identify line 24. This is for Battle for Normandy - sorry I should have said. I'd imagine the scripting format isn't too different between the two although I guess there might be slight differences. I have attached a screenshot and also the script. Taking on the big guns.txt
  13. So in light of all the steps and advice which Ive taken from the above mentioned as well as checking for basic errors I'm stuck,I get the error on line 24 which is this: [BATTLE NAME] Zuphen Ive checked the spacing and the spelling which matches the name of the file in the folder exactly (its shares a folder with all the other scenarios I'm looking to compile). It also matches with [NEXT BATTLE IF WIN] part (copied and pasted below) so pathing should work there? /*Battle #1*/ [BATTLE NAME] Breslau 1 [WIN THRESHOLD] minor victory [NEXT BATTLE IF WIN] Zuphen [NEXT BATTLE IF LOSE] [BLUE REFIT %] 0 [BLUE REPAIR VEHICLE %] 50 [BLUE RESUPPLY %] 100 [BLUE REST %] 100 [RED REFIT %] 0 [RED REPAIR VEHICLE %] 0 [RED RESUPPLY %] 0 [RED REST %] 0 /*Battle #2*/ [BATTLE NAME] Zuphen Ive not written over the file in anyway such as renaming it. Can anyone help me here?
  14. I have the same problem. Slightly annoying as ideally I need the armoured formation for a campaign I'm working on but Ill have to add an additional Sherman to make up for this shortcoming.
  15. I've started to implement some changes based on the feedback. There are a couple still working their way through that scenario and have yet to complete this until they get back to me with any further suggestions. Feel free to have a look over any of the other scenarios if you are able too in the meantime. Cheers,
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