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  1. did you see the fantastic mods from umlaut ? http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=266
  2. miracle with my professional box it happened !!
  3. Yes I just checked if I still had the backup, but no! I remembered that he also does the same thing with of Tomato scenario: 340 tiny open 340 immediately I recreated it if you want i can email it in the same second the tank is in the same place there, it's a little jump !
  4. yes I confirm this behavior only seen on CM italy the tank goes to the requested position then suddenly moves one or two square this happens among other things almost systematically in the 1st scenario of Invasion at Géla always in the same place (no vine in this case)
  5. if you want for normandy i have a sound with birdsong, barking dogs and some gunshot in the distance
  6. I confirm what my comrades say exceptional work
  7. as long as you keep making movies as nice to watch, it don't bother me
  8. it's true that it's cool if he could succeed making the waco glider imagined the embellishment and the setting in atmosphere of the scenarios on the bridgeheads of Normandy Holland and Italy !!
  9. It must be defective this beer because it gives me the same effect after 5 liters🤢 it looks like a nursery rhyme to learn in all kindergarten😄
  10. it's great, it allows you to imagine a sewer or metro network under the big cities. If BF integrates it into the red thunder there could be an underground network under Berlin !!!!
  11. Bonjour RH
    I replayed the "You enter in germany"  with is beautiful map
    the 88 gun has no ammunition! as soon as it appears the truck next to it is destroyed
    there are none in the ammo dump either
    is that normal ?
    1. RockinHarry


      Bonjour mon amis. Thanks for trying and some feedback. :)

      Yes that single 88mm is more of a "flavor" unit. Left behind after long retreat from France and getting stuck for lack of fuel (and ammo). Ammo dump... you mean the crate flavor objects?


      The 88 crew makes for a nice "extra" squad of LowQ infantry when bailed. ;) Consider these as stragglers to be put into the line by local commander as emergency measure.

      Did you try the associated mod pack btw?

      Think hardly a handfull of players ever tried this mission or did a second playthrough attempt. The mission quite clearly is of the "puzzle" type with the single AI plan beeing quite complex and worked out thoroughly. From multiple playthroughs I know one can pull off at least a tactical german victory quite frequently. But.... without telling too much, it requires an "active" german defense early on (the means are there!). This to gain time for the later counter attack which got to be executed in no hesitant ways either.

      Edit: V4 introduced (or made it more serious) the mortar penetrate pillbox bug. You´d like noticed it? With the AIP´s obsession of engaging pillboxes with everything at hand, this mission became almost unplayable.

  12. I don't know how the companies of the 272 division were composed however it seems that only the 980 Gren Rgt was equipped with such a unit on the initiative of the Oberst Burian Lieutenant Stéphan even specifies in his memory that the unit should not appear on paper On the division this one was endowed with approximately 400 MP 42-43
  13. During the fighting in the southern suburbs of Caen on July 18, the 272 German infantry division, which went up from the south of France, was to use this type of unit. . It is more precisely the staff of Gren rgt 980 commanded by the Burian oberst which will form a section in addition to the staff company. This "special" section with 40 STG 42 and 43 commanded by Lieutenant Stefan becomes a shock unit. She will particularly stand out in the Vaucelle neighborhoods facing the Canadians. In urban combat this type of unit turns out to be formidable, but the difficulty of supplying 7.92 Kurz limits
  14. yes i have a mousepads like that I wanted to use a Roller mouse or change the mouse setting but my wife didn't want it.🙄 the advantage of the controller is that during the cinematic you feel like flying a drone on the battlefield.
  15. oui, je modifie, merci tréma surprisingly in france we call controller: paddle I didn't even check the meaning in English
  16. Massively playing CM and being a wego follower, I spend a lot of time watching the actions at ground level, This practice requires a lot of mouse and I started to suffer from a tennis-elbow which required physiotherapist sessions !! The situation got worse at a point where I even asked myself the question: should I continue playing at CM? I tested an ergonomic mouse, a special mat, nothing helped. Then I had the idea of using a game controller I downloaded the free JoyToKey program, bought a game controller for pc and was able to indulge in my vice without suffering Even if you do
  17. It is true that said like that it may seem strange !!! But Bud you make me say what I don't say 😃 I'm not saying it's easy, I'm saying it's easier than CM Italy it is often explained to the new player that CM Normandy is the best choice for beginners because he offers the most with all his modules ... however for the technique of game I think that Red thunder is more affordable CM Italy is to be flee because I think it can discourage new player very beautiful picture
  18. for those interested, I sent a public message to squarehead for its scale models photos of a panzer IV hatch For your information Squarehead which has given no news since April 15 .....🤨 http://community.battlefront.com/profile/55371-sgtsquarehead/
  19. I come back to this thread and my subject will only concern Red Thunder !! It's been over a month now that I'm fighting in the East and can give my first impressions. My surprise is to see how different the game can be from Normandy and Italy It's easier (much easier) than in Italy. For once we even tremble with a panther or a tiger! My surprise is the SU 76, I took it for a "tankette". Bitter meeting when one is German. Great surprise also the Soviet snipers. Frankly, I have only one regret is not having bought it before !!
  20. Hi square head, I see that it has been a long time since you came here, I hope you are well and your loved ones too;
    Shake when you return

  21. that was it, thanks for your help it works perfectly
  22. thank you i was with the game open I looked at several scenarios that I opened to watch then by opening one, the game loaded a little more than 70% then back on the desktop and when I tried to reopen this message it is displayed. we already had a discussion on this thread ... Closing problem, abnormal loading time, various crashes. You already mentioned a problem related to the license key I think this is the confirmation I will open a ticket thanks again
  23. the game stopped during the loading of a scenario! when I relaunched it appeared?, I entered my serial key but the message persists
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