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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, I was making some little experiments with CM and Blender but for the time I have some problems with textures of my project 001 for the time is a bad start I know...­čść I was asking Aquila but he is not available for the time. This is my first Project, I want give a foliage camo to a german helmet, but like you can see the helmet himself is include in the foliage texture ? <img src= <img src= this is how it appear, with a mod, of @benpark if I can remember, I dont have any Idea how I can resolve it , do have somebody idea about ?? I take also the oporturnity to show you what I did for the time. Normaly soon mods will be available Project 002 chinstrap us regular infantry I want to give one of the aspect of the us soldier in ww2 like we know all in movies... <img src= Project 003 chinstrap us airborne infantry I was trying to give another view of the elite units like descripe above... <img src= If you want see it in action please ask or check the videos from @Falaise, I m sure he will present you some soon... Project 004 I want to replace the UK Bedford to a Chevrolet or Ford Canadian truck... <img src= here another view <img src= Project 005 us helmet with chinstrap behind the helmet <img src= but like the german helmet when the file is ready in the game the texture doesn t work ! Like I said all are PROJECTs some are almost finish but some not this is why there are not for the time in the CMMODs, ...I think this will be benefic for everybody and for every module from BF if I could finish it , so please if somebody have knowledges or want to working about I am able to share with him but let me know ! I would like that there are not only stay a project ! Thanks in advance JM
  2. With the WW2 titles I can't seem to use indirect fire from my on map Priest's, Hummels and Wespes via a forward observer. Oddly the only self-propelled arty that I can use as its role is the "Grille" in CMBN. What's the point of bringing these? Tanks, tank destroyers and assault guns seem to be far more effective in every way. They aren't particularly well armored, so you can't get them anywhere close enough. Are they more accurate? I suppose just park them on a hill and use direct fire?
  3. Hi All, challenge going out for anyone interested in a CMBN or CMFB QB preferably med or small. Anyone interested?
  4. Send me some PM's. Am ready for my first PBEM!
  5. Im well into a big PBEM game in CMFB with my regular opponent (file 102), when I end the latest turn and the real time action starts to compute I get a CTD after the bar hits 70 percent or so. I have never experienced this before. The files are quite large, around 50 mb, but I could dropbox it if some tester would like to have a go with it. Really hope it can be resolved.
  6. Does CM2 portray J├Ąger Division infantry type units or have they not been added? I see selections for Panzerj├Ąger battalion under German Army: Infantry, but wasn't sure how you'd portray the infantry part of the formation. For instance the 114th J├Ąger Division's OOB looks like this: J├Ąger Regiment 721 J├Ąger Regiment 741 Reconnaissance Battalion 114 Artillery Regiment 661 Pionier Battalion 114 Panzerj├Ąger Battalion 114 Signals Battalion 114 Reserve Battalion 114 Supply detachment 114 What formation would you use to represent a piece of say the 721st Regiment; elements from a normal Grenadier Battalion? Pioneer, Panzerj├Ąger, and Supply all have obvious choices in the editor. Mord.
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