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  1. yes in my opinion you have a numbering problem in a mod or an absent bmp.
  2. attribute to the leibstandarte and not the das reich !!!


  3. 200417123417143413.jpg200417123423419568.jpg200417123347921183.jpg

    As I promised you here is another example of painting.
     Here the front hatch of a PZIV. I also put the back or you can discover the gray panzer and also the shade of green which quickly passes to the light, it is here preserved in its original shade.
    This hatch belonged to pzIV 743 attributed to the Das Reich destroyed in Saint Lambert sur dive on the night of August 20-21.
    Major Currie who won there the Victoria Cross talks about its destruction.
    On the night of August 20 to 21, 44, he heard a vehicle coming from his own lines which passed by him on the main street of Saint Lambert. In the dark night he does not identify it, then the vehicle passes next to a burning Sherman, to his amazement he discovers a German tank loaded with infantry. A split second later on the 17 pound of an ATG ends its run. I found this hatch in 2013 in the reconstructed house where it was destroyed.

    cordialement St├ęphane

  4. La exact as incredible as it may seem I knew a "malgr├ę nous" Mosellan who was a radio operator in a panther of the 116th panzer I / 24 Pz.rgt he explained to me that his tank was struck by a AP in the engine they realized it when the oil pressure dropped ! At first I didn't believe it
  5. I tested the building by putting it on a card it works on new versions if you edit the card you remove the building and put it back, will it not work ?
  6. it may be enough to identify the buildings precisely! is it independent buildings or modular buildings logically it must be independent buildings then it is enough to modify the texture by removing the door or by representing something that blocks it this will avoid being trapped in full games
  7. I returned the stack of books from my library and I found this book "45 tigres en Normandie" on 503 Didier Lodieu's Posts & Activity here is a series of new photos taken in Paris both Henschel and Porsche visible
  8. I am not updated CMBN because whatever some say, it is unplayable in the hedges However I have Rome to Victory and the latest version of Red thunder and it works very well in your place for R2V I will not hesitate
  9. wikki answered all of our questions !!! the photo was taken by Robert Doisneau one of the greatest French photographer known in particular for this photo which was undoubtedly the most common poster in the French student room at the end of the 80's
  10. I correct what I said before The 3rd company of 503 received tanks at Mailly late It does not reach the Normandy front and retreats while crossing Paris These are KT henschel In the photo it's a tank from the 3rd company (331) yes of course i don't understand 111 kompagnie there is only 3 compagnie in 503 !! I think it's a French civil photo can be resistance taken from a window, the risks to take this kind of shot was death
  11. Eisenhower the 23 august close a tiger 2 on the road between Trun to Vimoutier tracks tensioner hatch used as an anvil that I recovered in 1996 at N├ęcy between Falaise and Argentan
  12. These tigers are unlikely to belong to s / pza 503. They arrived in Normandy in early July without having passed through Paris. They are engaged against the British east of Caen. The first is destroyed by Lieutenant Gorman of the 2nd Irish Guard who spurs it (!) On August 18 the first day of Operation Goodwood A second is destroyed by 5 DCLI of 43eme ID on August 7 after a 2 inch mortar rocket was shot down on the supply vehicle which parked next to the tank. Finally the others were lost during the retreat, abandoned and scuttled by their crew none seem to have reached Paris on this occasion Y
  13. As I now have Red Thunder I just downloaded this mod, wow, this guy is a genius and I weigh my words. I was already fascinated by the Cembienne map with the precision in the town planning, the distribution of the different districts and all the details: its old town on the height, its residential area these workers' gardens A masterpiece. But then this city of Bitvagorod, a mixture of realism and cinema decor ... And all the technical ingenuity to achieve this realism, well on bridges but also industrial brick buildings with the concrete reinforcement obtained from religious buildings
  14. hello umlaut
    this message just to thank you for your wonderful
    CMRT Force Specific Backgrounds
    I just bought CMRT and start to equip it
    I will also probably charge your super Nashorn
    thanks again good job

  15. In short, it's to say that I am very happy with my purchase I find it particularly well done and finished. Already Italy had impressed but Red Thunder is incredible and realistic landscape it and I often go to the region !!! It may be necessary to give CMBN a "facelift" because when unpacking it is rather disappointing and since not everyone knows the mods.
  16. 1 o'clock in the morning its good It works I have more than tested but already first impression is beautiful, I do not think I will put a lot of mods to improve it is a very sad consolation and that quickly that everyone goes back to work and that this catastrophe is only a chapter in our history books
  17. except that I can't download it, the networks are saturated Finally there are things more serious, I will put my alarm clock at 4 am this may pass more
  18. With covid-19 containment and the time available, I decided !! I bought Red Thunder without waiting Fire and Rubble kept smiling and positive with great thought for Italy
  19. let's not show our divisions to the world in this difficult time especially since there is no doubt he is Normand !!!! bon courage et prend soin de toi
  20. I'm in the same situation as you, so I have time even if computer access is complicated, because madam uses it in telework and children for their school lessons I don't have a lot of experience in scenario testing but you need a start for everything courage comrade
  21. Despite my research I have so far found no photos of Krupp Protze in Normandy I even ended up doubting their presence in Normandy but thanks to mister Kettler it's done !!! by looking at the photos of the flickr link https://www.flickr.com/photos/photosnormandie/?fbclid=IwAR0HMvBJ9QpNrcf8kuHPjmjBXucYmNN5_LqvcjoqWxeJt4JrPB-vcp7cF-Y I finally found a catch in Normandy and that no Breton tell me that Mont Saint Michel is Breton Thanks John
  22. cmb has been working oddly since June these last times it does not close any more and I have to force the closing. The loading time becomes longer (arriving at the main menu) and now it happens to crash the game i have is the cmbn 4.00 version with all the modules, on cd, i use the 4.00 version because it does not support version 4.02 because of the hedgerow bug I have the full version of CMITALY up to R2V which works perfectly. I will try to remove cmbn and reinstall it to see if things get better I will keep you posted thank you for you time
  23. Thank you guys It takes a little over 1 minute to get to the main menu, double that of CM Italy I use version 388.71 for my NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 card all the following versions systematically block the game I reinstall from the CD I don't want version 4.02, I tested and uninstalled it because of the hedge problem. Maybe the problem comes from the because it corresponds to the period when the troubles started The problem appeared on June 21, 2019 I had a windows update at this period
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