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  1. Afternoon coffee explains why you need to take something stronger in the evening to sleep! you can use this to justify the strongest ...
  2. Busting the Bocage "Sherman et bocage ne font pas bon ménage !!!" "Sherman and bocage do not go together" in french it sounds good! it looks like a saying A picture of every destroyed Sherman☹️
  3. yes I noticed it and I forgot to report it Personally, I mixed your apple tree with the Rambler foliage Rambler trees are too thin for my taste and your apple tree too dense with the 2 I got a more realistic average for my taste
  4. luck probably i can't be cursed all the time !!! and I unbuttoned🤪 the three pumas on the edge of the map, the regular slightly behind, it should not be the first to be hitted
  5. frankly I don't see where the problem is you should maybe question yourself 🙄 good ok this is the first time !!!! and it was you who gave me the solution
  6. I tried but no, otherwise I will have variegated nettles, brambles, ferns
  7. pfffffff lazy !!! seriously we could use the contribution of other mod makers and by combining the result we could get the biodiversity that is dear to me
  8. imagine doodad brush 2;doodad brush 3;doodad brush 4;doodad brush 5; doodad brush 6; etc.... doodad brush2; 2 doodad brush2 3; doodad brush2 4; doodad brush2 5; doodad brush2 6; etc... and to doodad grass doodad grass tall etc we have to ask for this option at battlefront
  9. we have to laugh !!! even if at the time the sky fell on my head. yes the map is superb, the place has changed a lot but I have know how it was before thank you for such a masterpiece quite honestly, is that good advice ???🙄 yes this is the original position, just over the side of the road the 1st minute 😱😭
  10. total efficiency not content to distract us with his great competitions, he knows how to make himself useful
  11. yes thank you comrade it works thank you so much yes i end up losing my Latin .... English too 😉 I no longer make the mistake of the incarnate !!! 🙄 at the beginning or I played under the curious eye of one of my boys this one attributed an armored vehicle saying that he was the tank commander. This systematically caused a reluctance on my part to engage it in combat. During the breakthrough combat of the Falaise pocket on August 19 20 21, 1944, General Meindl who commanded the 2nd German parachute corps had to take command of the 3rd parachute division after its le
  12. I saw a scenario present in the CMBN demo Busting The Boccage I would like to test it on my CMBN but I cannot find it and the one in the demo does not work on my complete game
  13. I'm not sure that this masterpiece of French-speaking culture is known by our Anglo-Saxon friends
  14. AAR Wittman Demise George MC Here is a scenario that I have been watching since I got the game. I opened it, I looked at the superb map, I recognize the places. But I'm not going to spoil it. Considering the amount of work to achieve it, the quality of the menu and the accompanying documentation, this is a great scenario and like a old bottle of wine, i respects You have to find the opportunity, take the time ... I also need to gain experience so that I can fully appreciate it. I think about it regularly, I look at the pitch every time I pass there. I open it from time to time to
  15. I can't stop saying it !!! I showed my wife after a silence she just answered: "is it an Englishman ?"
  16. we can mix the Rambler's hedge, that of Lucky and that of stock to obtain variations. we can use various names with and without space which will more or less modify the randomness ex: boccage; boccage2; boccage 2; boccage3; boccage 3 etc ....
  17. I think that if cm normandie had been of the same graphic quality as cm italy or better Red Thunder I would not have started mods but frankly cm Normandie is really ugly ... once I start the mods it becomes adictive and honestly between my cm Normandie and what I see through my window I managed to get a fairly correct overall impression. I play every time in ground level and sometime i prohibited me to up the camera for more imersive impression each play like each like
  18. good news 😉 Lethaface's remark on the incitement to rapeseed questioned me. I checked what it was for France. I discovered that it was massively cultivated in France between 1750 and 1850, its oil being used as fuel for oil lamps. With the constitution of the colonial empire, this culture was abandoned and replaced by imports of peanut oils from the colonies. On the eve of World War II, the culture almost disappeared. During the occupation, the interruption of imports will encourage the authorities to relaunch this crop. However, the farmers will resist and it is only after the libe
  19. I don't try to be friendly with the game designers even though I bless them every day for making such a game available to us !!! I try to be pragmatic because bugfixes tend to lead to more annoying, if not unplayable, bugfixes, and the banzai bug is the best example of this. for me the most embarrassing is the bug when units enter through multiple doors even though I have learned over time to split groups before entering They've probably reached the end of the system
  20. I agree with you I generally play in a divided team in the bocage and even in this configuration and even with simple orders there are sometimes blockages. Most of the time a soldier stays behind and joins the others with a lag, often by crawling, it is enough to redo the order of movement in rapid and the latter joins the rest of the team. more rarely, those who left first go back to join the motionless one despite all this is overall quite rare and personally part of the element that adds realism to my taste that a soldier remains behind: a moment of hesitation, a technical problem
  21. I noticed one going in front, under small arms fire !!! however this one is coming in a particular context (mixed wood of hedge) and once in hundreds of cases honestly I find the setting of the AI very successful and for a strangeness I noticed hundreds of consistent behavior
  22. it is not to contest the 2 points of Long left flank but I think (I'm not sure) that his photo with the para drinking wine was taken in the south of France during Dragon however the exact location interests me and Congratulations to Vergeltungswaffe what beautiful photos
  23. i try my luck "J'ai deux amours, mon pays et Paris" Josephine Baker 1930 our American more French than many of us engaged in the resistance in 1940 - Croix de Guerre with palm - resistance medal with rosette - Free France medal - Legion of Honor
  24. so I see that we are only between clever boy I tag immediately
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