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  1. I am bald like the back of a hand, injustice makes me lose my hair by handfuls !!!👨‍🦲 however at that time or in the totalitarian regimes "take the hair of the beast" (expression which I suspect too French which can be translated like: becoming the rule) the Cromwel's wart must be like a fish in water (expression which I think is sufficiently pictorial)🐟 I have at least one merit, without having posted any image, it is to be present in the ranking even if it is negative !!!! Courage Vacilllator, light will eventually pierce the darkness. Well the photo of the humbers is superb. Okay
  2. I'm afraid he only objects to the Opel Maultier is a German vehicle ! however behind we can see a jeep... for me you have 1 point more for information, the Opel was used after the war by a liquor merchant what preserved. it is currently visible in the Overlord Museum
  3. he are lying to you, he are robbing you !!☹️ not only are the rules opaque but in addition there are shameful attempts by Warts 'n' all to cheat, he recognizes it himself with the photo 3 "it was probably too big unless he has an ounce left honesty !!!! moreover photo number 2 shows a Fiat Topolino and not a citroen so how to believe that the other photos are good.... we French have been training for centuries to detect the deceptions of our neighbors across the Channel, it's genetic🤪 John Martin's Guinness Gold Cup - New Current standings Warts 'n' all - 0 Points Vaci
  4. it's been a long time since I posted images! unusual sight of a Sherman pilot
  5. Very interesting video even for me who lives in the middle of this landscape. The modification of the landscape is particularly accelerating in recent years Until the 1980s the landscape had changed little. What a battles I have done as a child with my comrades, the clay balls replacing the grenades and the Sten and other Thompson made of wood looked great. The small size of the fields and the labyrinth of sunken lanes were a wonderful playground, but for the war !! Combat in this environment is close to urban combat but in 2D there is no hight level Visibility rarely exceeds 30m and
  6. it's superb, you two make sparks the game is transformed
  7. let's be clear, hre in france , French grammar is like women we use them but we don't understand them
  8. as I do not understand anything about the computer sound, I modified the music by setting the values as they were on my original sound : 1411.2 kb/s, 44,1 khz, 16 bits, 2 canaux, pcm (little/ signed) this solved the speed problem
  9. I also spent nights on Squad Leader at the time it was very little distributed in France and buying them in the USA or in London was an adventure in itself, souvenir souvenir !!!🙄 Currently I play Tanks https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/195242/tanks-panther-vs-sherman very simple and fast with my 2 boys but once in 2 it ends in a fight: the crooks they cheat🤬
  10. where can i find the bmp of the M 1892 , the link is not available
  11. I am not upset! 😉 thanks to this forum I made great progress in the language of Shakespeare On the other hand i don't understand the connection between treacherous Albion and Hazlitt, the expression is from the writer Bossuet in the 17th century and alludes to the battle of Azincourt in 1415 or "l'anglois" execute the French knights prisoners ... the "she" goes with "team" which is feminal in French i must say "he's reached the door when on the left the ominous grinding of an MG 42 reveals her" or "it's reached the door when on the left the ominous grinding of an MG 42 reveals h
  12. it is not good to make fun of someone who speaks a language that is not this own 😤 then I discovered this document (authentic) which proves that there were women paratroopers in the American army perfide Albion 😁
  13. Thanks Erwin yes I read your problem and it worries me a little I seemed to have read that we could not multiply computers ..
  14. there at 20 m there is the house: if the combat group seizes it that will give me time to deploy myself and the game is won. I divide the group, I leave the anti-tank group in support. I attack with in mind the team of the group leader and in second the group BAR the moment is decisive! I click on the red button and hold my breath. The group leader's team is in the lead of a fraction of a second. It's okay, she's reached the door when on the left the ominous grinding of an MG 42 reveals her. This is the drama 2 man of the group leader collapses and 3 of the BAR group and there it is
  15. well I have 2 teenagers at home and I can no longer go near the family computer without the use of an electric baton! So I decided to pay myself a PC for me only can I install the CMBN, CM Italy and Red Thunder games while leaving them on the family computer. Can i have so have on 2 computers with the same license ? I'm thinking of buying this like a machine 4x3.8 GHz Intel Core i5 7500 processor, 16 GB RAM, GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB, 1 TB what do you think it ?
  16. I was a little skeptical before test this patch I think too much resistance is unrealistic ! But not at all, the soldiers logically stay under fire without giving up the position when it's a good cover and then regain their senses. But the supression allows the maneuver and they end up logically unhooking when too much pressure the whole gives an impression of absolute realism It's awesome merci
  17. I don't have it either, I have the demo! but i am sending it to you
  18. @37mm I really like your videos, the subtitles in simple English are very accessible, your framing, the rhythm, in short, is a pleasure to watch. that made me want to test this campaign and there it is @Mr.X that I thank and congratulate for this very immersive campaign, I was in Sicily. The maps are superb and the battles are terrible, I really like the mission with the paras ... In the last, superb very realistic village map, I managed to enter the village where urban fighting was very violent then I evacuated to let the navy to do the cleaning Great
  19. chop sir, chop.... I am happy to have inspired you !!! you managed to do what I wanted to do but I lack the technique !!! The without "ReShade" reminds me of Normandy in June, nature is fluorescent green, while with ReShade it gives a more Normandy atmosphere in August. it's really awesome !!! thank you, i am more than impatient to see this mod i send you a PM
  20. what a colossal job Thank you it's really impressive and interesting that adds to the immersion I found 2 3 problems but nothing serious and logical on such a volume of information Bravo and thank you
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