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  1. I waited for 3 years to have enough experience to start the Route de Montebourg so as not to ruin it. In addition to the pleasure of this great campaign, my great pleasure is to watch as I progress this thread and of course your videos. What a pleasure to compare my tactics to yours, smile from some of your choices, applaud for other and continue to learn always. Just a reproach I try to scrupulously apply your advice of approaching a hedge by crawling, arc of fire reduced to benefit from the surprise effect; sometimes I go too fast and I neglect this advice so at these times I think I feel the disapproving gaze of General Jack Ripper planted just behind me his cigar planted in his mouth swinging his head negatively. And on the videos regularly I see that you are not taking your advice. "do what I say not what I do" What a desappointment !!! Congratulations again and thank you for your work and your consistency
  2. apart from the obvious interest of this mini-campaign I find the screenshots splendid I wonder how I passed by the explosion of Pack 38 is superb it seems to me that you don't use shadows or shaders ?
  3. that reassures me, I see that the madness is shared on this forum
  4. haha we feel experience !
  5. it is true that the one in the middle does not look true !!! it is top the "Changing of the guard" quite the kind of scenario that I like !!! yes I am worry for my sanity now when I walk in the paths, the slightest engine noise makes me fear the appearance of a panzer @Lucky_Strike is really a magician
  6. i finished "changing of the Guard" brilliant, I love the ambient scenarios and the wait is not so long the time to make the placements I had 3 killed and one injured strange guy from the 716th
  7. like my comrade With a big crush for "Cabot Head and Green Wave" I think you are also the images illustrating the scenarios, magnifique ! merci @Canuck21
  8. ha I am unmasked he recognized his mod! Well! here is the false image then the real one or the real one then the false... and I don't know anymore, that's you the responsable @Lucky_Strike
  9. On the road to work today !!! I thought of using the CMA high mounting background, for the alps behind but indeed a CMFI background ... I watch
  10. thank you JM I polish them a little more before releasing them 2 more weeks and I will be able to make the last adjustments directly for the month of June. today I saw the first poppy of the year ...
  11. Some postcard from the south of France for @37mm for thankink him having had the brilliant idea of recovering this exceptional card round tile roof typical of southern italy mod overhauled and my summer version @Lucky_Strike mod I have the cicada sound mod that goes with it Lachamp The RN7 l'entree de chateau Condillac from tower of Chateau Condillac from hill 400
  12. kraft do as indicated above, once you have opened the brz files you will find in the V210 folder f the white turrets duplicate them the number of times indicated, they will be all identical at this point there is a chance that the mod demon will catch you ! on each bmp with an image processing program you can add patriotic slogan in Cyrillic which will be easier for you than for me! Привіт
  13. I spotted a bug on the automne foliage "tree-2-leaves [autumn]" and "tree-4-leaves [autumn]" I checked it is a default of mdr not compatible with the bmp this is easily solved using CM italy automne foliage bmps "tree-2-leaves [autumn]" and "tree-4-leaves [autumn]" or you have to modify the mdr but you will miss the summer texture
  14. if you speak to my heart, volontier
  15. don't worry Jm already if I make you laugh, I did not miss my day Hello Friend
  16. On several occasions I read complaints on the firing line and I sometimes noticed strange things especially on the red thunder But with CM Normandie everything I could see and always consistent with reality with the exception of a transparent roof problem both on sight and on shooting which I noticed two or three times on a hilly map and under certain conditions. In short for Cm Normandie no major concern until this fateful day! A firing through 2 high hedges one low to destroy one of my shermans. Frustrating! It was only at the end of the match that I identified the culprit, a 75mm anti-tank, I checked the line of fire and there !!! Just a hole in the vegetation ! I love this game
  17. I started the Blender, with the help of my son ... but apart from making JM laugh, the result is inconclusive on the other hand I will be able to make the textures on Photoshop Here is already the regulation barrel of 200 liters of the German army
  18. This is a question that comes up often. I think we all have a front area that attracts us more. I bought in the order of my interests, Normandy after Italy then the Russian front and finally the Northwestern Winter Campaign (the Final Blitzkrieg). Apart from what has been said, vehicles, season etc ..., there is one factor to take into account, in my opinion, and that is the difficulty. It does not all present the same difficulties, due to the nature of the terrain and the units involved. By far Normandy and its partitioned land, is the simplest once the mechanism is understood. Italy is hellish, I who hate having casualty and who make it a point of honor not to leave any injured on the pitch, it's hell. Hilly terrain, long firing line, we are always on the edge, the slightest mistake pays off in cash. This makes for a great game, but one that can be overwhelming to begin with. The Russian front for Red Thunder and more manageable. the Fire and Rubble I do not have enough perspective but it seems to me like what we mean in the Soviet campaign in Germany: very brutal and murderous. Urban combat is always difficult. I can't have fun with FB for the moment and I haven't played it a lot (I've only had it for 4 months) it's very beautiful, the cards are superb, you tremble less as a ally in front of the big German cat, but once again the hilly terrain is complicated even if the shooting lines are shorter with thick forests. So if you had the courage to read me this far my advice would be to start Normandy which is a good school with a lot of unit, type nation and vehicle to "faire ses armes" But as said above whatever you choose you will have an exceptional game !!
  19. un grand classique ... you could have let go
  20. the bmp tags are taken as a priority, but if there are more bmp mod than bmp tag the mod will be taken which explains these unbleached turrets for info there is if you use the Ari mod five t-34-85-1944late-turret five t-34-85-1944early-turret seven t-34-85-1943-turret five t-34-1942late-turret four t-34-1942early-turret It is therefore necessary to copy the bmps of 34-85-1944early-turret [whitewash] 4 times and name them 34-85-1944early-turret 2 [whitewash] 34-85-1944early-turret 3 [whitewash] 34-85-1944early-turret 4 [whitewash] 34-85-1944early-turret 5 [whitewash] Idem pour t-34-85-1944early-turret pour t-34-85-1943-turret 6 times et name them to t-34-85-1943-turret 7 [whitewash] etc etc i hope que je suis clair this allows to keep the mod aris and as the game progresses, identify the defaults and correct them in the same way
  21. I'll give you one !! To be honest I use an online loading program it was the first try, now I manage to crop them !!
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