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  1. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/?s=template I can find most modules, but not for FB... can anyone help?
  2. Yep, been happening since the last update. I started splitting squads but even in a 4 man team one sometimes stands outside. As a prevention I send squads to upper floors.
  3. Thanks for that. The CM Late Panther G has that distinctive chin to prevent shells hitting the turret and being ricochetted down onto the top of the main chassis. They were available for the Ardennes. But the burnt out pic is the first one I've seen with the 1st SS Pzr Regiment. It's a pity there's no ID number with it. Appreciate the info.
  4. https://www.ww2aerialreconstudies.com/bulge.html Does what it says on the tin...
  5. looking over pictures of Panthers in Peiper's sector it looks none were the distinctive late variant Panthers. So my KG Pieper ToE will be mainly the "mid" variant. Duel in the Mist pg 223 mentions 8 combat ready IVs and Vs bought back from Normandy and... pg 230 mentions Bersin, (later to be part of Spitze) delivering a speech from a Panther A.
  6. Are early - mid - late production model dates defined anywhere? I.E. Panther VG Late = Jan 1945 onwards, so none of those models would have appeared with KG Peiper?
  7. I get the bridges done as early as possible in the building process because it can be tricky. This is more so for diagonal bridges. I appreciate you've probably put in a lot of effort already but I sometimes reorientate maps to mitigate against editor limitations, bridges, road curves etc. Underlying tiles can have a small effect, gravel versus grass for example. The more tiles of the same elevation around the end of the bridges, and running along the track away from the bridge, the better, but not much help when linking bridges together. Happy to email you my versions of T
  8. Just checking if you can use the AI to "control" some troops on your own side, i.e. a group that has their own specific orders? Tried on a scenario, and it doesn't look like its possible but I thought I'd ask .
  9. I found an old photo at www.jacob.be of the paper mill. Lots of Malmedy town shots too. You are right about the development, one of the areas that has changed significantly since the war, which was why I was looking for that 1944 post battle aerial photo. Thanks for the reply.
  10. for those budding CW Scenario Designers https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bear-Marches-West-Scenarios-Wargames-ebook/dp/B0086V6KA4
  11. just like to add @Rastamon has provided me some great maps of the area, this is just finishing touches
  12. bit of a long shot, but does anyone have access to an aerial photo taken on 24th December 1944 US 30/5198. It's of SW Malmedy where Skorzeny's KG X tries to cross the Warche, against the Norwegians. I have the overlay sketch but the actual photo would allow me to take map creation to another level of accuracy. https://mikesresearch.com/2019/12/29/malmedy-1944/ gives a good account of the action.
  13. recently upgraded to Big Sur 11.1. The Mac has a Radeon Pro 580X 8GB. All working with CM titles prior to software upgrade. having an issue importing tactical maps into scenario editor. If I flip horizontal an image, once imported the image is blank. If I don't flip the image horizontally the image is ok apart from being the incorrect way round. As a workaround I've used keynote. Built map in keynote. Screenshot the map. Flip the screenshot. Dropped the inverted image back into keynote. Screenshot the inverted map in keynote. Works ok but a tad convoluted. If
  14. @Rastamon Would be very interested in your research, thanks for the offer! The area of South West of Malmedy has changed a lot since the war, probably more than most of the Peiper route. I spent sometime looking for Currey's House to model in the scenario. The closest I've found is from Jay Karamales / Reynolds YouTube video taken in 1993, 1 hour 23 minutes in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zETC2h4PqZo Trying to look for an aerial photo I found reference to Nat Archives, Malmedy Map 3 US 30/5198 taken 24th December 1944. I found a resulting sketch map but finding the photo I t
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