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  1. it was not designed to be overly historical or to play H2H. It was designed to try and give a flavour of the whole battle in a single scenario. Think Battle of the Bulge the Movie 😀. Saying that I have no problem with anyone amending and republishing as a H2H scenario should they wish to do so.
  2. Appreciate the great responses, every post really useful advice. Will take all on board and see how testing pans out.
  3. I wondered if the CMFB community could offer any insight or thoughts into the soft factors of the forces involved? A quick reminder from the Manual Regular: professional soldiers who went through extensive, quality training programs, but lack combat experience. Or, Regular can represent troops that received mediocre training that have a fair amount of combat experience. Also @Josey Wales wrote a brilliant piece on The Relationship between Soft Factors, Morale & Fatigue So far into my campaign build I have 40x or so German p
  4. I didn't suffer the bridge bug in testing Mission to Maas, but that was well before latest patch. But I've hit the issue once whilst testing a new CMFB scenario at Trois Ponts with the new patch. A panther was tele ported on to the top of a railway bridge. Eventually managed to reverse off. Anecdotes aren't data, but it may be back
  5. Scenario 6 of the Rollbahn D campaign I'm building. Will release the individual maps and battles after the campaign. Would post more screenshots but they're not over generous with user space.
  6. Hi Kohlenklau Currently the campaign is linear 🙁. I wanted it to be as historically accurate as I could. I am thinking about doing a follow up YouTube on this element of the wider battle incorporating this campaign build AAR. There's a lot of "what ifs" with KG Peiper as there were initially numerous tactical errors on both sides, primarily down to strict instructions to keep driving West and literally the fog of war, so a follow up version 2 would be fairly straight forward and quite interesting. As to availability it depends. I could release a Part 1, covering the perio
  7. KGs lead Panther from the 1./Kompanie engages 57mm AT gun at the Trois Ponts viaducts
  8. Much appreciated for the steer in the right direction, thank you.
  9. Cheers Ben. So far I've used 1000 points per scenario to keep things simple for my abysmal maths so every individual scenario has equal weight. I'll start experimenting with having lower points available for the early missions / higher minimum victory levels to proceed. I do have exit and touch objectives and in one scenario a friendly bonus. I take it the game mechanics for the campaign are...total the points achieved by both sides up to that specific scenario then issue a result. Is...[RED DEFEAT TEXT] You lost! Sie haben ein Auto, das darauf wartet, Sie nach Alderho
  10. After a bit of guidance around designing victory points calculation within a campaign and specifically the final campaign result. During testing, scenarios are working ok. Germans achieve tactical victories or better and progress. But if I throw in a draw or German defeat I can still achieve a German campaign victory. However I only want a campaign victory if they win the final battle. Thoughts?
  11. Yorckscher Marsch, Der Hohenfriedburger, Preussischer Präsentier Marsch, Westerwald, Lore, Alte, Preussens Gloria along with the Panzerlied when playing FB or listening to Hapless or Mr Wales.
  12. Cheers Fella, work in progress. I've learnt a lot around the tactical mistakes made on both sides and the mechanics around CM campaign design, enjoying it so far. I thought I knew about the battle until I started to write info down, build the individual scenarios and organise into a campaign. I'm going to upload the individual maps later in the year.
  13. If anyone of the brilliant modders has anytime to help me out, it would be much appreciated. I'm building a campaign Rollbahn D. I've six battles designed and tested atm. The plan is to take it thru at least to Targnon, maybe thru to the 24th. Leaving Lanzerath -Fallshirmjagers Minen the Gap -Spitze / Losheim Breakthrough -Bucholz/Honsfeld -Fallshrimjager+ Bull-in-gen China Shop -Spitze+ Butchers of Baugnez -Thirimont/Baugnez/Ligneuville -Spitze+ Stormin Stavelot One of my issues is around RoadSigns, would love to have accurate signs for roads / restaur
  14. According to Duel In The Mist Volume 1 footnotes on Page 28, the Fallshirmjager that were with Peiper in Stoumont weren't from the 3rd Fallshirmjager Division that provided the KG support from Lanzerath to Honsfeld. From PoW records, those Fallshirmjager who were captured in the Stoumont area were "almost certainly" 12./FSJ Rgt z.b.V, from Skorzeny's Panzer Brigade 150. So for my campaign I'm going to use 2x separate groups of Fallshirmjager.
  15. When creating a campaign does the refit, repair, resupply and rest % affect only the troops involved in the last battle. Or does it affect every Core unit, including units not involved in that last battle?
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