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  1. Hi guys, I was making some little experiments with CM and Blender but for the time I have some problems with textures of my project 001 for the time is a bad start I know... I was asking Aquila but he is not available for the time. This is my first Project, I want give a foliage camo to a german helmet, but like you can see the helmet himself is include in the foliage texture ? <img src= <img src= this is how it appear, with a mod, of @benpark if I can remember, I dont have any Idea how I can resolve it , do have somebody idea about ?? I take also the oporturnity to show you what I did for the time. Normaly soon mods will be available Project 002 chinstrap us regular infantry I want to give one of the aspect of the us soldier in ww2 like we know all in movies... <img src= Project 003 chinstrap us airborne infantry I was trying to give another view of the elite units like descripe above... <img src= If you want see it in action please ask or check the videos from @Falaise, I m sure he will present you some soon... Project 004 I want to replace the UK Bedford to a Chevrolet or Ford Canadian truck... <img src= here another view <img src= Project 005 us helmet with chinstrap behind the helmet <img src= but like the german helmet when the file is ready in the game the texture doesn t work ! Like I said all are PROJECTs some are almost finish but some not this is why there are not for the time in the CMMODs, ...I think this will be benefic for everybody and for every module from BF if I could finish it , so please if somebody have knowledges or want to working about I am able to share with him but let me know ! I would like that there are not only stay a project ! Thanks in advance JM
  2. Just happened to notice this out of the corner of my eye so to speak. Was testing some of my mods and textures when I spotted a floating section of bocage, which I presumed was a bugged-out mod. The map I was using was a custom map with just samples of all the tall bocage shapes, so the floaters are much more noticeable. It is probably harder to spot in a normal scenario/map. I uninstalled all my mods, absolutely vanilla install on Mac, latest game engine version. I made a new test map with just a few lines of straight bocage on a ridge so that daylight would be visible under the bocage instead of the usual earth banks, it only seems to affect straight bocage so far as I've seen: Fairly clear gap under bocage when map first loads ... ... zoom in a bit, still there ... ... zoom in another notch, starts to flicker in and out, we're probably about 30 seconds after game opening here ... ... finally settles and stays attached to the ground. Time for this to happen can depend on how much one zooms or moves towards the bocage, so I'm guessing this is maybe a LOD issues of some sort, but it's very repeatable, at least for me. Not a biggie, but hopefully a simple fix.
  3. So I have an M3A2 with a driver only. There are no target commands available. I put two more guys in the vehicle and I then get the target commands. I set a red target line. But the MGs don't fire!? What am I doing wrong? The orientation of the vehicle seems OK at least for the front ring mounted MG. The target is valid since the red line sticks. What animation (if any) should I be seeing? Do the ptruppen stand up and operate the MGs? My guys just stay seated in the vehicle.
  4. With the WW2 titles I can't seem to use indirect fire from my on map Priest's, Hummels and Wespes via a forward observer. Oddly the only self-propelled arty that I can use as its role is the "Grille" in CMBN. What's the point of bringing these? Tanks, tank destroyers and assault guns seem to be far more effective in every way. They aren't particularly well armored, so you can't get them anywhere close enough. Are they more accurate? I suppose just park them on a hill and use direct fire?
  5. Latest projects: if any one wants any of the AFV's PM me your address and I will send them to you. Cheers Panzer IV above and Hummel below Kubelwagon 251/D Puma Some of you might recognise this Panther?
  6. Hi All, challenge going out for anyone interested in a CMBN or CMFB QB preferably med or small. Anyone interested?
  7. Blender and Ramelle No sorry is not a mod but this could give some Ideas later for modders I found this only beautiful ! View from the church and view of the German !
  8. Hello, I've gone looking for a thread posted maybe a year ago where I was originally made aware of the "evade towards enemy" behaviour (though probably an actual bug) that typically involves infantry behind hedgerows breaking that cover when under fire and running towards the enemy through gaps in the hedgerow (invariably to their deaths) that I can confirm I has been able to reliably replicate when I downloaded and played the saved game that was provided by a user investigating the issue at the time. From what I understand, this issue may only be specific to CMBN and seems to only have appeared after one of the recent patch/engine upgrades. I would have checked the status of the issue and would have posted on that thread there but I have not been able to find the thread curiously enough, hence this new thread. So I have just started a mirrored CMBN H2H QB on a map that I know several other players have battled over, and I just had a most extraordinary occurence of this "evade towards enemy" behaviour (or whatever you want to call it). I had three infantry teams lined up along a stretch of hedgerow in a defensive deployment, evenly separated by about 15m. Behind them is a flat wooded orchard. In front of them is a road, beyond which the terrain gently rises, criss-crossed with some buildings and hedgerows. On the second turn of making contact with the enemy directly in front of them, returning fire and taking some level of suppression, each team, at some point in the turn, decided to essentially break cover and run sideways along the hedgerow to the nearest infantry-sized gap in the hedgerows and run through the gap in to the open directly towards the enemy where they just get shot up. When the teams actually break from taking casualties, the surviving pixeltruppen (eg. those that remained in place cowering behind the hedgerow) rout away from the hedgerow/enemy through the orchard behind them. Units lined up behind hedgerows engaging enemy start of turn: "Rattled" pixeltruppen running suicide through hedgerow gap to meet their maker: For the full video experience, you can watch it unfold here: First and second teams suicide Third team suicide I did wonder if I had inadvertently given move orders to my units during the previous orders phase (can happen if you just want to select one unit to issue a move order to but inadvertently double click it whereby also selecting all its subordinates and/or formation level units as well). However, I can rule that possibility out: other units in the formation were unaffected. Still not satisfied, I checked the QB map in the Scenario Editor. All "Friendly Direction" parameters were correct for the battle. I then created a scenario file using the same map and parameters and purchased the same units on both sides. I then placed the exact same German teams from the same platoon from the same company etc that I had purchased in the QB in the same spots and attacked them with the same infantry (US paras). Incredibly (or maybe not so incredibly), the same thing happened! Suicide through the hedgerow gap. Even better: I have created a scenario file (TEST GAP.btt) using the same QB map with all units in place. All you need to do is load the scenario file, play it as a turn-based Hotseat (or SP Germans) and just press Go for both sides, no need to give any orders. The units will start shooting and exchanging fire immediately. You should see this behaviour with your own eyes occur within the first minute of battle: TEST GAP.btt So what is Battlefront's official stance on what appears to be on this undesirable TacAI induced behaviour? "What issue?" (no response/acknowledgement) "Nothing to see here, working as designed"(if so please explain) "Yeah, can't fix it, too bad, sucks for you though" "Wow, looking in to it, hopefully find a fix, keep you posted" FWIW, I have forfeited that H2H QB I am playing. I can't afford to have that kind of thing happen and take those kinds of cheap loses and just continue playing regardless, let alone think it won't happen again. I think for now I am regretfully going to just avoid playing any CMBN (or at least anything with that hedgerow terrain) until this issue is resolved.
  9. Here's some helmet p0rn for you all but especially Frenchy - pure filth! Announcing (taken from the readme) ... Lucky_Strike’s - SS helmets This mod uses the superb work of Tashtego, Jaquinot, EZ, JorgeMC and of course Battlefront, as a starting point. It unashamedly borrows, amalgamates and hacks their work plus adds some brand new textures inspired by genuine WW2 Waffen SS helmet covers and camouflage ‘effects’, as well as some ‘probable’ applications. There are 15 possible helmets all numbered and ready to install and enjoy, or hack some more if you prefer! I design these mods for my personal gaming experience. I use a custom version of BarbaricCo’s WarMovie shaders ADVANCED v.112 for CMBN. Below you can see what the mods look like in game with some of EZ’s fantastic uniform mods. Please don’t expect the colours within your own game setup to look exactly like they do in the preview images. Files are at CMMODS III here Lots more preview images - go knock yourselves out! All thanks and praise to Tashtego, Jaquinot, EZ, JorgeMC and anyone else I forgot for their original mods, help and inspiration, and of course to the guys at Battlefront for such a great and enduring game. Lucky_Strike
  10. Hi all From couples of week I was close to Arracourt, the famous battle in 1944. I read also something about on the forum, from longtimes ago, an eventual battles pack, do have this project realized?
  11. So, I have a new computer and had to install CMBN (and all other titles from scratch) I downloaded the full installer plus the new patches. The process was tricky for even experienced users but after wading through the laborious installation, applying patches and activation - as well as getting the games to work on a 4k screen things were working okay and a lot faster with a more powerful processor (still no multicore support) and SSD drive. However the main issue is with CMBN, it plays but it misreports the unit names/types both in-game and in the editor. It has all these strange names for the units like it's drawing the info partially from CMRT, CMBS and elsewhere. In the editor, the oddities continue with misnamed units/hardware and instead of things like selecting AIR SUPPORT it has the option for AERIAL FLAMETHROWER (whatever that would be, is this Game of Thrones?). I tried a clean install, three times including downloading the full install files again, as well as trying a few other different things. The only thing that works is reverting to the 4.00 exe version where the editor and game work fine without the above-mentioned issues. Going to the 4.01 or 4.02 executable brings back the issues. Has anyone had these issues and can anyone shed some light on what might be a fix? The issue doesn't appear with any of the other games in the series but being that CMBN was the first released in this series and works and installs a bit differently from the others might that be a pointer to the problem? I don;t recall the issue on the older system but then hadn;t been upgraded to 4.02 on that. The only noticeable issue with the other games has been slightly more frequent freezing/crashing of the game than on my older system and the sound stuttering every so often (I usually play turn-based so this is during the action playback mostly) as well as the graphics momentarily locking (at the same time as the sound stuttering). Any thoughts/help much appreciated. System Specs: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Manufacturer System manufacturer System Model System Product Name System Type x64-based PC System SKU ASUS_MB_CNL Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90GHz, 2904 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 6 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 1801, 23/10/2018 SMBIOS Version 3.1 Embedded Controller Version 255.255 BIOS Mode UEFI BaseBoard Manufacturer ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. BaseBoard Product TUF B360M-PLUS GAMING BaseBoard Version Rev X.0x Platform Role Desktop Windows Directory C:\Windows System Directory C:\Windows\system32 Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume9 Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "10.0.17763.529" Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 32.0 GB Total Physical Memory 31.9 GB Available Physical Memory 17.2 GB Total Virtual Memory 75.9 GB Available Virtual Memory 48.0 GB Page File Space 44.0 GB Page File C:\pagefile.sys
  12. I am making an scenario based on the June 11th Battle for Grainges south of Carentan. On the night of June 6th elements of the 501st and 507th PIR were dropped as far as 18 miles south of their drop zones. They landed in the marshes near Graignes. Realizing they were in a good position to stop or delay any German reinforcements moving to Carentan they decided to dig in and hold out until relieved by elements of the invasion force. By the 10th they numbered less than 190 men including 2 scouts from the 29th ID which had gotten lost and stumbled into town. On the 10th of June the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Reg 38 recon units discovered their position and but quickly driven off. On the 11th the Germans launched a major attack against the town. Over the course of the day the paratroopers inflicted heavy causalities on the Germans (some estimates say 800 dead and 1000 wounded) before abandoning their position and moving north. About 100 paratroopers eventually managed to link up with their units. My question...... Victory conditions The object of the Germans is to take the town and all it's road intersections and destroy the paratroopers. The paratroopers want to stop or slow the German advance and get away with as many men as possible. Setting victory conditions on territory and causalities is easy, as is giving credit for units exiting the game. What I need to know is if it is possible to restrict the Paras from leaving the game until the Germans reach a trigger point or a time has been reached. Any help will be appreciated!
  13. Hello together! Again a post from my side to help improving the best game in the world! I'm just starting a new battle in CMBN with Waffen SS defending and now as I choose a motorized SS Panzergrenadier batalion in the purchasing screen, from the category "Mechanized Infantry", I realize that they don't have any vehicles. No Opel Blitz trucks or Kubelwagen, not even an old bicycle... can it be? The same applies to the SS Panzerdivision Escort Company, in both categories, "infantry" and "mechanized infantry". In the category "Wehrmacht", there are always ammunition trucks assigned to this formation (Panzer Div. Escort Company), even if it is only in the "infantry" category. So I'm wondering that the Waffen SS, which ususally was better equipped than the Wehrmacht, should not have had any trucks in Normandy? This is an error in the TOE, I guess. Have been looking for a thread on this topic before, but it looks like nobody has noticed it yet, so I'm posting it here for discussion or for notification and improvement.
  14. I’m apparently part of a small breed of the CM community that misses the old CM1 style operations. This is something I've talked about for some time on and off but over Christmas started to put my mouse where my mouth is... and started designing the thing. I hope to use this forum thread to update the community on my progress with this experiment and for others to chip in their thoughts/ideas/solutions to problems encountered. Introduction video first (I plan to do more down the line), followed by some written thoughts to get the ball rolling. For those younger CM Generals among us, CM1 Operations were essentially one large map with an end objective to reach by the end of a set time period broken up into multiple engagements. Force preservation and forward thinking were key to success. For example: “Okay, I’ve taken this village, do I keep pushing now while the enemy in front of me is disorganized or do I wait until sundown before creeping forward with additional forces that are due to arrive.” It wasn’t a perfect system by any means, for example there were issues regarding how the CM1 titles calculated the deployment zones for follow up missions based on how far the player pushed forward. (It could be gamed a bit). The CM2 Campaign system is more Designer controlled and is suited to following a more narrative structured series of events over multiple locations. My biggest issue with the current system is depending on how the Designer builds the campaign and handles reinforcements/replenishment; it can heavily encourage players turning to a ‘save scum’ mentality, (a constant reloading of older saves when something goes wrong), knowing they are unlikely to achieve victory later on if they lose ‘x’ number of units now. Or worse, you get the feeling you've progressed through the campaign well only to get to a mission that is simply unplayable due to previous losses. The fact we now see designers (or the community through websites such as @IanL 's) outlining in briefings and in supporting Read Me's released outside of campaign file, pathway and replenishment details is, I think, testimant to this problem. The margin for error before it becomes unwinnable (beyond the point of being a hardy worthwhile challenge) in a lot of campaigns is simply so small. Thing is I think we can create something close to a CM1 style Operation inside the CM2 engine. This is now largely possible due to: - The far greater map sizes and units the engine can handle now compared to CM2’s debut. - The variety of forces now on offer in most titles once modules and packs are released. - General beefiness of current computers. So a CM2 campaign is essentially a series of linked scenarios that form either one or two pathways to another dependent on 'winning' or 'losing' a preceding scenario. If we switch up the usual formula for a campaign to include the following: - The player has one large map to clear over a series of engagements that are spread over a tight timeframe. - A player must hit numerous terrain based objectives in a set order to reach the final objective which ends the campaign. The longer it takes the less the degree of campaign victory. - These terrain objectives are provided in an order set out by ‘higher command’ (the designer). - If the player wins, they move on to the next objective in the next allotted time slot. - If the player loses, they repeat the same scenario with time progressing to the next allotted time slot. - As time progresses both sides receive reinforcements and replenishment though given the small time frames there would be at set periods or only in small increments. - An extensive initial Campaign Briefing would be required. - Briefings between missions would be minimal to represent the lack of orders from higher command during a prolonged engagement. It's up the Battallion Commander (the player) on the ground to make the call on what to do next to meet their final objective. Perhaps limited to some on the ground intel or feedback to the player on what type of support is coming up in future engagements to help them make an informed decision around ‘commit now or later.’ - Forces on both sides would be nearly all Core Units and tracked for the duration of the fight. The thing is why do we always think of campaign progression as a ‘line’ and why not a ‘table.’ If the player ‘loses’ a scenario, let them try the same mission again with what forces they have on hand but push the time along a little bit for the follow engagement. The major limit to this approach is the fact that the CMx2 engine doesn’t support terrain damage carrying over between missions. The designer would have to be a little bit creative here and slow damage / rubble down the map as time progresses depending on the circumstances. Perhaps at a set point you damage key focus points on the map to take into account pre-planned bombardments from Army HQ assets. Using this St Lo period engagement that historically occured on the map in the video over two full days of fighting is a nicely contained and smaller situation to test out these ideas. If this theory works it would be good to have a crack at the 502d/101st Ab's push towards Carentan. Dreams are always bigger than reality.
  15. Hi there New Mod in the CMMODs Mod 6 for CMBN but also all categorie of CMs games. This represents soldiers on movements with combat gear and weapons. You will listen : Soldiers crawing, walking, running with combat gear with their weapons and cartridges, listen shoks helmets, but also listen, noise of mess tin and water bowl, (water moving in bottle when they are moving ), showel, gaz mask...reserve whisky, pin up poster, cigarettes,lighter... and all what a soldier can carry on with him ! Enjoy ! And please let me know !!! JM
  16. Hola A new Mod awaiting you on the CMMOD's ! vehicle loop engine idle heavy (Panther engine Option Tiger I II) vehicle loop engine idle (kübelwagen) vehicle loop move heavy track (Panther Option Tiger I II) vehicle loop move light track (Sdkfz 251) vehicle loop move medium track (Sturmgeschütz) vehicle loop move wheeled light (kübelwagen) vehicle loop move wheeled medium (Opel Truck) ...waiting to your's comments critiques or recommendations. If interresting soon Bigs Shot Guns ! Enjoy ! 3j2m7
  17. Does CM2 portray Jäger Division infantry type units or have they not been added? I see selections for Panzerjäger battalion under German Army: Infantry, but wasn't sure how you'd portray the infantry part of the formation. For instance the 114th Jäger Division's OOB looks like this: Jäger Regiment 721 Jäger Regiment 741 Reconnaissance Battalion 114 Artillery Regiment 661 Pionier Battalion 114 Panzerjäger Battalion 114 Signals Battalion 114 Reserve Battalion 114 Supply detachment 114 What formation would you use to represent a piece of say the 721st Regiment; elements from a normal Grenadier Battalion? Pioneer, Panzerjäger, and Supply all have obvious choices in the editor. Mord.
  18. I'm searching for experienced opponent huge or large QB! you don't have to be an expert! but let me know if you're ready for battle sincerely yours General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett VC DSO
  19. Hi Guys This is the first video in my new DAR versus Rinaldi. I don't confess to be a tactical genius but I enjoy playing the game... Im not one of those guys who knows the stopping power of a Sherman 75mm at 678 yards. I play the game by the seat of my pants and see how things pan out. I hope you enjoy the DAR and please be sure to like and subscribe. As you can see from my first video Im having some issues with sizing for YT videos. I have a 21 inch (non-widescreen monitor) and trying to get the image to fill the screen in YT has been a pain... I failed in this vid but will hopefully rectify it in coming turns. Any advice appreciated both in gaming and hosting on YT. Thanks for reading.
  20. Hello all, New to the games, and more importantly new to the forum. So hello hello, nice to make all of your acquaintances. Now on to the gushing praise I have for this wonderful hidden little gem of a beauty(see how many adjectives I have for CM!). Where do I begin, the whole series, from what I have seen and not played so far, only dipping into CMBN for now, but gosh golly gee willickers, boy is it great. Now on to some general ideas, thoughts, questions for all you seasoned vets. One idea I had very early was what if all/most/some riflemen could actually drop their packs to gain a little mobility. I am sure you have all heard it before, but the way they run slower through certain terrain is a bit funky at first, but I totally get the use of that feature to simulate the speed at which they can run/walk/jog/crawl across different types. What if a few more simple real life-ish features such as this one could be added? Like for example, a way to order soldiers to commandeer weapons, scavenge for ammo...kinda like the way you can order engineers to mark mines. Maybe it could only be initiated by the platoons HQ or something, you know because the chain of command would usually be the ones keeping everyone together and prepped for the next engagement while moving forward. Now these are not just ideas, but more like questions...because I am sure that I am yet to figure out all the little hidden things about this game that aren't really spelled out in the manual. I am only just now working my way up to some bigger battles to see if my pc can even handle it yet alone my own brain. Played a few of the small and tiny battles, and I am now trying my hand at the apparently infamous Courage and Fortitude, and found out I apparently have NEITHER when it comes to loosing my men. Probably wouldn't have made a very good commander! But I am trying and learning and just taking it all in nice and slow. Any thoughts? Ideas that you may have? Strategies for learning this incredibly deep game? Thanks and glad to be here!
  21. It's been a while but I got inspired to do a full AAR with a narrrative for the latest battle between Mord and myself. I figured I might give a DAR a go, rather than waiting until the end, so hopefully this is entertaining. The basic background to this battle is: 1) I am defending with British Airborne Troops (no armour); 2) Mord is using SS troops (I think) and I told him to pick pretty much whatever he wanted except for Tigers. That's it. Now on with the show....
  22. Hi all. So I have just bought all of the remaining CMX1 and X2 titles and as a long -time MG nut I'd like to start with finding someone to command the krauts in the Netherlands against my Allied paras and the XXXth Corps. However open to virtually all suggestion, I have a decent interest in either theater and possible setup. Stock scenarios preferred first, but again - quite open to alterations etc.
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