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    zinzan reacted to AlanSA in CMFI Rome To Victory Beta AAR - Indian Infantry / South African Armour   
    Churchill found Smuts to be a rather nice Afrikaaner.
    and us English 'soutpiel' South Africans speak perfectly good English thank you very much. Unlike most Brits.....
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    zinzan reacted to Rinaldi in CMFI Rome To Victory Beta AAR - Indian Infantry / South African Armour   
    Following with interest. 
    There's a certain Spitting Image song I have in mind regarding Afrikaaners that I shall keep to myself. 
    The map is beautiful, I'm curious to see what scheme you develop. 
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    zinzan reacted to IanL in CMFI Rome To Victory Beta AAR - Indian Infantry / South African Armour   
    Thanks - now we just have to ask for them to be added as a feature
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    zinzan reacted to Warts 'n' all in CMFI Rome To Victory Beta AAR - Indian Infantry / South African Armour   
    That isn't a surprise. Have you heard the way the Soud Efrikans mangle our language? 
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    zinzan reacted to Anxel Torrente in PBEM game without any cheating   
    I decided to test it by playing a pbem against myself by moving the file in the outgoing email folder to the incoming email folder and my comment can only be the following: I won't admit to have spoken too early and before I tested it, but I also won't have a grudge against anyone who accuses me of  having done that.
    How come the pbem way of playing differs so from how it's done in a hotseat game? The pbem way is much better.
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    zinzan reacted to MarkEzra in PBEM game without any cheating   
    He Cheated!
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    zinzan reacted to domfluff in PBEM game without any cheating   
    It doesn't actually work that way.

    When you receive a PBEM, you see the results of the incoming file, then can plot your next moves, and send them to your opponent. There's no option for you to see the outcome and re-do the turn.

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    zinzan reacted to Bil Hardenberger in PBEM game without any cheating   
    That isn't how it works... this game has simultaneous orders and neither player can view the action until after both players have given their orders.  Both players will watch the same movie (from their sides of course) before they give orders for the next turn... it repeats like that until one player is left crying under his desk...
    The problem you are worrying about doesn't exist in this game.
    Edit: damn beaten by @domfluff, damn your eyes!
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    zinzan reacted to benpark in After the next 2 modules?   
    Incorrect. It's the same group of people that have made everything else CM on your HD.
    It is the same method that BFC have used for as long as I have been doing this (since 2001)- they do the code and OOB stuff and tell us what is and isn't possible on that basis (with other input and content where needed), they also do the majority of the art work. One person heads up organizing the campaigns, scenario list, maps, etc.. That's me this go around for RT- the guy that made half of the giant CM master maps on your HD since CM:MG and the subsequent WWII titles. The guy that did a fair number of campaigns and scenarios since GL for all modules. I know the drill.
    This is not an outside job, nor is the CMFI module. Other testers are kicking things in as well, as always. So the trend you have seen in CM:FB will continue as far as number of areas mapped, quality of content, etc..
    *The notion that bugs cause delays is a given* I can't believe I wasted internet ink typing that. Obviously true, and unfortunate- even with a genius behind the wheel of said code.
    We are indeed on that RT module. And then some. When it comes time when things are in properly vetted visual shape, BFC will be throwing bones.
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    zinzan reacted to Trooper117 in After the next 2 modules?   
    By the time CM3 comes out most of us will have kicked the bucket... not to mention the designers themselves.  
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    zinzan reacted to WhiteWolf65 in 2019 Reporting For Duty   
    All I can say is this. I personally feel that Steve and the rest of the development team have brought all of us grognards an excellent series of games. I am also glad that they did away with some of the other non-Combat Mission games and devoted all their efforts to Combat Mission series. I have been playing Combat Mission since it first hit the market so many years ago. I recently, in January of this year, bought a computer rig that was capable of handling the graphics of the new game(s) and I now own all the titles and expansion sets. I am very much looking forward to the Fortress Italy and Red Thunder expansions as World War II is my all-time favorite period of history. I would enjoy seeing some new weapons systems developed for CMBS but I am just glad that the team is working hard to bring us an even better series of games. Many kudos to Steve and the development team. All the best to BFC in 2019
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    zinzan reacted to Tinyb in bug in CMFI when requesting the open command   
    Following a long period of really not knowing what to do, I decided to upgrade CMFI to Eng 4 along with the remainder of the CM Games.  The Crucifix issue has been resolved,  Its gone, thought it was worth mentioning.  Also following the download of the patch to Eng 4 the game has improved hugely.  Best Wishes to all. 
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    zinzan reacted to mjkerner in bug in CMFI when requesting the open command   
    You bet.  By the way, it was Vin's Animated Text mod that consistently causes problems if left in the Mod/Z folder while installing the games/modules.  Something to do with the fact it changes the string text.  I haven't used it in ages, and so it's not in my mod folder.  The last few times I had to do the install dance, I left all my other mods in (about 200) and had no problems.
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    zinzan reacted to rocketman in bug in CMFI when requesting the open command   
    It is an indication that you probably installed updates, patches etc in the wrong order or didn't remove certain mods when updating. AFAIK there is no other fix than a complete reinstall. Sorry.
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    zinzan reacted to DerKommissar in bug in CMFI when requesting the open command   
    I've had this problem with other games -- something wrong's with the animation. I would recommend trying a clean re-install, too.
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    zinzan reacted to Frenchy56 in German armor in Anzio   
    There will also be Luftwaffe Field Divisions. From what I've seen there were two of them deployed in Northern Italy, and shortly torn apart after being engaged on the front just like most of them.
    Gebirgsjaeger are also coming, probably.
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    zinzan reacted to mvp7 in New Website status update   
    The issue was solved by the support. Thanks Ian.
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    zinzan reacted to Warts 'n' all in Time for some bones.   
    "Hello, is that Mrs Axeman? Can you tell Bob I have a job for him." 
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    zinzan reacted to Seedorf81 in Time for some bones.   
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    zinzan reacted to Michael Emrys in Time for some bones.   
    Soooo...sometime this century. Maybe.
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    zinzan reacted to sburke in Time for some bones.   
    steve close..... perspective
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    zinzan reacted to Warts 'n' all in Time for some bones.   
    I wouldn't know about that. I'm not a "Brit", I'm a Limey.
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    zinzan reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in I hope this Is not a New Bug.   
    Nor me & if I'm not actually playing, I'm generally experimenting with something (usually featuring explosions). 
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    zinzan reacted to MikeyD in hummm patche 4, I need your opinion   
    City fighting and bocage fighting often lead troops into hazardous and confusing close proximity fights. Sometime the instinct of 'anywhere but here' causes them to run around the wrong building corner or in the direction of the wrong cover. Think of all of those bad WWII movies where startled German soldiers run out only to be mowed down before they take three steps. Casualties occur when stupid mistakes occur. That's why grizzled combat vets would say 'Never make friends with the new guy'. Because green troops tended to make stupid fatal mistakes.
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    zinzan reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Patches for the 4.0 Upgrades are now available   
    So I should point all of the installers to the actual game install directory (on D: for me).....Sorry for dim questions, but I figure it's better to check?
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