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  1. Excellent thanks. Finish up my current red vs red scenario and I'll get stuck into this.
  2. Ultimately there's a point where the worse it gets the cheaper CM games on steam will become. As is the case in our failing banana republic where we enjoy considerable discounts on many steam games including CM which we get to enjoy between rolling blackouts....
  3. I've done a quick test. 2 Shermans vs 2 Pz3Ms at around 800m facing each other and giving the Shermans an area target at about 60 degrees. Both Shermans when engaged and hit broke their area targets and engaged the Panzers. However in a second test if the Shermans were given a slow movement forward order with an area target off to 60 degrees they then ignored the incoming hits, maintaining their area targets and continued on their way until destroyed or abandoned.
  4. With the latest patch I've noticed armoured units are not overriding area targets to engage with armoured threats even after taking hits. Pretty sure that was the case before. Below is an example of this odd behaviour. Note also both Shermans, the one on the left had it's main gun damaged a few seconds before the clip started recording, fail to retreat despite taking damage. Come to think of it I don't recall seeing any tanks retreat after taking damaging hits in the scenarios I've played since upgrading. Half-tracks yes but not tanks.
  5. Do you have a source for that as my lackluster google fu is coming up empty?
  6. Just had the satisfaction of taking out 2 PzIVs with a Greyhound, side on at 120 meters. Turns out the 37mm is remarkably effective against PzIVs even later models. At least according to this source.... https://www.facebook.com/notes/ww2-armor/the-usual-suspects-pt-4-american-tank-cannons-versus-the-panzer-iv-h/899968477016987/
  7. Tried out the mod but unfortunately the Mech infantry's helmets look like Colanders when zoomed in close. I have no problems with the base game and tested without any other mods loaded.
  8. Are we talking weeks, months or even a year before a decision is made regarding the success of this new partnership and the appearance of the other titles on steam?
  9. Disheartening after waiting an age for the 'leave good cover when under fire/rout towards the enemy' bug to be fixed only for another major bug to crop up. Hopefully this will be addressed ASAP with a fix rather than set on the back burner while other more minor bugs are identified and then all fixed with a patch months down the line. The other downside of which is the odds of another major bug cropping up again. For those of us without the NATO module there is still 37mm's excellent Heaven & Earth 'Super-mod' free of Javelins to keep one occupied until this is fixed.
  10. If we do benefit from 'localized' pricing I'll almost certainly end up spending more. I can see my budget being stretched that little bit further to include CMBS with my soon to be made CMSF2 purchase at 'localized' pricing. Currently in USD though that's a bridge too far.
  11. Korea. Would seem the natural progression given we've got to play with late war Allied and Soviet equipment and now get to turn them against each other.....
  12. Amateurs Here in SA our ruling politicians appear on TV with berets sporting cuban flags along with our own and quote from Amilcar Cabral's theory of class suicide.....
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