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  1. Of course reinforcements /facepalm. The creators of the campaigns wouldn't appreciate me making my revised edits of their work available without permission on the forum. Suppose I could PM you directly though. Seems I've come a cropper with my next attempt "In Search of a Ghost". The Core unit is a 'Stryker Infantry MOUT battalion' but unfortunately a newly created "Stryker Infantry MOUT" Core unit file won't sync with the scenarios instead replacing the scenario units with the entire battalion from the core file. I suspect it's because the battalion from the campaign is a different TOE to the one in the editor now. For example the battalion in the campaign has no Headquarters Company but the current battalion in the editor does. There are other differences with mortars etc The solution being to replace the units in each scenario as well and keeping it as close to the original as possible.
  2. I've completed the 'updated' Guardians of the Homeland campaign successfully with no oddities or crashes. So it is possible. I've now moved on to another campaign but in the players core units of a scenario in the editor I am seeing (R*) at the end of some units.
  3. I see. And those AI units will have "core" and the end as well? In the scenarios I'm looking at the AI's units and they have [U2 A*] and [u4 A*] which I assume is something to do with AI plans .
  4. Thanks I'm experimenting with the "Guardians of the Homeland" campaign as it's 3 linear missions. I've created a "Core Units" file after identifying the core units from each individual scenario. I take it core units are only from the players side or does the AI have equivalent units? Uncam provided the "campaign script file" 99% complete so that was easily filled. Put everything together and the game spat out a cam file so I guess I'll play through the campaign, now with allotted time extended and see if anything goes noticeably awry.
  5. I like to extend scenario time limits in campaigns which requires de-compiling campaigns with ScaneCade and recompiling them again with CombatMissionUniversalUtility after editing individual scenarios. However SF1 user created campaigns are incompatible with ScaneCade. Uncam de-compiles just the scenarios with some other basic info which is not enough to recompile again with CombatMissionUniversalUtility. With the info and scenarios from Uncam and other info I can glean from www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com regarding the campaigns I hope to construct the campaign again via the traditional way. Reading the manual I would need firstly to create a "core units file" which unfortunately is not supplied by Uncam. I suspect identifying core units would be possible by going through the units in the scenario editor for each scenario as the manual states core units have "unique identification numbers" and for any mention of units in the campaign description. Then creating the file.... Then there's the "campaign script file" but before going on I'd like to know whether it's even possible to succeed with this endeavor or could there be hurdles impossible to overcome?
  6. So much for quarterly releases through slitherine/steam then.
  7. Incredible work. Greatly appreciate it, thanks
  8. After some more testing it seems the issue is that I had extended the allotted time for the scenario. There have been no crashes when saving while playing through the scenario with the original allotted time. Are there known issues when extending the time given through the scenario editor? This is the first time I've run into this issue and I extend the time with every scenario and in every campaign I've played issue free. Although this is my first user created campaign in SF2.
  9. Recently started having CTD issues when creating a new save game in SF2. Started about 120 turns into a user created scenario. It's now continuing in a user created campaign. I can save multiple times no problem then the game will crash on a save attempt. Reload the last successful save game and it will crash on the next save attempt. Then it's a case of reloading the last save and attempting to save again multiple times until it no longer crashes on saving. Consecutive save attempts work until another crash. Rinse and repeat. I suspect maybe something is triggering after loading the save on certain occasions and this is then causing the CTD upon saving. That would explain why saving doesn't always cause a crash. I've removed mods, re-installed the game but to no avail. I also have had no other issues with other games or programs. If somebody would be willing to take a look at the save that would be greatly appreciated. Just load the save and attempt another save after scrolling around, placing orders etc. If it works first time, reload the original save and make another attempt. If there are no crashes after a few attempts then it must be my PC. I am using the steam version of SF2.
  10. Excellent, thanks. Keep the CMFI content coming.
  11. IIRC it's been stated titles are going to released quarterly to steam. The next in line was going to be CMBN but since CMCW has been revealed and released one would suspect that would be next followed by CMBN. Not sure what the order beyond that would be. So best case scenario is 1st quarter next year as I understand it.
  12. Watched all those videos above and enjoyed them all. Naturally there's going to be content that's below par or simply doesn't appeal to you personally. Note sure why that fact would be noteworthy
  13. Smartwargames is currently live streaming F&R
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