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  1. Regardless of whether it's historically accurate or a whitewash, people love war movies... if it's a gripping story with decent action people will watch it and enjoy it. Cross of Iron for example, I remember thinking how great it was to actually see a war film set on the Eastern Front... at the time I didn't think of the political reasons or the barbarism inflicted by either side, it was a new outlook and perspective of WWII I hadn't seen before.
  2. What a great tank battle! It enthralled me from beginning to end...
  3. Yes, saw this the other day... a good documentary!
  4. Great little video... and a reminder just how good our combat mission games are. I'm pretty sure when I played this mission my casualties were quite a few more!
  5. It can't be the end of Red Thunder anyway... we still need 'Barbarossa'
  6. How many times have I told you , not to wear your dressing gowns in combat!
  7. It doesn't matter... Comrade Stalin has many more!
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