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  1. errrrr "was" ............................??? (Runs Away............)
  2. Glider delivered units as oppossed to Airborne (eg AT units, Recce units, Engineers and other specialists). High Morale but maybe not great riflemen. For the Axis: Ost truppen? Straggler units? luftwaffe personnel? As well as elite units I'd like to see the fleshing out of troops used/dragged into the conflict.
  3. Ditto, I can confirm that it's visible after you select a Facing, but not just if you select the unit. Checked on CMBN, CMFI & CMFB (all with all addon's installed and upgraded to 4.00 via Big Bundle Full Download method)
  4. Complete reinstall done - problem sorted - Many Thanks IanL as always your advice accurate, helpful and quick. Worst thing is that I then spent next couple of hours reinstalling all MODS and of course some new one's that caught my fancy not to mention trying to figure out which UI and Icon MOD I had settled on last time All FUN
  5. Thanks for the quick reply ianL - yeah zero scenarios/files shown in game AND I recently moved HDD locations (Upgraded main OS SSD )
  6. Query on this - I installed the full CM Eng 4.00 CMFI+GL 2.00. However I have ZERO scenarios or campaigns in my new My docs games files folder. Is reinstalling the only way to solve this?
  7. Felicitations and charms to all, Header says most of it; PBeM, CMFB standard scenario "A Nasty Surprise", playing Germans, 4.0 (via big bundle), fresh install. Friendly Icons flash in and out of existance approx 2x per second, regardless of camera height, angle, or movement. Enemy icons not affected. Same installation I am running 4 other scenarios (all PBeM, all standard) with no sign of this problem. Any ideas as it's really distracting
  8. Howdy again Update foloows: 1. I've put a bug report in (via report button on CMH) Had a reply and a bit of advice. CMH now shows CMFI PBeM games ok, 2. Only Issue left : CMFI (4.0 patch) won't load from "Launch Game" button; but it's putting all save files in right place and transferring them to/from DropBox OK. 3.So I'm happy
  9. OK I've managed to complete the uninstall of CMFI 1.2 (that I thought I'd done before) and CMH lays nice now - but it doesn't recognise CMFI 2.0. Any idea where I can get the 1.7.6 beta from (my google-foo is too lazy today)
  10. Hmmm may have figured my problem. (Hope so anyway) Despite being convinced that I had deleted/uninstalled my previous version of CMFI (1.2) It appears I still have it installed in another location (Doh) CMH keeps picking that up as the install to use, but my only current PBeM CMFI game is version 2.0. Thanks for the help/suggestions.
  11. Hi all, Can't seem to get CMH (Combat Mission Helper) to work with current CMFI. Anyone have any ideas whether an update will be needed? Details CMFI version 2.0. Engine 4.0 (with GL) CMH 1.7.5 Was working fine with all other CM games & was working with previous CMFI version. Can do manually, it's just that I'm lazy. Many thanks
  12. All done, no problems at all. I used Full version and wenty to activate product; entered ver 4 big upgrade THEN orginal CMFI & GL bundle code. All up and running, tested (both new scenario and QB) all seems ok. MANY, MANY THANKS to all at Battlefront. Kisses and wishes for some sleep to you all.....
  13. Great news, looking forward to seeing Italy in 4.0. Very nice to know why it's taken so lonmg and I agree it makes sense to get CMFI right up to date before moving onwards. Looking forward to battling in Italy again - my favourite CM location.
  14. This is generally seen as unbalanced, unfair and even reprehensible Most players, tournaments and campaigns I have seen specifically ban such a bombardment. If for no other reason that it makes for a boring and short game and you soon run out of opponents.
  15. Arrrrrgggghhhhhhh, problem sorted 15 mins after posting above!! (typical) I had saved PBeM games at the command section; when loaded from here NO UI When rolled back to watch turn, UI appeared as normal - sigh Was going to delete thread but figure this might help others.
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