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  1. errrrr "was" ............................??? (Runs Away............)
  2. Glider delivered units as oppossed to Airborne (eg AT units, Recce units, Engineers and other specialists). High Morale but maybe not great riflemen. For the Axis: Ost truppen? Straggler units? luftwaffe personnel? As well as elite units I'd like to see the fleshing out of troops used/dragged into the conflict.
  3. Ditto, I can confirm that it's visible after you select a Facing, but not just if you select the unit. Checked on CMBN, CMFI & CMFB (all with all addon's installed and upgraded to 4.00 via Big Bundle Full Download method)
  4. All done, no problems at all. I used Full version and wenty to activate product; entered ver 4 big upgrade THEN orginal CMFI & GL bundle code. All up and running, tested (both new scenario and QB) all seems ok. MANY, MANY THANKS to all at Battlefront. Kisses and wishes for some sleep to you all.....
  5. Great news, looking forward to seeing Italy in 4.0. Very nice to know why it's taken so lonmg and I agree it makes sense to get CMFI right up to date before moving onwards. Looking forward to battling in Italy again - my favourite CM location.
  6. This is generally seen as unbalanced, unfair and even reprehensible Most players, tournaments and campaigns I have seen specifically ban such a bombardment. If for no other reason that it makes for a boring and short game and you soon run out of opponents.
  7. And of course Stupid stuff never happens in combat - (Clue: I can think of lots that have happened in todays V.Modern, superbly trained and managed armed forces. It even happens on Special forces operations!) Don't forget elite forces in the Combat Mission sense are simply the best LARGE scale units with High morale, who have seen some combat. This in no way equates to modern elite units. WWII era weaponry was supplied by the lowest bidder and in huge numbers - most troops didn't use assault rifles, they were often mechanically less reliable than modern weapons and by the time of most scenarios depicted in this game are being used by troops who are tired, away from supply/R&R and probably concentrating on being alive tomorrow - not fighting the enemy. A unit in combat can have a LOT of different priorities to those you would expect. Straight afdter a Firefight (assumming you weren't running for your lives) getting reorganised, figuring out WHERE your team was and who was hurt was 1st priority. if you think you've "won" your part of the battle you concentrate on cover, comfort etc before continuing the fight. Anyways just trying to point out that what we coul;d see as a prority is not the same as what a man on the ground may see as HIS priority.
  8. OTOH We are talking about conscript and poorly trained (By modern standards) troops whose leaders (sgts/corporals etc) were also short term conscripts who had survived longer. It is important to remember that the standards of training of troops in WW2 was MUCH lower than nowadays. One has to be careful to not judge a military simulation of poor quality troops by modern standards. Without wanting to get into arguments about more recent history - MANY troops in Vietnam were also making these types of "obvious" mistakes despite all the lessons of WW2 having been learned (Sarcasm detected)
  9. Try is one, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbE8795rt2s or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEADCORhMu8&list=PLsxt3aCMiH0CmW7nWh4u97CrKBhgP4zkF Archair General Tactical Tutorials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ6dDlqye9Q&list=PLvt2OamX4_zd-2wzDdkUI8d4jwO7-RGAv I tend to watch a lot of vid AAR's for ideas eg: JohnsyFGM vids https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuQR62RluN7I2qW57F0yGMQ
  10. OK definitive (I hope) answer obtained. Yes the authors access (TSD, TPG etc) is what you need; but it looks like it's not automated (speculating but probably to prevent tampering). Bootie is away for a while so might need to wait for his return.
  11. Howdy GhosRider3/3, No problem, you didn't come over as ass (something I know a lot about ) I've added a comment on the site for Bootie or a_n_other admin to check out, I've also linked to a vid on YouTube Bootie did to explain process - though the fact that he is away will slow down your author access. He's away from home right now but he is notorious for getting stuff done REALLY fast. Vid is more for others spotting this thread rather than for you specifically. I'll try and report back here once it's sorted.
  12. OK, Unfortunately the owner/web master is on holiday right now (Deserved and he's keeping in touch), he's normally very good at responding quickly (both with info and web design changes). I'm reporting your feedback to him. You're right there is no obvious way to create an account from the proving grounds or the Scenario depot nor is there any direct info either in the FAQ or elsewhere explaining how to create an account. Apologies on our part for not spotting this earlier - I will get this fed back and try and find a work round for you ASAP.
  13. You can create a new account quite easily. Once you have you should be able to upload to TSD 3 http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/ Hope this helps
  14. Not in '43 - '45 time period. Radios were rare (and fragile) outside of AFV's and HQ's.
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