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  1. errrrr "was" ............................??? (Runs Away............)
  2. Glider delivered units as oppossed to Airborne (eg AT units, Recce units, Engineers and other specialists). High Morale but maybe not great riflemen. For the Axis: Ost truppen? Straggler units? luftwaffe personnel? As well as elite units I'd like to see the fleshing out of troops used/dragged into the conflict.
  3. All done, no problems at all. I used Full version and wenty to activate product; entered ver 4 big upgrade THEN orginal CMFI & GL bundle code. All up and running, tested (both new scenario and QB) all seems ok. MANY, MANY THANKS to all at Battlefront. Kisses and wishes for some sleep to you all.....
  4. Great news, looking forward to seeing Italy in 4.0. Very nice to know why it's taken so lonmg and I agree it makes sense to get CMFI right up to date before moving onwards. Looking forward to battling in Italy again - my favourite CM location.
  5. OK definitive (I hope) answer obtained. Yes the authors access (TSD, TPG etc) is what you need; but it looks like it's not automated (speculating but probably to prevent tampering). Bootie is away for a while so might need to wait for his return.
  6. Howdy GhosRider3/3, No problem, you didn't come over as ass (something I know a lot about ) I've added a comment on the site for Bootie or a_n_other admin to check out, I've also linked to a vid on YouTube Bootie did to explain process - though the fact that he is away will slow down your author access. He's away from home right now but he is notorious for getting stuff done REALLY fast. Vid is more for others spotting this thread rather than for you specifically. I'll try and report back here once it's sorted.
  7. OK, Unfortunately the owner/web master is on holiday right now (Deserved and he's keeping in touch), he's normally very good at responding quickly (both with info and web design changes). I'm reporting your feedback to him. You're right there is no obvious way to create an account from the proving grounds or the Scenario depot nor is there any direct info either in the FAQ or elsewhere explaining how to create an account. Apologies on our part for not spotting this earlier - I will get this fed back and try and find a work round for you ASAP.
  8. You can create a new account quite easily. Once you have you should be able to upload to TSD 3 http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/ Hope this helps
  9. Well (to be fair) most would have CMBN and MOST will go out at this stage, 8 proceed to CMFI, then 4 CMRT and 2 CMFB - so only those better players will need to get any extra games. I personally would be delighted buy any of these titles I don't own (CMRT & CMFB ) if I got that far (not likely I know). In fact I'd be willing to bet that any player getting to the semi-finals onwards without owning CMRT would have no difficulty getting a copy donated from some lovely souls at FGM to ensure they can compete. Sounds silly but I doubt there would be ANY problem finding 3-5 members to jointly
  10. Nice, very, very nice ........ me wants!!!!! Nice work, keep it up, Modders are ONE of the most amazing bonuses of PC Gaming, you guys are brill.
  11. Phew I dodged that one, don't think anyone noticed. Act casual and keep moving lad. Thanks IanL, at least we got some publicity for the Blitz scenario odf the month eh
  12. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm hit, going down; all out of control. DAMNIT - you got me. btw IanL do you have time for a PBeM game (I have only CMBN and all expansions), since I have insulted a "Great Old One" I suppose I should give you the satisfaction of beating me publicly (not doing an AAR though they are HARD work). pm me and we'll see what we can do.
  13. Dilemma spot folks , A (very) junior fporum member spots a senior member make a minor, but irritating (and possibly very confusing) error. Do they point it out politely via a pm? or slink quietly away?....................... Well i "like" c3k attitude, but tend to be more reckless errm I think you'll find that it's the OCTOBER scenario of the month IanL
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