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  1. From an AAR I've been making of 'Cut off at Kovering What if' that has been quite literally months in the making - I have been far too busy to put the finishing touches. As frustrating as my inability to get back to Canada for x-mas is this year I am (secretly) looking forward to the free time to put a ribbon on this one. https://i.imgur.com/DmS3l8c.mp4 Scenario is initially a frustrating bit of rompo pallo for the Allied attacker, too little frontage, too little cover and too many men. Once you get stuck in though I find the Germans begin to unravel swiftly.
  2. They look much higher poly, definitely the latter.
  3. The point of hull down is that it forms a battle position. Its only one part of the formula of breaking an enemy targeting solution. The other one is time. Why should we take anything away from a 'test' that doesn't mimic a battlefield condition where a competent player repositions a tank in BP frequently? I also enjoy the casual ignoring of @Pete Wenman's results. It's okay Pete, the reasonable people see you.
  4. I can only imagine the cancer that would result from being able to mod under the hood things. Hard pass.
  5. You can toss them up in the scenario editor and look at them from the deploy (allied)/(axis), but otherwise there's nothing, unfortunately.
  6. Someone here is failing to understand, that's for sure LMAO
  7. This is by far the stupidest thing I've read on the forums in a goddamned long time.
  8. Oh look yet another 'hulldown is actually counter intuitive' - this silliness is right up there with 'maps are too small' Everyone. Take. A. Shot.
  9. This is excellent stuff, I remember being very excited when I first saw ARMOR magazine touting SF1 and a few individual Canadian army units using it ad-hoc to help visualize otherwise bland wargaming; it never moved on to anything beyond such individual initiatives (which you've explained earlier). This is a massive step-up to see ready made versions for use with armed forces. Congratulations guys.
  10. It's been a while since I've played such a large PBEM or even one with so many vehicles, here's a little vignette AAR from my recently concluded match with @gardar15. Read it here: https://rinaldiaars.blogspot.com/2020/05/equilibrium-black-sea-vignette-aar.html
  11. It is indeed a Quick Battle; I haven't played with the full range of dates but the last few PBEMS I've had this crop up were in June, August and September. All set in France.
  12. Have noticed it in a few PBEMs with Commonwealth forces, appears to occur with Canadians the most. Have been able to recreate it reliably with the following vehicles and formations: Recce Squadron: Humber III Squadron Command Car Armoured Regiment (type 2, with Fireflies dispersed per troop): Fireflies (all variants) The crews are nowhere to be seen, functionally making the vehicles useless.
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