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  1. Good morning, I have started collecting mods for my CM library. I have found just a few terrain mods for CMFI/GL/RV, mainly the (whitewash barn, and the ground, tree bark, and trenches by Aris). I was wondering if there are any other terrain mods (additional building, walls/fences, fortifications, flavor objects) available? If so, where might I find them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  2. Good afternoon, I am looking for an opponent to play all of the scenarios for any players of CMBN, CMFI, CMFB, or CMRT (I have all current expansions and patches). I want to start with the very first of the stock scenarios (except the tutorial ones) to the final one. I will play either Elite or Iron level. The winner of each scenario will decide which side the other player plays in the next scenario. My only house rule is I prefer that there are no first turn artillery barrages or air strikes. I prefer to use DropBox but will use regular email to send/receive turns. If interested, please
  3. That Pak40 is looking really good. Shoot, the whole Fire & Rubble expansion has been very impressive to me. Just have to remain patient.
  4. I am slowly getting back to playing the games after a very long hiatus from them. I have all of the games, expansions, and all updates. At this time, I do not have any house-rules to speak of except that I like to play Iron level. I do have a DropBox address, so if you are bored like me and you would like to start a small to medium scenario please contact me via PM and we can get something going. I can normally play one turn per day, more if you want. Chris.
  5. Good morning everyone, Just a note to say that I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Chris.
  6. That is great news Steve. Still the best tactical level war game on earth. Thanks.
  7. What I don't understand is why the development team doesn't do more in the way of vehicle/unit/towed artillery-guns expansion packs, as was done for CMBN, for the earlier years of the war. Most of the terrain in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union from 1940 to 1943 would be pretty much the same as it was in the later stages of the war. As for the desert war, just modify some of the buildings and we have that theater of operations. I also agree that anything dealing with the PTO during WWII should not be considered. As for BS, add NATO units and a few of the newer weapons syste
  8. Good morning, I want to start playing some Combat Mission scenarios again. I feel that I have recovered enough from my recent hospitalization to do so. I am bored to tears with reading, watching TV, playing solitaire (cards), posting on other social media sites, or napping. Time for me to saddle up and play some scenarios. I have all of the Combat Mission games and all are patched to the current level. I ask that any scenario that you play against me be kept in the small to medium sized arena. I prefer Quick Battles but will play stock scenarios or those developed by others.
  9. I really do appreciate the help, but now I am even more lost than before. What is TF Spartan Resolve? Is this a mod? Sorry for being about as intelligent as a rock but I don't want to screw something up and then have to go back and re-install the games. **Chris**
  10. Why don't you have that option with CMBN? I did notice that CMBN installs differently than the rest of the CM titles, at least on my computer it did. The "Games" sub-folder is in the CMBN folder, not in the "Documents/Game Title/Games" folder. Is that what you are referring to? Second, and please don't think I am stupid, but once you have the numerous sub-folders for each mod in the Z, or ZZ, sub-folder, how do you install them into the game itself. Sorry for asking so many questions but there are some really good mods available that would add so much to the games I have and I don't want to g
  11. I am a bit confused too. I already knew about the issue with how Microsoft handled CMBN but my question is this. In my User Data Folder there is a MOD sub-folder. Should I rename it to Z, instead of what the game installed or should the Z folder be a sub-folder of the MOD sub-folder? **Chris**
  12. Too bad about the IEDs. Eh well, make do with what we have. Never know, they (BFC) could come up with something for us concerning this topic for the WW II titles in the future. Midwest huh? I am originally from Toledo (born there) but have been living in the southeast for most of my life since my parents and I moved here in 1956. Later guys. I gotta rest. Get these O2 sats up. **Chris**
  13. Yes, that could be done. However, we don't have IEDs in the World War II Combat Mission games, do we? Too tired to look and see right now. Rough day yesterday.
  14. Yes, I understand that you couldn't take out the bridge at Arnhem or Eindhoven. And I do understand now that other bridges can be damaged or collapsed much like a building does when it suffers damage from indirect or direct fire. Not sure about the grenade but a satchel charge definitely.
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