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  1. One question about the GOG versions: Are they technically closer to 1.03 or 1.04 patches? The top review of CMAK is currently 3/5 due to the game version being (or at least displayed as) 1.04. Some are reporting performance issues that were supposedly fixed in 1.04 patches.
  2. Has anyone played the Scottish Corridor with the latest engine 4 patch? That campaign got ridiculously hard after that engine 2 or 3 rate-of-fire overhaul when any one of those previously just mildly annoying MG teams could suddenly out-shoot a platoon of British infantry (which suffered the most in all the factions of CMx2 from the rate-of-fire changes).
  3. The issue was solved by the support. Thanks Ian.
  4. Thanks, I made my account long before the new website so my username is not related to the email. I don't think the issues is with me not knowing my username anyway as I just reset the password and logged in several times with no issues a day ago. If no-one else is having problems with login I guess I'll have to make a support ticket.
  5. Are there currently some kind of login issues with main page/store? I reset my password on 15th and purchased CMSF2 big bundle upgrade yesterday without any login issues but today my password doesn't work and when I try to reset password the page claims that username and password don't match (I have tried every imaginable spelling and email several times).
  6. Really looking forward to the Shock Force 2 release. No other strategy game has ever done modern asymmetric warfare like Shock Force did. Could you give some examples of the TO&E changes? Were there any major additions or removals to the original equipment for example? A question about the pricing (I know it has been discussed several times in many threads including this one but I still can't find a clear, definitive answer): I have the paradox version of SF1 and the battlefront 3-DLC bundle but not the 1$ update. Will I be able to buy the 35$ full upgrade directly with the keys I hav
  7. Does this also include people who have purchased the paradox version of the base game and the (battlefront.com) expansions but not the separate paradox upgrade? And could you please clarify: does the CMSF2 at release include the contents of CMSF1 and all its expansions and have the normal price of $60 (without discounts)? Are the maps of the CMSF2 going to be exact copies of the original maps or is the terrain going to be smoother as in the later CM2 titles and will there be some water added to the riverbeds for example?
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