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  1. If anyone else runs into this it seemed to be caused by launching Engine 1 of the CMBN game. By installing Engine 2 CMBN my issue was resolved.
  2. @bairdlander Did you ever find a fix for this?
  3. Thanks Ian, the Black Sea manual says precious little about APS so i've been running tests to figure out exactly how they operated. So far I've identified that: Trophy - Maximum 4 intercepts (360 degrees) - Intercepts Javelin - Intercepts TOW-2 Zaslon - Maximum 4 intercepts (270 degrees from front) - Maximum 2 intercepts(90 degrees from rear) - Intercepts Javelin - Intercepts TOW-2 Zaslon's intercept is unique in that it does have segments Arena - Maximum 4 intercepts (360 degree) - Will not intercept Javelins - Also seems poor at engaging TOW-2 I doubt we're going to see any patches for Black Sea again, but if we do, it would be nice to increase the Arena cartridge count from 4 to at least 6. Since that would better represent its strengths (more intercepts) compared to Zaslon/Trophy while still maintaining its weakness to Javelins. As an aside I suspect Zaslon/Trophy should not be intercepting Javelins as readily as they do but there isn't a ton of info on it. So the vehicle will correctly intercept projectiles in a 360 degree circle. It just operates closer to Zaslon/Trophy than Arena. Actually its fairly close to the new Arena-M which has 8 charges (4 per side) rather than the old Arena.
  4. I have been running a number of tests of the different APS systems and while working on Arena have only ever been able to trigger 4 intercepts off a single tank. This includes fire from all angles. Everything I've read rates the Arena to have between 20 and 30 cartridges. Is CM not modeling Arena correctly, have I run into a bug, or is my information incorrect?
  5. What I mean is that you cannot blow a man sized hole into a wall. You have to blow up the entire wall.
  6. @Sgt.Squarehead I did some further testing and found something rather interesting. When a Syrian Plt. HQ is dismounted from his BMP he loses radio contact with elements of his unit. Seen here is the HQ just outside his track and 3rd squad having no C2 link: Yet once the HQ mounts his vehicle he gains a c2 link to 3rd squad via radio. 3rd squad has no radio (and their BMP is a kilometer away so I don't think its the R-126 ) I then drove the HQ 1,200 meters away and 3rd squad retained radio comms with the HQ. My original expectation was that the squads would maintain radio contact with the larger unit via their personal BMP. The R-129 acting as a link to the BMP and then the BMP's internal radio acting as a link to the rest of the unit. Instead it looks like the squads are maintaining a direct link to the HQ and he must be on his BMP
  7. Testing C2 with a BMP formation and I found that dismounted infantry very quickly lost contact with their platoon leader and with their personal BMPs (Iron difficulty). I felt that this was odd and was doing some searching and found that (apparently) each squad leader would be equipped with a personal radio (R-126, R-352) for dismounted use. This handheld radio acted as a link between the dismounted squad leader and his personal BMP. The BMPs internal radio then connected with the rest of the formation. So in this instance Coy Commander at top, PL at bottom right: The entire platoon and Coy Commander should be connected. But in-game a large portion of the formation is shown as out of C2. They would be in communication via a long game of telephone but they would be in connection regardless and the individual squads would seem to be decently connected to their individual vehicle. For instance, if the Plt. Leader wished to communicate to his personal BMP he would be able to while dismounted. Further if he wanted to communicate to Squad 2 he could. Plt. Leader -> PL BMP -> Squad 2 BMP -> Squad 2 and then back Squad 2 -> Squad 2 BMP -> PL BMP -> PL ---- Is there any reason that this is not being modeled or am I missing something?
  8. So... When I press the "Open Up" button in the editor I see the vehicles open up. The animation plays. Yet when I then load up the same map in the battle mode (with scenario author mode) they are not opened up.
  9. I'm trying to get AI vehicles to start a scenario opened up but can't seem to get them to do so. Is there anyway to force them to start opened up?
  10. One of the things we are missing from CM is the ability to blast "doors" rather than removing entire walls.
  11. Yea, I just found it an odd way of phrasing since MGs cannot be used defensively by dismounted crew and was wondering if I'd been missing something.
  12. You can combine the Hunt command with an Armored Arc. This will cause it to ignore infantry and target vehicles.
  13. I was looking through the manual for Red Thunder recently had found this tidbit: I tried getting this to work in a few tests but no luck. What is this referencing? It seems to be saying that crew can use SMG for anti-infantry defense in the same way another tank may use a co-axial or hull MG.
  14. It would seem to me that you could add a second type of window that was enterable while keeping the standard ones unenterable. So like: Windows: Can be fired out of but not entered Doors: Can't be fired out of but can be entered New Window: Can be fired out of and can be entered
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