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Found 8 results

  1. While Ian and I are sorting out some really disappointing challenges with our CMFI AAR - one I wish to complete regardless, I was swamped with a major project at work and of course now our friendly pandemic. He and I started a battle in CMBS to have something in the fire while we slowly got things going in R2V, and I wanted to try a different comic software. It’s a nice one that works on both my Mac and my IPad which allows for some added flexibility. I was going to post this after I finished another comic, but that one also ran into a snag with all files lost and I am underway making that from scratch. But then this happened... Blame him... In any case, CMBS and CMSF2 are the two game families that have no comic for them. This is an attempt to rectify that gross lack.
  2. Some time ago I began my first foray into the editor to see what it worked like. I made a map, the smallest size possible (208m x 208m) and tried to give it a realistic, inhabited appearance. Kohlenklau and I have had a lot of fun battles that do not exploit the full points afforded by the Quick Battle generator. We decided to explore this little world I created, and see what happens if we limit points to 325 each, and show a chance encounter (meeting engagement in CMBN terms). I've always had a hankering to do an AAR, but Bil Hardenberger really set the bar very high - and the work involved was quite daunting. The magic of the iPad and the software for photo editing and layout that is available for it encouraged me to try. I'll admit I had to resort to Photoshop a bit but this is otherwise entirely a product of CMBN, Kohl's and my battle, and the iPad. Despite what seemed like a simpler course than following Bil's incredible work, I can tell you that for what is essentially a battle between two opposing platoons, it takes about a day of work per minute of battle to present to you what follows. It is shown from the German perspective, with the limitations and erroneous assumptions the man would be subject to. I do not write this with a global perspective because I don't know what Kohl is up to with his GIs. What is a CAAR, you ask? A Comic After Action Report. Done as best as I can as if you're reading a comic book or graphic novel. I hope you enjoy it.
  3. My first CAAR (Comic After Action Report) was in the format of a DAR presented as a comic. To introduce some variety and also make this one a bit more like a comic, it will be presented less as an AAR and more as a story, following the actions and adventures of one man, a Russian soldier called Dmitry ("Dima") Ivanov. Of course this is also going to present the battles as well, so the AAR aspect is still included, just not the sole objective. Some of you wanted to hear more about Lt. Warner, Cpl. Dietrich, and Sgt. Hirsch from my first CAAR; they will be back in another CAAR. At the time of this one, Warner and his boys are in Normandy, and later, in Holland during Market-Garden. Once again, Kohlenklau is my partner in this, and I thank him for being a fun opponent in the battles and a patient friend in the delays doing these sometimes introduces.
  4. The long-delayed and heretofore illusory comic, Apache, is finally nearing completion. Like my previous CAARs (links below in my signature) this one shows something new, both in terms of the side being illustrated, as well as design concepts for the comic. I'll let you mull that over and see if you find them appropriate and intuitive. This CAAR was unusual in that it required substantial setup to provide useful and interesting material. Some of the lengthy pauses in development were cause by obstacles in story-telling that had to be worked out in a pleasing and realistic manner. The fault is mine - I never used the scenario editor for anything other than map-making, and Apache necessitated a foray into scenario design that illustrated (see what I did there?) that it takes practice and a LOT of effort to make workable scenarios. My respect for those volunteers who design them here is increased by an order of magnitude. We all owe them a debt of gratitude for enriching our experience in these games. Once again, the map is one of my own making, another 208m x 208m custom job with a beach and water for troops to come out of as they invade. Fortunately, my partner in this, once again the inestimable Kohlenklau, recognized that the map was too small with the beach and water and the need for some space to represent a landing, so he made alterations that greatly improved on my original work. Much as I'm fond of the idea of micro-maps (after all, these comics are called Micro-Battles) there comes a point where being able to spit in your enemy's eyes is just a tad too close. I hope you enjoy this effort. As always, comments and questions are welcome.
  5. Just as I finished my Comic for the CMFB Beta, I felt quite exhausted. It was a lot of work. But I really wanted to finish Apache, which I had all the screenshots for but had interrupted to do the Beta CAAR. When Apache was finished, I felt rather different than I expected. Instead of being glad it's all done, it felt a bit of a let-down, as I was actually really enjoying working on it. It was a different graphical style and narrative focus and style as well, and when it was over I kept looking for something I wanted to do. @kohlenklau suggested an Afrika Korps comic, using his mod for CMFI. As he can attest, I find mods (beyond a file or two) fiddly and limiting in that one has to have multiple installs in order to play normally, or to do QB's which by now anyone who knows me here will be aware is how I play 99% of the time. That said, the visuals he showed us all here with his mod were just inspiring. Like many others here I think I was enamoured with the North African war long before Normandy was catching my attention. And so I fell into his trap. Ok, not really. But we both had some ideas and in a moment of fantastic synergy, they meshed perfectly, and a scenario was born, as well as some graphics work beyond what his mod included. I hope you enjoy. PS: I've said this with every Comic I've done here, but it bears repeating: click on the images to see them full screen. You're missing stuff if you don't.
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