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  1. In this case, the Borat was parked in a village but not near a tree as I remember it. It is hard to say from the graphics. I looked at it several times and the 152mm artillery round appeared to explode just above the tank but maybe it was just a graphical thing. I am not certain if the tank suffered any damage but probably some exterior capabilities were damaged. It was definitely not destroyed and there was no crator.
  2. Ok, thanks. In the previous campaign scenario, I dropped a couple of general precision artillery rounds on a Borat. One missed, the second was on line for a direct hit but appeared to explode above the tank instead of on the tank. Not certain but that is what it looked like. The tank definitely survived. My assumption was that it had some sort of APS system that detonated the artillery shell before it hit the tank. Lot of assumptions but that was my best guess.
  3. I have some T-72s with arena APS systems in my campaign game. In this particular scenario, I have located some Ukrainians T-64s and need to take them out. So I know the Arena APS system is effective vs ATGMs but is it also effective vs tank ap shells or artillery rounds?
  4. PS I know a lot of BS scenarios have multiple AI tactical plans such that you may get a very different battle when you replay the scenario. Is that true of the campaign scenarios?
  5. Thanks all but too late. I already started up a campaign last night...Heroes of Dneproderzhinsk. First scenario is pretty interesting so far.
  6. Well last night, I started experimenting. I am using the area fire anywhere but can't be readjusted to a specific sighted unit until the firing unit has at least a generic spotted marker. So everyone is doing area fire and then one enemy unit is spotted. Only the units which are informed by relative spotting of that spotted unit can redirect fire on to the generic or definite unit marker. What I am doing is similar to that but I continue to allow area fire just not at the spotted unit until relative spotting allows a unit to redirect fire to the spotted unit.
  7. True enough. I wonder if that is modeled within the relative spotting process. Probably.
  8. I have now finished 3 PBEMs and the biggest discovery has been the power of blind area fire. Area fire without known targets is definitely an accepted practice however there are factors restricting the use of area fire. FOW means there is the possibility of blue on blue firefights and friendly casualties if targets are not clearly identified. Units may burn up ammunition which may be needed later. Blind firing can also result in civilian casualties. So yes blind area fire was used but within boundaries. Finally in game terms, I have found suppressive fire without identified targets very beneficial to the attacker. So I have been wondering how to use area fire but also work with the relative spotting feature. I like the relative spotting feature because in reality, units can't focus fire on a target until they actually know where the target is located. Using unlimited blind area fire basically negates the relative spotting feature. Once a unit is located all units can concentrate fire on that target even if they technically wouldn't know to concentrate fire on that unit's location. So how are people merging the use of both blind area fire and the relative spotting feature? Both are realistic but using only one negates the other. At the moment, I am thinking of allowing blind area fire but not allowing targeted fire on a generic or specific identified unit until relative spotting allows each individual unit to identify the actual location of the targeted unit. So blind fire anywhere but not allowing fire to shift to an identified target until relative spotting reflects a unit knows the general or specific location of the unit. Any thoughts? Any other approaches for merging area fire with relative spotting?
  9. It was the player designed Baumhalder scenario which is a small map. It was PBEM and I didn't see the firing unit but checking I would guess the range was probably around 500 meters or less. It was .50cal MG from either a M113 or M60. I am guessing the target was probably the air control tower. The fire targeted upward from lower ground but not significantly lower. I still have the PBEM turns but I would have to find the specific turn. The game is over now and the turn was early game.
  10. In a PBEM, I had troops on a wooded slope in deep defilade. Completely out of line of sight. .50 cal machinegun fire hitting the top of the trees on the slope caused casualties on my troops under the trees.
  11. I have never played a campaign and I am considering a Black Sea Campaign. I also have the add on module with its campaigns. So for those that have played campaigns, any recommendations? I am leaning towards either the Ukrainian or Russian campaigns but I am open to a US campaign. However I don't want to get into a campaign that is ultra difficult. Also I do want one that is fun. Any recommendations?
  12. The problem with adjusting the fire is you need LOS to plot the fire. Rolling barrages are timed adjustment of fire not required any observer input. Myself, I think they definitively fit within the game. At least in Normandy, the norm for British/Canadian infantry assaults involved following a rolling barrage. And I imagine it was the standard throughout WW2 for Brits/Canadians. Undoubtedly used by other armies as well.
  13. Is it possible to do rolling barrages? I have been reading about the Brits and Canadians in Normandy. It seems every formal attack was an advance behind a rolling barrage.
  14. I would jump on an early war game just as fast as CW. All those oddball funky vehicles, the various early war organizations, it would be great.
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