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  1. I charged a single Panther with 3 Shermans and one Firefly. All three got to within 10-20 meters and none of them fired. What was puzzling is that the Firefly moved in Hunt mode to the side of the Panther where if it would have shot couldn't have missed. For some reason, it sat there for a few seconds then immediately went in to reverse. Meanwhile the Panther was taking out two more Shermans that were the "decoys". Really strange behaviour for the CW tanks and especially the Firefly which could have taken a point blank side shot. Anyway, going to try this scenario again as the CW.
  2. Actually, I didn't stop on the ridge. My Firefly was knocked out when it got to the top of the ridge by a Panther on the other side of the woods and as I mentioned, I was surprised it had a line of sight. We are still playing this scenario and I have spotted 4 Panthers. He has 2 of them on the side of the woods where you came from, one in the town facing up the road and one behind the wall by the tower covering the open field. A German AT gun also scored a hit on my last remaining Firefly but luckily it bounced off. I think that it is a tough scenario for the CW regardless of what you
  3. John, interesting that you got a total victory with the Brits. I shelled the reverse side of the ridge on my left flank to clear any infantry that might have AT before moving to the top of the ridge with tanks including one Firefly. I could see the greyed out icon of a German tank on the other side of the woods but to my surprise it must have still had a line of sight as it took out my Firefly. In regards to those woods, tanks can't move through it so they have to go around it on the left and it appeared that he had two Panthers there waiting. I'm curious as to whether the 25 pounders
  4. My friends and I have been playing the Combat Mission series since the first versions were released many many years ago. We currently have CMBN, CMFI, and CMFB. Balanced scenarios which I suppose can be subjective are few and far between. I am not complaining because historically this would have been the situation. The last scenario that we finished was Brummbar from CMFI where the CW were the attackers while the Germans had two Panthers. The CW lost big time because even though they damaged the gun on one of the Panthers. In our current CMBN scenario, Loamshires, the CW are the attack
  5. Thanks for the reply but I still need some clarification. As I stated I have CMBN installed and it reads 4.03 Game Engine 4. I also have CMFB installed and it reads 2.03 Game Engine 4. Are these two games now up to date? Or do I have install the files for these two games from the Upgrade Big Bundle as well? In regards to CMFI, the file in the Upgrade 4 Big Bundle is 14 GB. Are you saying that I just install this file and enter in the Big Bundle Activation code? Does that mean that the Gustav LIne and R2V are included in this download and there is not need to activate those modules?
  6. I have a new PC running Windows 10 and am trying to install my games on to it. The installation of CMFI with the Gustav Line and R2V seems to be very complicated. I have CMBN with the Commonwealth, and Market Garden modules installed. When I start CMBN it indicates "2.03 Game Engine 4" so is that up to date or do I have to install the just released patch? When I start CMFB it indicates "2.03 Game Engine 4". Is that up to date and same question as CMBN. Can someone tell me the sequence for installing CMFI. I have the Gustav Line and R2V. I have the Game Engine 4 big bundle.
  7. I have all the WWII combat mission games except for Red Thunder because I am more interested in the eastern front from 1941 to 1943. Are there any plans to add modules covering that time period? Secondly is the base game now game engine 4 or would I have to purchase that as well?
  8. Howler, thanks for the reply. Are PBEM manager and Whose Turn Is it available for download from Battlefront? If yes, where do I go to download them?
  9. I am thinking about purchasing Red Thunder even though I am more interested in the early years of the Russian front. Do a lot of scenarios come with it? I found CMFB to have very few scenarios compared to CMBN.
  10. I have a new PC running Windows 10 and have installed CMBN. I also installed Dropbox as that is what my friends and I used for the PBEM game files. However I don't see any Dropbox folders. Do I have to install the Dropbox app before they will appear? If not what is the procedure for getting the shared folders to appear and be accessible on my new PC? Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Where and how do I get the master download files?
  12. I own CMBN, CMFI, and CMFB and Commonwealth Forces, Market Garden, Vehicle Pack, Gustav Line, and Rome to Victory. I will have my new PC, Windows 10 in the next 10 days and am not looking forward to having to install of the above on my new PC. I have all the license numbers and emails so I assume I have each modules and patch in the proper sequence or is there an easier way? Can I do this before uninstalling them from old PC (Win 7)? The resolution of the monitor for my new PC is 2K. I assume that my CM games can be displayed at that resolution. I just saw that there are new Game Engine
  13. I'm playing a PBEM game in CMBN as the Germans. I had two infantry crawl up to within 4 or 5 meters of a Sherman hoping to maybe pick off the commander if the hatch was open. My infantry threw two grenades, both of which exploded underneath the Sherman. To my amazement those two grenades knocked out the Sherman! They had three grenades and there is nothing in their description to indicate that they had some anti tank capabilities. I've been playing CM games since the first series and have never seen this. Seems unrealistic.
  14. I have been looking in the various manuals and saw that the effective range of the panzerfaust 30 is 30 meters. I am assuming that the effective range of a panzerfaust 60 is 60 meters and a panzerfaust 100 is 100 meters. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
  15. From what I've seen heavy artillery has no effect on tanks in terms of knocking them out. Can they immobilize them? What about killing a commander when the tank is "opened up"? Can they destroy or wipe out the crew of AFVs like a Wespe or other AFV where the crew is not in an armoured turret?
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