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  1. When I click on "A" in commands I don't see an Assault option. Makes sense that you attack from behind but do I then just use the Target command or Armour Target Arc? When it is my move I will check to see if any of my squads have grenades. Thanks to everyone for their comments.
  2. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck assaulting tanks with infantry squads who don't have any anti tank weapons. I am playing a scenario where there is an urban area and only have one tank left and some infantry squads. Thanks.
  3. We quit playing this scenario about 40 minutes in. In the opinion of me and my friend the most lopsided and boring scenario we have played including all the scenarios we played in CMBN, CMFI, and CMFB.
  4. As I suspected this will be a tough scenario for the Russians to win. I have been setting fire arcs for my Russian infantry that only extend a few yards so they don't give away their positions. I did fire a couple of my MGs at a flak wagon hoping that it might take out the crew but that didn't work. The Germans are basically motorized while the Russians are all on foot. I find it odd that the briefing tells you to hold the brickworks, kind of like ordering a kamikaze on the eastern front.
  5. Playing our second scenario, A Debt Repaid and am interested in some feedback from people who have played it. First off the files are huge, almost 30 MB so we have had to use dropbox instead of attaching the game file to an email. I am the Russians and all I have so far are infantry while the Germans seem to have a lot of armoured halftracks and flak wagons which are decimating my infantry. The Russians have some anti tank rifles but the manual indicates that you have to be close range for them to be effective. I had some in our first scenario and they certainly are not as lethal as bazookas and piats in CMBN and CMFI. The briefing is not very detailed in regards to reinforcements so I'm wondering if the Russians received any AFV? It also says to move up to hold a specific location which is really puzzling because it is suicide to do so when the Germans have the flak wagons. Certainly a strange scenario.
  6. We just started our second PBEM game, A Debt Repaid and the ema files are twice as large as the ones for Baranovichi the scenario we just finished. They are too large to attach to our emails so we have had to revert back to using Dropbox. It is a medium sized scenario so really surprised by the size of the files. I'm just wondering if anyone knows why the ema files are this large? Thanks.
  7. Tried Alt/Windows/PrtScn and it doesn't work. I guess I will have to install either Bandicam or Fraps. Thanks for the replies.
  8. The only way I could take screenshots of any of the CM games was to use Bandicam on my Win 7 PC. I now have my CM games installed on my Win 10 PC which I purchased a few months ago. If I try and take a screenshot, the screenshot shows the opening RT menu page. For Windows 10 holding the Windows key and PrtScn keys works for screenshots of other games but not any of the CM ones. What do you use to take screenshots of CM games in Windows 10, or do I have install Bandicam?
  9. I am playing two PBEM games. In one of them I had my tank set to armor target arc but the enemy tank still got off the first shot even though it moved in to line of sight and destroyed my tank. In my other PBEM game one of my tanks knocked out an enemy tank that was stationary. According to my friend he had his tank lying in ambush with armor target arc on but it never got off a shot. My tank had moved in to position the previous turn. I'm beginning to wonder if using target arcs is a liability? I'm curious what the experience of other players are.
  10. I see that the Stalingrad mod thread dates back to 2016 so what is the status of this mod? If it is available, where can I download it. I noticed that the last post from June 9th had some screenshots. Any information would be much appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Here is an example of a spread out squad in the scenario we are playing. Four of the squad are at one location while the other two are at another, about 50 yards apart. If click on the group of 4 and order them to move the where they are at (i.e. not move), I will be interested in seeing if the other 2 men move to that spot. The point I was trying to make is that in all the years I have been playing CMBN, CMFI, and CMFB I have never squads get split up like this. In addition any move orders I have given this squad has the move path originating from where the 2 "stragglers" are. In regards to the tank crew, I will try to get the crew together at one spot before trying to re-crew the tank. The funny thing is that I can't see 4th crew member which is where the move path starts from. I have Windows 10 and holding the Windows key and PrtScn doesn't produce a screenshot. There was a reply in the forum from a few weeks ago about how you create a screenshot so if someone can provide that procedure again I will take a screenshot to show the split squad.
  12. My friend and I both bought the RT bundle and am currently playing our first scenario, Baranovich. We are long time players of CM games even dating back to the CM 1 series. I have noted some odd things in RT that I didn't see in any of the other WW2 CM games. We have not installed the just released patch in case it screws up our PBEM game. I commented in a previous post that a number of my squads were spread out sometimes as much as 50 yards. It seems impossible to get the squad together at one location. I also noticed this about a tank crew which I have been trying to re-crew a dismounted tank. Three of the four crew are standing beside the tank while the fourth one is some distance away. When I click on the move order it indicates that I can re-crew but it has been at least 10 minutes without any of them entering the tank. Finally, I noticed that when I click on a HQ that is spotting for a mortar barrage it doesn't display how many minutes to when the barrage starts. I am wondering if these are all bugs and whether any of them have been fixed in the patch.
  13. My friend and I bought the RT Bundle last month and are playing our first PBEM game with me as the Russians. The scenario is Baranovichi. I've noticed a number of times that squads become quite dispersed and you end up with the squad in groups many yards apart. We have been playing the other WW2 CM games for 10 years and I've never seen this type of behaviour. I was going to post a screenshot but holding the Windows key along with PrtScn only produces a black screen. Anyone else seen this type of dispersion?
  14. Just bought the RT Bundle earlier today and had a quick look at a scenario. I have all the other WW2 CM games but never saw following before. In the set up phase I noticed that two of the objectives were highlighted in yellow while the others were in green which is what I normally see in the other games. What is the significance of the colour? Thanks.
  15. Is this scenario recommended for H2H? It doesn't indicate anything at the scenario download site. I only play pbem. Thanks.
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