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  1. I re-installed the game and all is as it should be. This installation was on my laptop and I seem to remember an issue I had when upgrading. On my original installation I did not use the default directories and when I applied the patch something went wrong. But all is well now 🙂 KenMech
  2. I have something similar when playing CMBN. Here are few pics of what I am seeing. BTW this is with no mods installed.
  3. Do you think these data files might translate into the weapons used in CM2? I mean like the penetration values and armor values from the vehicles in cm2. I would like an idea of blast values on some artillery that can be purchased for H2H. I am confused sometimes on value of the same caliber arty ie: Howitzer battery light 4x75mm FK38 cost 211 Canon battery 4x75mm FK297(r) cost 511 I imagine some of the cost is how scarce the equipment would be. For blast size and strength I have no clue between these two. Is one better than the other in different terrain? Ken
  4. Found the other files also, not sure why the fonts are white but you can change them back easily enough. Ken CMBO-CMAK.zip
  5. Here you GerryCMBB, I am pack rat and have a hard time deleting anything KenMech CMBB xls.zip
  6. You could always hang your old CD's from a tree to scare away unwanted avians. 😮
  7. I had the same issue, I thought I read somewhere that the passwords would not migrate to the new site. In either case I selected lost password and BF sent a password reset to my email. KenMech
  8. I to had problem with registering for the forum for quite a while. I could not convinced the forum program from thinking I was a bot. I rebooted....er tried a different browser and only then was I able to fool the censors.😉 KenMech Seems the forum did not like my version of Chrome.
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