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  1. IMHO this is one of the greatest limitation of the game engine. It could be different reasons, but you'll never know which one prevented your men to fire because the game doesn't tell you this info. LOS? Morale? Bug? Why couldn't we have in the left corner of the screen a more verbose log of the action taken by the soldier? Like "spotting" -> "T-34 spotted", "targeting T34", etc.
  2. Welcome abroad Zloba! With CMBN big bundle you have contents for years
  3. Disclaimer: as a wargamer I am used to games with average (or sub par "good ol '90s ") graphics. I know that resources are very limited and CMx2 is a very niche title: it is perfectly fine for me if the devs focus on realism over fancy graphics. I am not complaining, I think that in 2011 CMx2 graphic was GREAT for a tactical sim, now it just shows its age. Regarding your question, from a graphical point of view, I think Graviteam games are slightly superior. As for the gameplay, I already said that CMx2 is way better IMHO. PS I know it's a FPS, but ARMA 3 is the one of the most r
  4. Well, I am happy to pay for substantial upgrades (like CMSF to CMSF2). In the past, some updates of the engine for me were really "light" in terms of new features: at 10$ each, if you have 3-4 games, it's almost cost of a AAA title on Steam. Sure they have bundles, but still I could not justify the cost. I'd like spending my money on new contents and not on "almost obligatory" patches. Agreed. Something like "Command Ops 2". The "core" engine (that you can download for free) is the same, then you buy single modules (from Ardennes to East Front) with scenarios and campaigns.
  5. What's the problem with this campaign?
  6. This. In my opinion, CM is far from perfect. Graphics are outdated compared to current standard. Of course you do not play CMx2 for its graphic, but appearence also counts and I really hope in a overhaul of the graphic engine when (if) CMx3 is released in the future. I would also like a "detailed in game log" in order to understand why my unit did not fire or did not spot the enemy one. Sometimes this game is so cryptic. I also could not stand the periodically "paid upgrade policy" of CM engine (quite expensive if you have 4-5 titles). These "engine upgrade" were one of the reason I took a
  7. Steve said that CMBS is coming to Slitherine / Matrix Games in the near future. I really hope so, I have a coupon to spend on Matrix store and I want to use it on CMBS. I have CMBS and Fire and Rubble on my "next purchases" list.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions and scenarios, I will consider doing Blue vs Blue or Red vs Red for next PBEMs. Thank you very much for your detailed explanation it is what I was looking for and I'll try to follow your suggestions. Just to be clear, I do not expect to win with Red in the sense of forcing Blue forces to surrender. I do understand that the disparity in terms of equipments, AFV, weapons, training. I do want to be more "competitive" with Red. At the moment for me (and my usual opponent) playing as US/NATO is "easy mode". In my experience ATGMs are "one shot" weapon
  9. Hi, I usually play CMSF2 with a friend of mine, we both have base game + all modules. We are trying different scenarios (usually smaller ones) but the outcome is almost always the same: who takes the Syrian Army lose badly. I've played with US Army in "Trident Valley" scenario and I achived a major victory wiping out almost all Syrian forces at the cost of just one Bradley (one got immobilized due to rough terrain) and a couple of men dead. We are now playing "Al Huqf Engagement", I took the Syrians and US squads are unstoppable for my pixel soldiers. They have better vision, better firepo
  10. Of course Italians were included only for their fancy hats 😀 Agreed! I hope that for CM3 they release less title and more modules/contents for each title like the total war series. Currently we have 4 ww2 games and 2 moderns, some with minimal contents (CMRT and CMBS).
  11. +1! I started back playing Combat Mission after a 4 years long hiatus. I had to reinstall and reactivate all of my products (CMBN + CW, CMFI + CL, CMSF + all modules and CMRT) on two computers (my laptop and desktop PC). It was a really annoying procedure and I struggled to figure out how to activate all my modules and engine upgrades for CMBN. For CMSF I had to open a ticket. Later on both me and my opponent decided to upgrade to CMSF2 and got Steam Key via Slitherine. No hassle with Steam. I hope they release all products with Slitherine / Steam.
  12. IRRC they're working on a module for CMBS: it should include US Marines, Ukrainian VDD, and Russia VDV units. Nevertheless I wholeheartedly support the idea to port some russian units to CMSF2, even changing the lore, if needed.
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