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  1. As far I could see, the folder that contains .ema files is in my steam folder: D:\Giochi\Steam\steamapps\common\Combat Mission Shock Force 2\Game Files Here you have "incoming" / "outcoming", etc. If I select this folder "Whose turn is it?" does not see my ongoing games.
  2. I can't get the program to see my CMSF2 game. I've correctly setup the game exe and game files directory (D:\Giochi\Steam\steamapps\common\Combat Mission Shock Force 2\Game Files) in the program, but it does not recognize my game. I had no issues with my two "non steam" CMs (CMFI, CMBN).
  3. I did not know that such tool existed. Thanks a lot it is very useful! PS I am testing it with my CMBN and CMFI existing games and seems to work very well. It does not recognize my CMSF2 games (Steam install) though.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. If it is the PBEM++ system from MatrixGames/Slitherine it is very handy and I can't wait to have it implemented on all CM titles. You can start new matches in the lobby, when you finish doing your moves your turn pbem files will be automatically uploaded to the Matrix servers. When your opponent responds, you are notified with an email. Currently you have to send turns to your opponent by email, with the files that are placed in different folders, My Documents for CMFI (the only CM title that save files here!), game folders for CMBN, Steam folder for CMSF2 and CM Black Sea, uff! If you want to automatize the file transfer you need to setup some symlinks to a dropbox/onedrive folders for each title. With PBEM++ it's easier to find new opponents and ease the file transfer part.
  5. Sorry, problem solved, it is not related to Combat Mission, it is caused by some strange NVIDIA GPU settings. I've tried to "restore" the default options in the "Manage 3d settings" in the NVIDIA control panel and the strange iscription disappeared.
  6. I've just noticed after reinstalling my Combat Mission titles on the new PC that I have a the letters "NO DC" written in the upper left part of the screen. I never noticed it in my old PC. What does it means? It is a minor issue but how I get rid of it (it is present also in the map during normal gameplay)? Thanks in advance!
  7. Yup, I noticed the same thing during my QB as SAA. I could get a swarm of Hind for 30pts. I do not know if it's a bug or intended. I hope they fix it.
  8. IMHO this is one of the greatest limitation of the game engine. It could be different reasons, but you'll never know which one prevented your men to fire because the game doesn't tell you this info. LOS? Morale? Bug? Why couldn't we have in the left corner of the screen a more verbose log of the action taken by the soldier? Like "spotting" -> "T-34 spotted", "targeting T34", etc.
  9. Welcome abroad Zloba! With CMBN big bundle you have contents for years
  10. Disclaimer: as a wargamer I am used to games with average (or sub par "good ol '90s ") graphics. I know that resources are very limited and CMx2 is a very niche title: it is perfectly fine for me if the devs focus on realism over fancy graphics. I am not complaining, I think that in 2011 CMx2 graphic was GREAT for a tactical sim, now it just shows its age. Regarding your question, from a graphical point of view, I think Graviteam games are slightly superior. As for the gameplay, I already said that CMx2 is way better IMHO. PS I know it's a FPS, but ARMA 3 is the one of the most realistical on the market and is also used by professional. Look at the squad in the forest (ARMA 3 engine is from 2013):
  11. Well, I am happy to pay for substantial upgrades (like CMSF to CMSF2). In the past, some updates of the engine for me were really "light" in terms of new features: at 10$ each, if you have 3-4 games, it's almost cost of a AAA title on Steam. Sure they have bundles, but still I could not justify the cost. I'd like spending my money on new contents and not on "almost obligatory" patches. Agreed. Something like "Command Ops 2". The "core" engine (that you can download for free) is the same, then you buy single modules (from Ardennes to East Front) with scenarios and campaigns.
  12. What's the problem with this campaign?
  13. This. In my opinion, CM is far from perfect. Graphics are outdated compared to current standard. Of course you do not play CMx2 for its graphic, but appearence also counts and I really hope in a overhaul of the graphic engine when (if) CMx3 is released in the future. I would also like a "detailed in game log" in order to understand why my unit did not fire or did not spot the enemy one. Sometimes this game is so cryptic. I also could not stand the periodically "paid upgrade policy" of CM engine (quite expensive if you have 4-5 titles). These "engine upgrade" were one of the reason I took a long break from the series years ago. Having said that, I always keep coming back to CMx2, actively supporting it: in the last 4 months I bought one CMBN module, the CMSF upgrade to CMx2 and I plan to buy CMBS after Matrix release and Fire and Rubble module for CMRT. The reason is that, for me, CMx2 is the best game in its genre, despite its flaws. I own a couple of Graviteam titles in my Steam library: I've played them a fraction of the time I've dedicated to CMx2. For me a major plus of CMx2 is that I can play it via PBEM. I currently have 3 matches ongoning with my gaming buddies and I can play during launch breaks, in the evening, etc. With lockdown and smartworking, I can do 1-2 turn a day per each match. Probably CMx2 is one of the most played game I own.
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