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  1. yep for the October revolution to celebrate our comrades
  2. yes indeed. The snipet image is from the CMBO classic proposed in CMFB.
  3. From scenario "The Road to Wiltz". My troops arrived on the West Hill just seconds before the americans arrived. When they American troops showed up just behind the icy hedgerow at top of the hill they were greeted with a blast of Xmas bullets and Xmas shells. In minutes the three US assaults squads, their leader, the support machine gun team and the flamethrower team were images of the past whilst my 81mm mortar artillery barrage was torning apart the defending team on the East Hill as my other assault team on this side was cautiously progressing under the cover of the dark woods. Meanwh
  4. I like the candles though a little smoky. Nice birthday cake 🍰 !
  5. I have performed further searches and I think I have to take back part of what I have mentioned before. Indeed - and on the paper at least - the type of GPU card does matter for OpenGL performances. The test bench results I was mentioning are actually indicating a 40% to 50% gain between a "medium" GPU (Radeon Pro 560X) and a "high end" GPU (Radeon Pro Vega 16 or 20 - nearly same) in favour of the latter. Does it worth +$600 price difference ?? it does not say ... Also what it does in real life on CM titles and as part of an eGPU mode is another matter I guess for which the web is for now
  6. @IMHO Thanks for the contribution. That will for sure help in my future upgrade choice. Cheers
  7. Thanks Steve for those clarifications. That is very clear then. I think that in practical terms for the Macs it means there is no need to aim for the most bullish eGPU - or also GPU - (then saving some bucks for more CM modules πŸ˜ƒ) as from recent test bench I have seen there is not much difference on OpenGL between a say medium eGPU and a high end eGPU that costs twice the price ; that would not be the case if all was built in for the β€œnew” 3D Metal API. Which by the way makes CM usable on a LOT of machines (and not only the most recent ones) - I am still running it on a 10 year old
  8. Thanks for the proposed answers. Has anybody around used a Mac with an eGPU on any CM games ? Any benefits ? I’d like to check on that before dashing any money out 😁 thanks
  9. This map of Berlin is just daunting.... I can’t wait 😊!
  10. Quick question : is CM2 optimized for (or able to take benefit of) eGPU solution under MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) ? Thanks.
  11. Another shot from Kampfegruppe Engel (scenario 6 Guardian Angels). Not sure that surrendering to Waffen SS is a bright idea ... actually the idea was real bad as 5 minutes later "friendly" canadian artillery support totally blasted off the area with a storm of shells coming directly from hell. Kampfegruppe squad had left by the time but not the surrendering unit which end up totally blasted !
  12. Oh my god I think I ran onto something ! ... Dear I am afraid we've found missing Sergent Larry ...
  13. Hi guys ! any chance or ways to keep the map with the destructions inherrated between scenario 5 " Crossing the Dives" and scenario 6 "Guardian Angels". That would be good to have the possibility to export all the damages: rubbles, shell holes, the new vehicle wrecks, etc. into scenario 6 as a continuity thing as a part of scenario 6 is fought over the same map than scenario 5. Thanks.
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