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Found 6 results

  1. While Ian and I are sorting out some really disappointing challenges with our CMFI AAR - one I wish to complete regardless, I was swamped with a major project at work and of course now our friendly pandemic. He and I started a battle in CMBS to have something in the fire while we slowly got things going in R2V, and I wanted to try a different comic software. It’s a nice one that works on both my Mac and my IPad which allows for some added flexibility. I was going to post this after I finished another comic, but that one also ran into a snag with all files lost and I am underway making that fro
  2. Some time ago I began my first foray into the editor to see what it worked like. I made a map, the smallest size possible (208m x 208m) and tried to give it a realistic, inhabited appearance. Kohlenklau and I have had a lot of fun battles that do not exploit the full points afforded by the Quick Battle generator. We decided to explore this little world I created, and see what happens if we limit points to 325 each, and show a chance encounter (meeting engagement in CMBN terms). I've always had a hankering to do an AAR, but Bil Hardenberger really set the bar very high - and the work involv
  3. The long-delayed and heretofore illusory comic, Apache, is finally nearing completion. Like my previous CAARs (links below in my signature) this one shows something new, both in terms of the side being illustrated, as well as design concepts for the comic. I'll let you mull that over and see if you find them appropriate and intuitive. This CAAR was unusual in that it required substantial setup to provide useful and interesting material. Some of the lengthy pauses in development were cause by obstacles in story-telling that had to be worked out in a pleasing and realistic manner. The fault is
  4. Just as I finished my Comic for the CMFB Beta, I felt quite exhausted. It was a lot of work. But I really wanted to finish Apache, which I had all the screenshots for but had interrupted to do the Beta CAAR. When Apache was finished, I felt rather different than I expected. Instead of being glad it's all done, it felt a bit of a let-down, as I was actually really enjoying working on it. It was a different graphical style and narrative focus and style as well, and when it was over I kept looking for something I wanted to do. @kohlenklau suggested an Afrika Korps comic, using his mod for CMFI.
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