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  1. For me, I think from an immersion standpoint, 1983-1984 would be the sweet spot simply because I can rationalize a conflict actually breaking out due to the Soviets perceived threat that came with Able Archer as well as the aftermath of the downing of Korean Airlines flight 007. As you move backwards on the timeline, there was less emphasis placed on standing militaries and more on nuclear arsenals. The pentomic structure immediately comes to mind. There was still some cool equipment at the time, but the focus was more on dropping bombs and destroying large areas then it was on combined arms warfare, which is what we're all here for. The mid to late 1980s saw some significant equipment changes in NATO forces. A few things that come to mind: -Standardization of the M1 Abrams, M2 Bradley, LAV-25 and HMMWV -Introduction and standardization of the Challenger and Warrior IFV -Upgrades to the Marder IFV (I believe the 1A2 variant was introduced in 83' and the 1A3 in 88') -Introduction of the Jagaur 2 -Introduction of the BMP3, BMD-2, Tunguska and BTR-80 -British small arms transition from the 7.62 L1A1 to the 5.56 SA80/L85A1 family -Canadian small arms transition from the 7.62 C1A1 to the 5.56 C7 family Some equipment that is on the 'rare' side in the current lineup we have becomes more prolific as the years go on and production ramps up. This was also a period of time where the national identity of militaries began to take shape: -The US military continued its implementation of the PASGT system. -The US military transitioned from the MERDC vehicle pattern to NATO 3 color woodland. Some other NATO members did the same, ex: West Germany -The British military transitioned from Pattern 68 uniforms to Pattern 84, as well as the replacement of Pattern 58 webbing to the PLCE webbing -The Danish military adoption of the M84 pattern -Some Soviet forces, primarily the VDV I believe, began the adoption of the VSR/TTsKO pattern Of course some of the more visual changes are nothing more than eye candy, but I still think it would be neat to implement either way. You can also make the argument that NATO equipment proved far superior to what the Soviets were able to field as the 1980s wore on, but that doesn't change the disparity in forces sizes between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Yes the upgunned M1A1 started to be introduced in 1985 and had lots of bells and whistles that weren't commonplace with and out-tech'd Soviet armor, but for what the Soviets lacked in quality they certainly made up for in quantity. Harvey Black's fictional series 'The Red/Black/Blue Effect' comes to mind where NATO forces are constantly swarmed by Soviet forces and are repeatedly pushed back until they can from a stable line of defense. Having this implemented in CM would not only be interesting but also produce unique challenges regardless of which side you play as.
  2. I know BOAR is of course the current focus and the future is uncertain. If more expansions are to come after BAOR, what is the likelihood of the timeline being extended beyond 1982? I would really love in the future to see the game pushed out to 1985. 1983-1985 really opens the door for some Able Archer-gone-wrong scenarios. In a perfect world, seeing the timeline stretch all the way to 1989 would be the dream and would leave open such a vast stretch of time for all sorts of campaigns and scenarios, but I also recognize that leaping that far ahead pushes us closer to match ups like we already see in CMSF, as far as the typical East vs. West equipment is concerned.
  3. I wonder if we will get something more fiction based, like the forces that are in CMPE? That would actually be neat, at least from a creative standpoint. Although as others have said in various locations, China vs. Taiwan would be welcome. Steve, if I remember right, I think I read once that CMSF was one of (if not the) best selling titles (and please correct me if I'm wrong) - any chance we'll ever see more expansions added there?
  4. Incredibly disappointing. Not even a chance of getting some bits and bobs as a vehicle or battle pack?
  5. I wasn't sure if Steve's comment meant that the games timeline would increase beyond 82' or if he simply meant that work/release of new module had been moved up. I am okay with either!
  6. Does this mean the time frame CMCW is covering will expand (moving beyond 1982)? Or are we referring to a release time frame being moved up for a module or battle pack?
  7. Sure! I think the only reason I didn't do this in the first place was because I was using a multicam uniform instead of ACUs. I was thinking about doing a "dirty" and then an "extremely dirty" version. I don't know when I will get to this as I have been a bit swamped with IRL stuff as of late, but I'll try and get cracking on it for you as soon as I can.
  8. Oh I agree completely. But still interested in what that would look like. The realist in me recognizes that they would likely just be rearmed with US and Commonwealth equipment and maybe pressed into their own formations. But I like to let the imagination run here and there. I would also love to see Norway added as an additional front. There would be some awesome infantry centric battles in rough terrain that would be a change of pace compared to the mechanized slug fests we're seeing a lot of now. Not that I don't love those as it is, but one can never have too much variety!
  9. 1945 (because Unthinkable and assets already there) and then 1962 for me. And if we want to get really outlandish I would love a few one off years to cover 67, 74, etc. But as much of Europe as we can squeeze in first, then an expansion of years to cover up to 85. Hey, one can dream, right? Re: 1945,the whole idea of the Allies essentially rearming the defeated Wehrmacht to fight against the Soviets is so morbidly fascinating to me. Especially what it would look like from a pure equipment / organizational capacity.
  10. I would love to get TOE up to 1985 for all relevant factions at some point. Definitely hoping for the Bundeswehr. If I'm being unnrealistically hopeful a module that ships the BAOR, West Germany, NVA and maybe the Danes would be a dream. As long as we get there some day. Best CM release of all for me.
  11. BarendJanNL, Yes you should be able to, just drop into Quick Battle Maps folder. I will warn you that if you are playing against AI, there is an AI plan for RED but I really am not very good at implementing them effectively so I can't be sure how enjoyable it will be. If anyone wants to take a stab at setting up plans I would be eternally grateful. There is an international airport near Paraiso. I would loooooooooove an Urgent Fury scenario!
  12. I was really hoping that individual tank parts had their own .mdr files, ex: one for the body, one for the turret, but was disappointed. Some interesting combinations could be achieved if that was a viable method. I'm not completely sure how far I can go with visual mods on vehicles but I am certainly going to experiment. For instance, I noticed that the Iranian Zulfiqar-3 tank looks very much like a Leopard 2. I haven't completely given up on camo schemes yet but getting them to look OK is what is difficult. Making sure that lines match up correctly across different portions of the model for uniformity is time consuming but with enough patience I might take another crack at it. Second pic reminds me very much of a faded British camo scheme.
  13. Erwin, No, as it stands currently the Russians only serve as a replacement for the Syrian Army. Given the War in Georgia taking place in a similar time period to that of which CMSF is set, there are good reference photos available of Russian troops during that time period. With the Euroscape mod being available for DL, I figured an era-appropriate Russian force would fit well to mix things up a bit.
  14. A few additional screenshots to show some of the other unit variations... Brits in DPM Brits in DPM 2 Canadians in Mixed TW/AR Dutch DPM USMC in Woodland MARPAT There was also an issue I caught with the USMC files that were fixed; the dropbox link has been updated with the new files. If anyone else thinks the MARPAT pattern is too large let me know. I have been messing around with the sizing on it and I am not sure if I like it as is or not.
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