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  1. Oh I agree completely. But still interested in what that would look like. The realist in me recognizes that they would likely just be rearmed with US and Commonwealth equipment and maybe pressed into their own formations. But I like to let the imagination run here and there. I would also love to see Norway added as an additional front. There would be some awesome infantry centric battles in rough terrain that would be a change of pace compared to the mechanized slug fests we're seeing a lot of now. Not that I don't love those as it is, but one can never have too much variety!
  2. 1945 (because Unthinkable and assets already there) and then 1962 for me. And if we want to get really outlandish I would love a few one off years to cover 67, 74, etc. But as much of Europe as we can squeeze in first, then an expansion of years to cover up to 85. Hey, one can dream, right? Re: 1945,the whole idea of the Allies essentially rearming the defeated Wehrmacht to fight against the Soviets is so morbidly fascinating to me. Especially what it would look like from a pure equipment / organizational capacity.
  3. I would love to get TOE up to 1985 for all relevant factions at some point. Definitely hoping for the Bundeswehr. If I'm being unnrealistically hopeful a module that ships the BAOR, West Germany, NVA and maybe the Danes would be a dream. As long as we get there some day. Best CM release of all for me.
  4. BarendJanNL, Yes you should be able to, just drop into Quick Battle Maps folder. I will warn you that if you are playing against AI, there is an AI plan for RED but I really am not very good at implementing them effectively so I can't be sure how enjoyable it will be. If anyone wants to take a stab at setting up plans I would be eternally grateful. There is an international airport near Paraiso. I would loooooooooove an Urgent Fury scenario!
  5. I was really hoping that individual tank parts had their own .mdr files, ex: one for the body, one for the turret, but was disappointed. Some interesting combinations could be achieved if that was a viable method. I'm not completely sure how far I can go with visual mods on vehicles but I am certainly going to experiment. For instance, I noticed that the Iranian Zulfiqar-3 tank looks very much like a Leopard 2. I haven't completely given up on camo schemes yet but getting them to look OK is what is difficult. Making sure that lines match up correctly across different portions of the model for uniformity is time consuming but with enough patience I might take another crack at it. Second pic reminds me very much of a faded British camo scheme.
  6. Erwin, No, as it stands currently the Russians only serve as a replacement for the Syrian Army. Given the War in Georgia taking place in a similar time period to that of which CMSF is set, there are good reference photos available of Russian troops during that time period. With the Euroscape mod being available for DL, I figured an era-appropriate Russian force would fit well to mix things up a bit.
  7. A few additional screenshots to show some of the other unit variations... Brits in DPM Brits in DPM 2 Canadians in Mixed TW/AR Dutch DPM USMC in Woodland MARPAT There was also an issue I caught with the USMC files that were fixed; the dropbox link has been updated with the new files. If anyone else thinks the MARPAT pattern is too large let me know. I have been messing around with the sizing on it and I am not sure if I like it as is or not.
  8. If you would like to use the flecktarn files for H&E by all means please do. I am not sure if you have photoshop or not, but I should have included the VSR & flora pattern templates as .psd files. Its a little unorganized as far as layers go but it should be there. If you want to use said patterns for anything please feel free to do so! Right now I only have the conscripts set for VSR uniforms but you could change it up for the whole faction if you wanted.
  9. sburke, I have not, but I will take a look into it and see if I can make any adjustments.
  10. Sorry gents, not sure why my first round of pictures still isn't working for everyone. Here they are again using a different file site: Corazol Dolores East Corazol Hotel Plaza Oretego Oretego Again Paraiso Port/Harbor Birds Eye Somato Editor A Editor B Hopefully these work this time!
  11. BarendJanNL, Just updated the link, can you try again and let me know if it works please?
  12. Not sure how much of an interest there will be, but I decided to share some faction mods I have made over the last month or so in case anyone wanted to use them. Not everything is completed in full, but are near a state of completion that I am happy with. I may make some tweaks/adjustments as time goes on, or if any major issues pop up. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hnuj6bmyst5n6kg/AABYp29_jC7l2uOSzuwRUuSea?dl=0 The above drop box link contains individual downloads for the following: Britain -British Woodland DPM Uniforms -British Mixed Uniforms (Several variants of mixed S95 Woodland/Desert DPM Uniforms) Canada -Canadian Woodland CADPAT TW Uniforms -Canadian Mixed Uniforms (Several variants of mixed CADPAT TW/AR Uniforms) Netherlands -Dutch Woodland DPM Uniforms Germany -German Woodland Flecktarn Uniforms Russia -Russian Faction ca. 2008 (or as close as I could get it) modeled after the war in Georgia. Conscript units wear mixed VSR/Flora uniforms, whereas regulars are primarily in Flora. Weapons have been visually changed in some instances, ex: AKM swapped for AK-74 model. Helmets are updated to the SSh-68. Iran -Iranian Faction modeled after resource pictures I could find online. Units are wearing Iranian DPM. Load Bearing equipment is featured in a US DCU pattern that I frequently saw Iranian troops wearing online. AK family has been replaced with G3 rifles. PKM has been (mostly) replaced by the MG3. All vehicles have been painted a uniform sand/desert tan color. I was going to try and replicate some vehicle patterns I found online but I was never really satisfied with how they came out. After thinking about it, I may leave them untouched, as it paints them in a more generic light and doesn't force them to specifically be Iranian; they could be any kind of make-believe faction you can think of. Notes: -Regarding the Brits, Canadians, Dutch and Germans there are two sets for each camo type (woodland/mixed): one set that is clean and one set that is dirty. That way you can pick and choose which you would prefer. -In relation to the above, you only need to choose one of the options (Clean OR Dirty, not both) for each faction and drop that folder into your 'Z' folder to use. -Regarding the Russians, US Army & USMC, I did not alter the vehicle colors. There are a few mods (Euroscape) that come to mind that will give the vehicles more of a European paintjob. I would download those currently to complete the overall look. -Most folders in each download will have a section titled "PSD". These are the photoshop file types that I used while editing. If you have photoshop or a program that can accept .PSD files you can open them up and make any changes you'd like. Known Issues: -Russian Faction currently does not exhibit any changes to the SF units. I have a few ideas here for what I want to do in the future but this will require some more experimentation. -Iranian MG3's that are setup via tripod are currently sunken into the ground. Have not been able to figure this one out yet. -Iranian G3 rifles that replace the grenadier rifles do not have an underslung grenade launcher. Pretend they're just shooting rifle grenades! -Any instance where a weapon swap has been performed (AKM to G3 for instance) is purely cosmetic. The G3 will still use the same ammo type from whatever rifle it is replacing; equally so, the magazine sizes will also stay the same. There is nothing that can be done about this on my end. -The Editor Logo for the Iranian Faction correctly displays the Iranian Flag button, but the text still reads "Syrian Army". -The Editor Logo for the Russian Faction displays both the Syrian Flag and the text reads "Syrian Army". -Some of the weapon icons in the squad overview have black backgrounds, I forgot to alpha channel these out and only just noticed today. Not game breaking by any means but I will see about fixing it up later on if/when I make further adjustments. -The Russian faction is still currently using Arabic voices. Pictures: British Troops in Mixed DPM German Troops in Flecktarn Canadian Troops in CADPAT TW Russian Conscripts in VSR/Flora Russian Regulars in Flora Iranian Conscripts Iranian Regulars More Iranian Regulars w/BMP-1 Huge thank you to mjkerner who, about this time last year, walked me through how to begin changing/editing the base game files. Modding has brought me just as much enjoyment as playing the game and I would not have been able to do it without him. Again, hopefully these will be useful to someone and help mix things up a bit. That's all I have for now!
  13. I had a similar issues a few years ago with an Nvidia card. What it turned out to be was CM was, for some reason, trying to run the game on the CPUs integrated graphics card instead of the GPU. Had to switch the settings around to specifically run CM using the GPU. Problem solved. I don't know if this is the case for you or not as those dedicated cards have come a long way in the last several years, but it may be worth checking.
  14. Erwin, it is possible to play quick battle but admittedly the AI plans are not particularly great. Definitely recommend playing H2H. If you do play against AI, you would need to play as blufor. There is no plan currently in place for redfor.
  15. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h4blsbydvnlm04p/South Sahrani Beta 5.btt?dl=0 Here we are guys. Had some issues where the original "beta 4" file got corrupted and I had to back track and start over. There are some poorly setup zones and objectives currently which I may work on at a later point. But everything else is completed at least in a usable manner. Please feel free to make any changes that you feel necessary, no need to be concerned with modifying anything. Hope everyone enjoys.
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