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  1. I don't have STEAM either... and never check the site. I guess I should as I do have Windows. Is Steam offering a Mac version? Buzz
  2. With that level of research and details.... I suspect a LOT of folks are looking forward to this Cold War Ride = Meeting Engagement at Dolbach Heights, 1980 🥳 Buzz
  3. 😀 Stay "Nimble" or become a puff a whiff of Victory ...for the other side😉 Buzz
  4. Satisfying "on target signal I am sure 😀 Buzz
  5. Excellent Screens Bud Backer. Thanks👍 Buzz
  6. 👍 Excellent Video for Cold War. Thanks for giving folks a taste of the excitement on the way. Buzz
  7. Agreed nice screenshots. Yes... riding on a BIG target in urban fighting could be very hazardous . Buzz
  8. Meeting in Berlin = встреча в Берлине. Looks like a good plan. Line up the водка Should be a fun run in town. Thanks for the fight Elvis. Buzz
  9. Thanks Bulletpoint... It is Spring so time to "Play Ball" and hum those fast handgrenades into buildings. Buzz
  10. And it gets more intense as the battles get bigger. Have fun and Get Some! Yes CMBS is a wee bit more intense. BFC has such a rich palette of WWII kits it makes one really appreciate how much equipment / tactics have evolved with CM Modern, CMSF2 & CMBS. Buzz
  11. CMBS + Battle Pack is an excellent purchase and one of my favorites. Modern is fast,lethal and a lot of fun to play. Pretty much if you can spot it you can do some real damage quickly. Bud Backer's comic book art is excellent. Good advice from Howler on how to progress and get up to speed on the units capabilities and spotting. Don't jump in the BIG battles 1st... start small and US. Another suggestion is go in the Editor and set up some small scenario testing with limited units and include some night battles in the mix. A lot of CMBS is making sure you know where not to be beca
  12. Great explanation MikeyD. Thanks Looking forward to CMFI R2V...a nine nation hydra-headed mega monster of WWII regions, settings, equipment, troops, etc. . That is going to offer HUGE options with so many detailed services and equipment. Buzz
  13. Thanks Mord. Life is too valuable to waste on their destructive drivel. ✅ BFC has a proven history of creating = Being Productive. If the "BFC is run by a bunch of incompetent morons ... should go out of business for this and a bazillion other reasons".... when will the b*tching step forward put their $$$ on the line to PRODUCE something... anything of quality and value? If that ever happened (it will not) the b*tching boys are starting from the behind.... "20 years of being profitable" and a successful business gives BFC a Heads Up Start... Buzz ...
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