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  1. great choices! haven't played anything off 'chronic town' in years- in orlando mid 80s there was a jangly band called 'stumble', some called them 'mumble' for their stipe-ian vocals. those were the days. also glad to see any eno, though the bauhaus cover of this one might be more era-appropriate and of course 'catholic boy' jim carrol, cheers, rob
  2. nif anyone is enough of a rivet-counter to care, the gj cap is not quite the same as the m43. i.i.r.c., the main difference is that the gj cap has a distinctly longer bill. tbh, i'm just glad to have an m43 option, or at least i will be when i can get a new pc ....... cheers, rob
  3. pretty sure that accents and spoken spanish from latin america would sound very different from the castillian that the blue division guys would have spoken. sounds like a cool mod, for sure, just bringing up a 'realism' issue if that would matter to you in this instance. seriously, kk, thank you for the work you have done/are doing to make the game as good as it can possibly be- cheers, rob
  4. macisle- great screenshots! one odd thing in the first shot, the mg42 gunner in the foreground is firing with the receiver cover open.... how is the belt advancing and loading????lol. cheers, rob
  5. also getting this problem with all the games that i've given the latest update/patch. cheers, rob
  6. i'm used to most not agreeing with me about much. rob
  7. haven't spat my dummy, just not looking for confrontation or any kind of one-upmanship , etc. i'm an introvert. if i feel snubbed i walk away. i'm beneath your standards? ok-now i know, and i'm not bothered. yuo've good taste in pop-culture, at least. rob
  8. quite literate, actually, just clumsy fingered and not wanting to go back and make more corrections in my typing. sad to see such kneejerk snobbery in someone who's posts i've always admired for their wit and shared triviatic focus. good day, sir
  9. don't you mean a 'spaniard" in the works, ol' ollie? cheers, rob
  10. thanks, jm, gonna give this a listen as soon as my parrot settles down a bit. i've always liked the song 'vienna', glad to hear tje album it's from. cheers, rob
  11. very appropriate- a 'krautrock' style instrumental . never heard that one from ultravox, t.b.h, i never looked much past their greatest hits back in the day. might have to change that... cheers, rob
  12. good ones, m.j.! off base it was probably this one playing- cheers, rob
  13. looks like they solved it in the post above yours. cheers, rob
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