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  1. was that sickboy or begbie? been a while since i've read it... cheers, rob
  2. wow- i thought you were kidding.... gotta say, i find that kinda disturbing- especially the masks. definitely . wouldn't feel comfortable seeing one on a care worker of some sort. cheers, rob
  3. the stuart's been around for a coupla decades- now there's full-metal r.c. tigers! lol. cheers, rob
  4. considering that this is c.m. normandy, he's more likely in the tall grass with a collaboratrix horizontale named minnette or something similar. cheers, rob
  5. i did a lot of 1/35 when i was younger, and until the arthritis started hiting my hands i was doing 1/6th scale- "battle barbies",lol -but painted, detailed and weathered, mostly wwii airborne. cheers, rob
  6. yep- following this one for sure. the mod as released has really transformed the look of the game (not to mention my attempts at screenshots) , and i can't wait to see what the new bocage variations look like in natural color. when i look at mods like this and think about how the game looked when i first got it (not that it was anything to be ashamed of- i know visuals aren't bf's focus for the game) i'm just floored. cheers, rob
  7. f-ing hell! wow. thank you, ben park, these maps are gorgeous. cheers, rob
  8. this. it would probably have a lot of application in the cassino and urban russian battles as well. even trench-based r.t. scenarios. close combat 'melee' fighting was a major part of many wwii battle, and should -ideally- be better represented in the game. however, battlefront have a lot on their plate right now, aside from the real world being kinda upside-down for the duration, so we're probably gonna have to wait for a while. to be honest, i can live with that. cheers, rob
  9. surprised i missed this.... these are some really nice paratroopers, damian. these and your brit/cad/pol. airborne are the best versions i think i've seen and thank you for making them. heck- keep-em coming! do you know if the game structure would allow commandos (in the couple of scenarios that have them) to use their own textures ( 'cap-comforter' or green beret, bergan rucksack, maybe, instead of regular '37 small pack) rather than the airborne skins? as an ex-wwii figure modeler, i love the way good troop and vehicle skins, as well as terrain, foliage and building textures m
  10. this would be a big improvement- the bocage would finally look almost as good as the rest of the foliage. it's a shame that the look of the hedgerows is so locked in, but falaise's idea with your textures may have cracked it. thank you and all the other modders for your time. you really make cm so much more immersive and visual. cheers, rob
  11. these and the berets are really nice. thank you for doing them! one question about the new helmet graphics, what are mdr files and how do i use them? all my paras are showing with the berets, and i would like to get a mix- if at all possible. and if i may offer one small suggestion- the polish helmet should have on the front a painted white or yellow version of their beret badge, but i don't know if the game's mechanics would allow adding that. again, great work! cheers, rob
  12. btw- thanks, john for pointing this out, great stuff! cheers, rob
  13. at least this way we get to see them when otherwise we might not have , though...right? cheers, rob
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