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  1. Sent... thanks JohnO. Would be nice to get more variety of tactical markings for NATO forces. as well as US Forces. There is a pic above I posted with a Brit AFV with a Palm insignia.
  2. Nice.. I cant wait for the modding community to start doing really good things for Shock Force 2.
  3. Indeed Black Sea is much more precise, in fact Im good with it as I think in Shock Force2 that possibly the equipment is not as up to date.. is what I would like to think. But I had been using a FO +2 in a command Vehicle Stryker variant. Also on station was a Drone giving the intel. But that being said, I am ok with the results they are close just out of almost 30 rounds or 15 attempts (2 rounds precisions per shot). none hit the target. BS is much different. But I feel the Allied forces are already pretty overpowering to the Syrians for the most part.. unless they are ambushed or jus
  4. Couple questions... or at least one. Will most CMSF mods.... UI and vehicle work with CMSF2? Secondly I noticed that precision ARTY rounds... have yet to actually hit anything. They come close but I tested.. and over 28 rounds fired... not a single hit using a +2 FO. So I was curious if this was an issue or maybe we are talking waste of US tax payer dollars.. LOL Anyways have an awesome day.
  5. Say Erwin, I can not find anywhere. Would you happen to have a link? thanks.
  6. So I revised the Scenario.. gave it another AI plan.. which is pretty nice. However its too large to upload here.. so if you want it let me know and maybe I can just email you the BTT. file.
  7. I could, the scenario really was not designed that way... just a semi-historical account of Barkmann's action that day with extra firepower from the Allies. Let me work on it this weekend, and I will try and put something out early next week. I will need time to play test it.
  8. I believe B Company 2nd Btn Marines used the Africa palm in 1991. Brits not sure. But is anyone willing to create these for ShockForce 2? Thanks.
  9. Very happy you enjoyed the scenario.. Barkmann had been thru a lot within a week... I am sure he would not mind if his tank was out of action for a few days rest. Cheers!
  10. It means nothing at all as long as Barkmann survives, If you look in the editor I have zero parameters for the scenario... However Barkmann's tank #424 is worth 500 points (Allied unit objective) and the Allies have a terrain objective, the crossroads of 200 (Terrain objective) points. My guess is the Allies got some decent points for immobilizing Barkmann's Panther. But in your scenario, Barkmann smashed the Allies.. and beat feet back to Axis lines alive... and that is good. LOL.
  11. Glad you enjoyed the scenario. I worked for about 3 months on it, trying to get the area as detailed as I could from aerial photographs from Operation Cobra and the differences of today. Stay safe out there. Cheers! :)
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