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  1. Google Translate version: alnigor said "Everything has been working for me for a long time. Of course, I did not check all the scripts - but those that I played all without problems. I just copied and replaced all the script files to the \ Game Files \ Scenarios folder. Well, it is clear that if there is no module necessary for the script, you will not run it." Dropping the scenarios into the folders as alnigor mentioned above should replace any original scenarios with the ones modified to use the appropriate graphical mods. Then re-start the program.
  2. The Outlaws was included among the campaigns. Assault on Lucherberg wasn't included because it is outside the CMBN timeframe (Dec 1944) and would be better modelled in CMFB (which I might actually pick up one day if the Commownwealth ever makes an appearance 😑).
  3. Lol, I took a small break to play some games.... I have the research completed (mostly), and lots of examples but CMFI is a more complex beast than CMBN. I could work on tagging all the scenarios fairly quickly but I don't have the as many of the mods completed for a comprehensive mod... Maybe I'll work on smaller chunks (for my own sanity). 🙃
  4. I would have liked the hybrid option myself and would have done that if I could have. Unfortunately, the work-around to get berets to show is an all-or-nothing proposition. If the Airborne units had 2 different helmets (like the infantry with the mkII and mkIII helmets, I could have done it).
  5. Mord has a new CMBN portrait mod coming in the not-so-distant future; he is a perfectionist and was not happy with some of his German portraits yet. These are a portion of Mord's new work and this mod incorporates some of his newer stuff (but not anywhere close to all of the options) plus I played around with a few of his German ones to get the necessary divisions...consider it a teaser...and I'll update when he puts out his full new version.
  6. Send me a PM if you want to let me know what the problems are...I can probably fix them in the inevitable update that will be necessary in the future. 🙂
  7. The project is now LIVE at CMMODS IV. Darknight's CMBN Magnum Opus
  8. It's all been transferred to Bootie, so this will be up any time. 😎
  9. Cool...I sent him a message, so whenever he gets back to me this will get uploaded.
  10. I see Bootie hasn't been on here in about 2 weeks, and I can't find a way to upload or even make contact for upload on CMMODs.
  11. Okay, I've finally finished this mod project...it's been going on in some form or another for years but the present vision was started last July or August, then I took a winter hiatus and being stuck at home has given me time to finally finish. This mod started, as most of my mod work has, with my beloved CW troops. I have nearly driven myself to madness in the past with my completionist obsession for modding the entire 21st Army Group but I deliberately avoided that problem this time by only focusing on the CW units actually represented in CMBN scenarios and campaigns. I have modded the uniforms and vehicles for each CW unit that appears in CMBN (no small feat but better than my original obsession 😉), which led me to an exhaustive examination of all of the scenarios and campaigns I could find (reading notes, briefings and digging through the OOBs). At this point, I decided that I wanted to make it easy to use the mod, so that meant looking into ModTags. All of the unit graphics have had ModTags applied to them. I identified 175 scenarios and 22 campaigns that would lend themselves to specific units being represented (CW, US & German); then, I extensively ModTagged all 175 of these scenarios. For the 22 campaigns, since I couldn't add ModTags to the individual missions, I created campaign-specific mod .BRZ files, which will accomplish the same goal. Along the way I have made a few changes to the CW armour models in a few of the scenarios and campaigns for greater unit historical accuracy but they are mostly unchanged by me. Not being an SME on American or German vehicles/uniforms, I have personally ModTagged many of the community mods that I use and I have also included them in a couple of separate .BRZ files that can be used or not, depending on your preference (the beauty of this system is that if you prefer other mods, just tag them yourself using the ModTags I've added to the scenarios and you can get whatever mix you like). Anyway, its all ready to go, I just need to put it up somewhere if people are interested. Darknight PS - If any scenario or campaign authors would like a particular CW formation that I haven't included (because they don't appear in CMBN yet), then drop me a line and I should be able to easily provide it, and I can advise on the ModTag structure and layering too, if needed.
  12. Speaking of insane... I have been playing around with the uniform mods and figuring out which textures apply where within formations, to which end I have created 'battles' that just load up certain formations so I can check them for inconsistencies. So...I was applying uniform mods to the CW airborne formations and noticed that the Canadian para mortar platoon does not have a denison smock texture...so, I began to create something to make them consistent with the rest of their regiment, and at the same time figured I'd do the same for the British...so, I spend all afternoon getting it right and then, when I check, it turns out that the other airborne formations don't have this issue...it seems it's an oversight on the texture call and only occurs with the Canadian paras....argh...wasted time.
  13. No, I think she may keep them around in case the cabin fever (or the work pressure) gets to her and she need to take it out on me. Though to be fair, if it gets to that, then I probably deserved it. 🤔
  14. Okay, I set all graphics setting to max and I seem to have all the variants showing up now. But there is a new issue that maybe I just have the syntax wrong for... Nope, syntax was correct, I just had to flush the game memory by completely exiting and re-starting. In the example of the Canadian uniforms, the base texture has the Tag [canadian] applied by default; therefore whenever you use Canadian troops, the uniform texture called is: smod_british_m37-uniform [canadian] It's the same for the Polish troops. So, say I want to model the RHLI Regt and I have all of the relevant uniform textures tagged with [cdn_2id_rhli], which I can then add to the related scenario in the editor. I have multiple uniforms (the regular, both officers, vehicle) set to go, with 8 variants of the regular uniform. First I tried just with just my Tag because I wanted to see what would happen...and it applied uniform 2-8 but none of the 'first' textures were replaced, all of which have the hard-coded [canadian] Tag. Then I crafted the Tag as follows [canadian cdn_2id_rhli], and at first it didn't seem to work (but that was when I figured out I had to exit and re-start). I tried again and it worked! And the order of the tag doesn't seem to matter either (I could put my tag name in front of 'canadian'). Thanks for the insights guys.
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