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Found 8 results

  1. Evening all, @Juju has announced that he was stepping back from modding and after working as a tester for a few of his releases and then helping out directly with R2V he's graciously offered to handover the care of his long running UI mod to me. As he said, "Please look after my kids". JuJu has provided me with all the original .psd files now so it's easier to update and add things in with the new content matching pretty close to the existing mod. This is still well and truly his mod. Now I'm no artist but have been labouring away behind the scenes for a few hours every week and learning quite a bit as I go along. Please be a bit more patient. There's been no CMRT F&R update from me but this is because I'm trying to hit these three goals before sending to Bootie for upload to CMMODS. Number 3 is the big one but a huge time saver going forward. 1) CMRT F&R Update - Done - just tweaking (I may release this separately so you can overlay it on top of your existing UI mod). Also fixes the mod to reflect the changes that were brought in with the background panels in the update. 2) CMFI R2V Update - Fixing up some of my mess with shadows and colour correction in the last release. 3) Mod Unification Project - JuJu had different background textures for each family which made the workload quite high with not a lot being easily transferable between the families.. well without standing out like a saw thumb. I'm switching this around so for example the same M1 Garand Weapon Slot texture will now fit in in CMFI, CMBN and CMFB. Over time there's also been updated different icons for the same weapon, vehicle and special equipment icons between the families so I'm unifying the look there as well. CMFB icons get the preference given the slightly better detail. This also makes life a lot easier if and when future modules are released. I should says this doesn't mean the all the mods will now look identical, the exact opposite, however the comment elements like weapon slots will carry across the game families. Think of it as the kids are still unique but I'm sending them to school and making them wear something resembling a uniform. A few things that I'm not continuing or putting on the table now so there is no shocks later on. Most of this is largely due to time and I have no idea how to set up an script for the Paint.net to do some of this repetitive work automatically. Batch processing doesn't appear to be a thing. (I'm not paying subscription money to Adobe). - Reducing the options for the "Yellow Weapon Slot" textures to just the red cross option. The many options JuJu provided over the years here is an absolute time sync to create each one by one for every weapon BF has modeled in WW2 era CM2. It's actually an enormous list now! I won't rule it out down the track to bringing some of them back or doing something new here. Vinnart has already had an interesting idea, but I want to get something out sooner rather than later. - Portraits - Will fill in the gaps if I can get crafty enough and it meets my own (probably too) high bar. These are tough to get looking right. Backgrounds will be tweaked to sort of match the uniform of each branch to separate them out a touch. (See preview pics). - Never going into Cold War or the Modern titles. JuJu didn't and neither will I. Preview pics (I know about the black line running through the centre panel).
  2. It's been a shamefully long time (it was finished years ago) but here be The Steppenwulf's UI mod for SF2. **It's currently awaiting authorisation so you'll have to be patient and keep trying the download**
  3. Vin's Animated Text- CMBS v1 First, special thanks to Marco for updating the mod concept's graphics to better reflect modern warfare. The preview pic shows the light version which keeps the word "spotting" as a filter that can be ignored allowing the more important icons to stand out. The heavy version replaces the word "spotting" with the symbol of an eye. Both versions replace the word "casualty" with a "red cross" in the weapons panel. Enjoy! *BONUS* Right Facing Weapons Silhouettes like in preview pic. Flips the weapons as shown in the pic to better accommodate the text so it does not cover the weapon graphic. Now included in "Easy Vis UI" mod on next page. EDIT: I deleted the files in this post as they are now outdated. Look further in the thread to find version 1.03 compatible download
  4. Her is my latest menu mod for Combat Mission Shock Force 2. This will work for the demo as well. The file Includes multiples UI screens and a full set of module icons. I will be updating with more mods in the future. Cheers, XACTO Download page: Xacto's “Camo” Theme Menu Mod for CMSF2
  5. Vin Geometric Icons CMSF2.zipVin Geometric Icons CMSF2 I have been picking at making this for myself as I am going through the demo, and it should be complete enough to share now. First, special thanks to Juju, Wolf, and Bil for all their original contributions from which I have drawn from to create this mod, and it’s concepts. If you are familiar with my other Icon mods this one works the same in using different colors for spotted and FOW icons, along with different colors for fortifications icons making set up much more visually organized. Each unit class has a unique geometric shape making it easier to differentiate unit types while making icons smaller. Newest Feature: New HQ icons. HQ units stand out much better now using contrast for visual emphasis while having a more interesting distinctive look. Each force has it's own unique HQ floating icon available. Some have variation you can choose from as well. To change to a desired HQ go into the HQ folder where the icons are and cut and paste the "z" and add it to the beginning of the title of the folder you want to use. The default setting is USA white star, and Syria green star. I liked the green star as it felt more Syrian to me, but to use the Syria white star icon instead you would cut the "z" from the folder name and add it to the beginning of the folder name of the icon with the white star. Putting a "z" in front of any file folder name makes the game override to that. You can only use one Bluefor and one Redfor icon at a time. Switching HQ icons must be done manually. Also, The mod is set up so you can use all or piecemeal. If you do not want to use the special HQ icons , but the rest then take the HQ icon folder out and it will use the vanilla flag. Just want to use the FOW icons with another mod, or base game then just put that folder in and add a "z" to folder name. Enjoy! Vin BEFORE: AFTER: HQ's: Note the "z" at beggining of title. Cut and paste to different folder to change. DOWNLOAD: Vin Geometric Icons CMSF2.zip
  6. While waiting for the final release, i decided to create a menu mod for Combat Mission Shock Force 2. This will work for the demo as well. The file Includes multiples UI screens and a full set of module icons. This is my first mod, so please let me know what you think! Cheers, XACTO Download page: Xacto's “Chaos” theme Menu Mod for CMSF2
  7. I'm working on a new version of my minimalist interface, principally for the Game UI. This could probably be described as Modern, where v1 was minimalist. It stays a bit closer to the original (and for me, flawed) arrangement of the in game UI while staying still very simple, but less stark than version 1. I'm going for a smooth top surface with button recess and *maybe* some embossing. Ill probably recess stuff like the equipment, similar to how it is now, and "float" a lot of the soldier/unit info.
  8. Update on my progress with a personal revamp of the CM:BS UI, into a much more modern, minimalist style. Editor UI is almost finished - still need to mod the terrain/unit/building icons and the Force icons for US/UKR/RUS. Game UI is finished, except for the vehicle/weapon profile pics. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I've always felt the current Ui was terribly cluttered, with far too many borders, curves and generally unnecessary decoration. I know that many people like a UI with character or overt style - I personally don't. I don't care about extruded borders or embbssed, recessed, outlined icons. I just want the information and the commands. Everything else is secondary. This version strips away a LOT of stuff, especially the pronounced borders. I've also shifted to colour palette to a neutral grey / strong black, with white for text and mid blue, strong red for highlighting of selections and buttons. Some things I have no control over, such as the cyan background in the title bar in that first screen shot. Or the end curves forced on the highlighting bars. But all in all, I've managed to change about 90% of the UI. I personally find this version far, far cleaner, clearer and more visually coherent than the current UI, even at this WIP stage. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Side by Side examples below. INTRO DATA SCREEN UNITS SCREEN AI SCREEN The main game interface is also heavily modded in the same style, although with a black base rather than the light grey for the editor. I used a black base as otherwise there is a displeasing break between the UI and the large black spaces to its left and right - ie. the UI does not scale to the monitor resolution, it simply fills in the difference with black. The command buttons on the right get a different colour for each when highlighted/selected. Doesn't show up in screenies, but its there. I'm in the process of harmonising the weapon/vehicle portraits with the new UI. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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