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  1. I want to say they are extra fuel? The GSFG were supposed to be self sufficient for 72 hours before having to stop for fuel or ammo.
  2. That’s another reason I think we’ll get the NVA and BAOR shipped together. They share the same operational sectors.
  3. The Polish in particular had their own non Soviet equipment plus a large contingent of marine naval infantry. Outside the NVA, they seemed the most capable of the East Bloc. Interesting stuff. It’s hard to suss out Soviet intentions regarding their satellite allies. Because of the Hungarian Uprising and Prague Spring they were leery of putting too much emphasis on using Hungarian and Czechoslovak formations. They increasingly distrusted the Polish after Gdańsk and martial law. The Romanian’s were a big enough question mark to put them in the ‘unreliable’ category. (Plus, it might not be in Moscow’s best interest to open a southern front against Turkey/Greece.)
  4. Due to the FRG and many NATO minors sharing the Leopard I, it might be better to bundle them all together (like SF2’s NATO module) alongside the NVA. Here’s my guess…. 1. CW: North German Plains. BAOR and Poland plus Soviet Airborne. 2. CW: (Insert nifty title). West German’s plus Netherland vs NVA. 3. CW: Arctic Front. USMC, UK Para vs Soviet Marines and the Leningrad Military District.
  5. The author's methodology is suspect. You can only arrive at that particular conclusion if you conveniently ignore Iraq, Rhodesia, the use of defoliants in Vietnam, the use of CB weapons in China during WW2 et al. He's right in that NBC would make an unholy mess of the battlefield, but ignores the fact that these decisions are made by national leadership who have incentives differing from the military.
  6. Your little scenario plays a part in my vid. Thanks for your work.
  7. Yes. Pinpoint accuracy and the much HE has it's advantages. If something needs to die, and I'm not expecting tanks or IFV's, then the Javelin is a good remedy. I also use short arcs until the picture starts to make sense.
  8. I always give my AT asset’s armor target arcs to avoid this regardless of the title. It’s added micromanagement, but those ATGM’s don’t get used on infantry.
  9. Oh, that's no good. My AC is definitely getting a workout. Thanks a bunch.
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