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  1. Corrupted save file. Go into your installation and delete the turn file in outgoing email folder. Replay your turn and send as usual.
  2. You’re a bit off on your calculations. The US does north of $20 trillion in GDP by itself. Once you end up with that many zeros the whole things does tend to get arbitrary and academic.
  3. US V Corps has been reactivated and is heading for a permanent HQ to Poland.
  4. The NVA got a bunch of T72's but I assumed they would be sent in the FRG alongside the invasion. That's the thing. The Berlin Brigade was severely limited in heavy arty due to the treaties ending WW2. Whoever plays NATO in our match is going to be absolutely wedded to the TOE of the Berlin Brigade found in the QMB. No extra arty or airpower. I'm going to figure out what tanks the US force should have as soon as I tie down an exact year. M48's or M60's?
  5. Ok. Now the real question: How does one get his hands on a copy?
  6. When playing solo QMB I tend to turn up the EW all the way up for both sides. I just assume that the air would be filled with tons of electronic noise making communication difficult.
  7. Since it’s been determined that 8GA couldn’t stack the prerequisite force strength in Fulda to mount a serious offensive, what would be the possibility of shifting parts of REFORGER units north from CENTAG into NORTHAG? I’m enjoying the read so far.
  8. Bad source. Turner is a felon/Nazi apologist/conspiracy theorist. It's like taking investment advice from a crackhead.
  9. Shoot the action from multiple angles. Shoot at ground level. Use easily recognizable scenery to allow people to place the action. Pay attention to continuity. Shoot more footage than you think you need. Watch Peckinpah (editing), Romero (more editing), Fuller (how to do more with less) and Kubrick (framing) films for ideas. Remember that some people get motion sick.
  10. That's exactly what it is! I just finished a four hour user scenario focusing on a potential PRC vs Tawain situation. It doesn't bode well for Tawain. Wait until you meet the Chinese PL-15 AAM. From Wiki......
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