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  1. The rematch! Central Italy in spring '44. I play ze Germans and Irish is the CW.
  2. Single player run through on the Dutch scenario. Last vid to be done on my ancient computer. Next vid on new gaming rig.
  3. True. That's why the Red Army would've put it's main emphasis on the North German Plains instead of Fulda. Better tank country. Way less US Army to smash against (III Corps/7th Army had a forward deployed brigade from the 2nd Armored for defense of the Weser.) Fulda would've been a noisy side show tying down Vth US and III WG Corps. Of course.... ....that was always a distinct probability.
  4. A lone Tommy mech company stares down an unexpected Syrian attack!
  5. The implementation of star shells and flares would make a great improvement for night fighting in the WW2 titles. Could it be done? I'm assuming the problem is with the Tac AI's visibility and viewing regimes. Just a thought.
  6. Be sure to read the description as the match had a number of special rules.
  7. I work in the medical field. That's literally the worst possible scenario. This is several magnitudes more serious than the flu. The panic buying is a result of poor leadership and people not paying attention (or being unable to be differentiate trustworthy news sources.) If your news source went from 'Meh....It's like the flu' to 'Holy F*ck! National emergency!!' in the span of a week, that ought to be a tell. I stockpiled back in February and have been social distancing for the last two weeks. You don't need a weatherman....yadda, yadda, yadda
  8. Would you need some original music for the 'Heaven and Earth' project?  I can cover that if it pleases you.

    1. 37mm


      The only thing I'd really like music wise would be a different "end of Battle" theme for modern era scenarios... other than that I'm pretty happy with what we have now.

      Of course, if you wan't to convince me you have something that's better, then you can always try!

    2. Megalon Jones

      Megalon Jones

      Ahhh!  I have the music turned 'off' in the options.  Didn't realize you already have music!  😆

    3. 37mm
  9. Africa and Fulda 1985? If you do Africa, either the Chad/Libya fracas or the Angola mess would be able to use some of the existing Syrian textures. South African (currently bugged, but due to be fixed) voices are in Rome to Victory. 1985 is a good year for 'What If' WW III. Anything before, the Pact steamrolls the West. Much after and the West's technology stops Ivan cold. ********************* Just dumped $125 into SF2. You guys get the blame.🙃
  10. Hull down. Shoot and scoot. Unleash them in conjunction with the Javelins. Use short 'hold fire' arcs until a significant amount of armor is in view and then let 'em fly. Target tanks, IFV's/APC's that are still laden with troops and specialty vehicles (command, SAM, arty spotters.) Don't wait too long though....Ivan can move fast.
  11. Seems I need to play more CMBS. I thought we were referencing the utility vehicle the Russians have. So the radar does work....good to know.
  12. I could be wrong, but I don't think ground search radar is modeled. It really wouldn't do any good in the relatively short distances involved in CMBS. Use them like a WW2 jeep. Mostly moving small teams into positions quick. Then there is the 'George Patton Special'.....drive them down the road until they blow up. Contact!
  13. Congratulations! You may have just forced me to buy CMSF 2.
  14. Is this an update? I'm currently about 1/4 the way through. Took the hamlet with a half dozen casualties and am trying to figure out the best way across that open field to get to the panzers
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