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  1. I won't lie....every morning my alarm gets me up a 530AM. First thing I do is look here for any sign of release. 2 weeks left!
  2. 'Untold Story' is a supplemental that gives more info on the Soviet side as well as details about theaters outside Europe. They should be read together.
  3. Correct you are. North Norway would've been an international melting pot.
  4. The USMC in the Med would probably go to the defense of Turkey and Greece......or Yugoslavia.....or Libya....or Syria.....or Egypt. Those in the Pacific would go to South Korea and Japan.
  5. Norway. They would be joined by UK and French commandos and para. Now, THAT would make for an excellent expansion for CMCW. (hint, hint)
  6. So essentially they can all be NTC if used with the QMB?
  7. How many maps depict the NTC? Just curious
  8. The entire Soviet tank force seemed as an enigma. Why simultaneously produce so many different tank models? Thanks to the fighting in the Middle East, both the T62 and T55 were known. The T72 was supposed to be a super tank. The T64 often got puzzled looks and blank stares. The T80 (alongside the Backfire bomber and the Alfa class SSN) were portents of impending doom.
  9. I imagine keeping a tight check on every officer above Major who imagines that their limited counter attack is just like Patton at The Bulge would've been interesting. I'm going to have to really immerse myself in the background of the M60 series tanks. It seems like the latest variant M60 is actually better in some regards to the Abrams. I also expect the BMP/Sagger could be the unappreciated stars of the show. Funny how we got a bunch of things wrong. Being a youth in the early 1980's, I remember the T72 as THE scariest thing on the potential battlefield. The T80 was an ominous cy
  10. So, limited counter attacks threatening flanks and delaying the deployment of the Soviet OMG's so the REFORGER units can arrive. Air Land Battle is all that plus smash up the 2nd and 3rd echelons before they deploy, disrupt C3 and the logistics of the rear area.
  11. Your force was the forward screen for a MRR, right? That means there is a colonel behind you with another whole Red Army regiment ready to go after you established the nature of Vth Corps presence. I know Air Land Battle was designed to counter Soviet force echelons, but what was the plan for Active Defense in that regards? Pray for the USAAF to arrive? Hold out until the nukes fly?
  12. Yeah. These guys have helped me out on a couple of occasions. Indy rules, corporate drools.
  13. As soon as this thing drops, I'll be doing an AAR. Of course, it takes me a solid 2-3 weeks to get it played, recorded, edited et al. My money is on Hapless being first out of the gate with a YouTube vid.
  14. I recall reading that NATO expected all of their A10 and Tornado pilots to be KIA by D+10 or so. I might be fudging the numbers, but the attrition rate was going to be bad with all the Pact mobile SAMs attached at company and battalion level. Regardless, Active Defense assumed intensive use of NATO CAS as an equalizer. Either that or the nukes.
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