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  1. A bit of googling brought up some images of Hurris with invasion stripes and the info that Hurricane fighter-bombers were used in Europe up till the end of 44. http://www.aviation-history.com/hawker/hurrcane.html
  2. Possibly, but the German recognition is so good - "We felt safe behind our minefield, then this clanking thing came into view - it was a Sherman with a girder attachment that held a rotating drum with chains. It started to beat in front of it with huge detonations of mines which didn't affect it, although some chains flew off sometimes." The Hurricane is the only bit that I wondered about in the whole thing. Although the Germans haven't seen C47s before they realise they are paratroop transports, while they probably do know what a Hurricane looks like.
  3. The Chieftain has some good videos on this topic, and also Steve Zaloga's book Armored Thunderbolt, about the M4, is also excellent. I'd bought into the myth of the Sherman as a death trap from my early wargaming days when they got creamed by Airfix Panthers and Tigers but I now think it was a pretty good tank for its era and the speed that it was designed and manufactured.
  4. I bought several non-war games during lockdown, but have played them very little. Until recently I'd lost interest in gaming, strangely. I rejoined an online D&D game called Rome with Magic (yes, it's that on the nose), where we are secret investigators for the Emperor tasked with covert missions. Although there seems to be an awful lot of fighting. I got given a pre-genned Bard, which I don't think I've played before and am loving it - he's a pretentious muso so gets to wind the other players up. He keeps telling them that the Cithara (=guitar) is a newfangled fad that will never cat
  5. This is a slightly-dramatised audiobook by a German WW2 'journalist' = writer for Signal, etc. A fascinating story: Eckhertz went to write a puff piece about the Normandy fortifications in 1944, but it was never published. After the war (1950s) he searched out people from the units he had visited, including finding one guy he'd actually talked to, and got their memories of D Day, and sometimes their other war service. He intended to publish a book but unfortunately died. His grandson found the papers recently and edited them and published them in book form. This is
  6. @mjkerner Happy Easter MJ! And everyone else! How do you play Red-on-Red? There's not many scenarios, that I know of. I tried some QBs but they didn't work our very well. Do you create a scenario?
  7. @IICptMillerII I was probably being over-optimistic, and made up 1st April instead of simply the "Month of April".
  8. Are we still expecting a release date around April 1st? I haven't pre-ordered because I didn't want to get my hopes too high in case of a delay.
  9. Ahhh, right! Thanks LLF. I had seen the word before in books about British colonial history, but hadn't really taken it in: it is the arabic slang term for soldier, so exactly the equivalent of grunt or squaddie.
  10. Here is Umlaut's guide to making flavor objects. I've just uploaded it to mediafire so here it is for you all if you need this exceptionally useful and simple process. http://www.mediafire.com/file/0g35it41bg7sskz/Adding+Extra+Flavor+Objects.doc/file
  11. HI @Dr.Fusselpulli (and anyone else) here is the link to Umlaut's guide to making new flavour objects. http://www.mediafire.com/file/0g35it41bg7sskz/Adding+Extra+Flavor+Objects.doc/file It is pretty easy. Two things to note: 1. there are 9 slots to each flavor object class. So you can use any of the other slots - e.g ATM is a fave because you can use up all the other slots e.g. ATM2 could be a wrecked truck, it doesn't matter. 2. The mdr naming convention might seem strange- you have to adhere to it *exactly* or things won't work. I keep paper notes of all the bits and p
  12. If I don't do it while I remember it'll never happen. If there was a UK National Procrastination team, I'd be on it! 🤣
  13. @Dr.Fusselpulli I'd be happy to do so - it's part of the general CM modding knowledge-base. It's on my old computer so I will have to dig it out, will try to do that later today.
  14. I just come across this thread again. I did want to point out one thing - because I thought someone would spot it, especially with the hint about an Easter Egg. There's a narrative in the buildings. It might not be so clear in 4a but I think 5a definitely lets you know what happened there.
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