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  1. Thanks Vacillator. I've actually found yet another rogue copy on my HD. I'm going to consolidate everything into one version in the right place and get rid of the rest. I will check in the z folder too! Don't want to lose any mods.
  2. Slightly dim question here. I have two copies of SF2 on two different drives of my main gaming and graphics computer. I can't tell which one I am using when I play, I launch them from the start menu or shortcuts. I want to delete the obsolete one.
  3. Ah! Thanks Capt. I'm just on my laptop so I just clicked on a small scenario that wouldn't tax me or the computer to play. Makes more sense now you have explained it.
  4. Hi all, I'm back. I've been playing other games (sooo sorry! :-)), plus building a flight sim rig, so have not been CMing. I'm now travelling, so only have CMCW on my laptop and decided to give They Own The Night a spin. It was very easy: the russians have nowhere near enough forces to even make the yanks break a sweat, so it felt unsatisfactory. I enjoyed it somewhat but it was not the best fun.
  5. In one of the books I read during lockdown - a tank commander memoir (Brit Normandy) can't remember what it was titled, he said that you didn't stick your head out all the time, but bobbed up and down so sniper didn't have a chance to get a good bead on you but you got the situational awareness of having your head up. I also agree that the Sherman Jumbo and StuG III Saukopf mantlets ought to be hard to penetrate. Both are a lot of metal to go through and the Saukopf is going to deflect a lot of shots.
  6. @kevinkin I think many of us are frustrated by the limitations of BFC, who are a tiny company. Yes, lots of air/naval sim would be great! However Ian Easton says that the Taiwanese high command recognises that they can't defeat the Chinese on the sea and have prepared for a Stalingrad-like defence of the island. They don't expect to win, just to hold out till the Chinese ground forces are decimated, and political/economic pressures bear down on them. So CM Taiwan would involve lots of brutal urban combat.
  7. @Erwin Firstly, this is politics, and we avoid it here, so let's not go there. But you started it. Secondly, you couldn't be more wrong. The whole point about Chinese civilisation (and this is somewhat nationalistic) is that it is only applicable to China, and nowhere else. They aren't remotely interested in any sort of hegemony, and if you read any of the thinking of the CPC or previous Chinese philosophers going back a long time you would know this is the case. China has made no secret they want a multi-polar world, where everyone goes their own way. That does threaten the West, but not in the way you think.
  8. What an interesting discussion. Firstly, I think some sort of Far Eastern Modern War would be great fun! I'm wearing my Attila the Hun hat here. I have enjoyed playing all sorts of murderous games for 6 decades and supporting rulers/organisations/nations that I would never do in real life. Some* of my non-gamer friends find this difficult to understand, but I hope most people here will. That said, my views on invading Taiwan have turned 180 degrees since I read the Ian Easton book. He may not have the whole view but he makes it clear, based on factual research, that an amphibious invasion of Taiwan is really, really difficult, because of the weather, the mere 14 landing beaches (all heavily fortified) and the population, who may well be ready to fight stubbornly. The Taiwanese strategy doesn't rest on submarines, but brutally sucking the Chinese invasion forces into cauldron battles on the TRP beachheads where they get massacred. Logistics over the strait is a bastard. So, in summary, awful in real life, hope it never happens. Would make a fascinating game. BTW, the US forces, at the top of their game in 1945, planned an invasion of Formosa (Taiwan) then held by the Japanese, and decided it would cause so many casualties that it was best to bypass it. *actually funkin' all of them.
  9. Just took a brief look, excellent pix, many I hadn't seen before, thanks @kohlenklau
  10. BTW yesterday I thought that China's overwhelming numerical and economic superiority would win, especially if they stop short of an invasion of Taiwan and blockade/threaten it to force a surrender to "One Country Two Systems". Now I am not so sure. The Taiwanese are prepared. Easton writes about the difficulties of overwhelming the immensely fortified islands. Pratas is of no real value and could be shrugged off. Incidentally the Chinese tried twice to invade Kinmen in the 1950s and were repulsed with horrendous casualties.
  11. This is very odd...past few days I've just been thinking about what would happen in a Taiwan invasion scenario. Today I bought the kindle of Ian Easton's 'The Chinese Invasion Threat' which looks like the most comprehensive Western book on the subject. I start wondering about a CM game. The book's a bit heavy so I come here for some light relief and you are all right on the button! . From my reading so far, invading Taiwan would be a huge, huge gamble, and potentially go wrong in so many ways. Would make a fantastic game though, with air, sea and ground components, so not all is negative.
  12. @Holien - I'm in the crowd there somewhere! I did go to a lecture by Oliver - the guy who restored the Ha Go and talked to him at length later. It is actually quite nimble as a tank, and made for jungles, narrow tracks, and China - which didn't really have any tanks. One of the rivets on the back is actually a bell push - so accompanying infantry could get the tank crew's attention!
  13. Yes, thanks, really enjoyed it. Am going to post some pix, but have to catch up with work first.
  14. I am going to TankFest at the Bovington Tank Museum on the coming weekend, Fri 17th Saturday 18th Sept. I wondered if any of the CM community would also be going and perhaps meet up for a chat? cheers Julian https://tankmuseum.org/events/tankfest/
  15. @MikeyD I know you are close to the management, so I hope you can convey what I intended (and I think Erwin did too - though I can't speak for him) was that the game would be better if some of the anomalies could be attended too. If they can't because of technical issues, then I think we would understand if we were told, but to be ignored is frusrating, especially as CM has one of the most loyal and supportive player communities.
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