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  1. Damn, I forgot about that crazy M202, we trained with them in 1982 but that's as far as we got. I don't know if it was true but our Marine Instructors told us that sometimes the rocket would get caught in the launch tube when firing and the entire launcher with rockets would take off down range. I guess that was supposed to be the new flame-thrower but the USMC scrapped it.
  2. No arguments here, I feel that both the Leopard I and II were and still are Bad Ass!!!!
  3. I would love to see the U.S. Marines come into play in a Scandinavian Mod. Granted you would NOT have the huge armor battles that many players prefer, but you now bring into play the Norwegians, Finland and don't forget the Swedish, who would bring many interesting weapons into play. The Swedish S-Tank [Tank Destroyer] S-103, the IKV-91, STRV-84, Pbv-301 and 302 and many other weapons. The Finn's had the Charioteer, a Cromwell chassis with a newer turret and larger cannon, most of their other vehicles were of Soviet origins, then you have Norway who used weapons from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and a few others. Plus there is nothing like a good ole scrap like fighting in the mountain's under a fresh blanket of snow. I do agree that there are other mods of greater importance to the CW Game like adding the Germans, Brit's, Canucks and French Fries, but I really think a Scandinavian Mod is plausible.
  4. I have used my TOW's against T-62 and T-72, and my findings had very impressive results. As long as the Missile doesn't get a glancing blow, it's pretty much a KILL on the Soviet tanks. I noticed if the target doesn't brew up, there are usually 1-3 casualties, most in the turret. Its really difficult to get a good impact on the front hull armor, unless you are elevated 40-50 feet or better. The T-80 is still harder to knock out with the TOW, then the T-64 is. then I would say the T-72, then T-64, then T-62 and then T-54/55 in that order.
  5. I Had a similar experience with the T-64's but I was using TOW Missiles. At 3,000 yards I Had 6 hits on their frontal armor, which all 6 missiles HIT, but only one TOW Missile destroyed one single T-64. After further inspection of the T-64's, none of the six hits were ricochets, so that meant that five missiles had solid hits on the front of the turrets, but the molten jets of the warheads failed to burn thru the front turret armor. I was kind of stunned because the TOW weapon system was my MOS 0352, from 1982-1989. I'm just glad that I never went up against them in battle. Now the improved TOW 2 missiles would have worked but we didn't receive them until late 1985-early 1986. Those T-64's are really bad ass, need to hit them in the flanks and rear and that's not easy
  6. Is there any possibility that we could see flairs in an upcoming module?? Something like Trip Flairs, Star Clusters, Artillery and Mortar, then the normal hand held pop up flairs, almost forgot, Aircraft flairs.
  7. Well I can never leave any CM games the way they were made, so I thought about going to the terrain Mod Aris made for CMFB and figured why not, if it looked great for CMFB set in western Germany, then why not here? Jackpot. I took a bunch of his ground mods and added them to my Z folder. the main pieces that I took and added to CMCW were the Forest floor tiles, WOW it looked amazing using those tiles around single trees but even better using them in a evergreen forest. If you decide to try you will need to rename those files before putting them into your Z folder. I used the Ground dense forest floor and renamed it ground rocky red, the second was ground forest floor [spring] renaming it ground hard, the last was ground forest floor calling it ground dirt red. I have spent most of my life in heavy forested areas in Northern Michigan, both Pine and Hardwoods. Hunting and walking in these areas for hundreds of hours each year and knowing what the ground looks like, I personally hated seeing grass {green or yellow} or even Weeds as a ground tile for any forested areas. If there is any grass in the woods or pine forests its very scattered, mainly at the edges of the forests or the edges of the dirt roads and tracks, basically where ever the sun shines. I only wished Aris would have made a forest floor tile that had lots of pine needles on it, that would be the icing on the cake for a evergreen forest floor. Aris does a Excellent job and I really love using his mods in my game, so Aris, if your listening, keep up the Great Work and thank you for all the work you put into these mods.
  8. I agree 100%. I have all of the CM games except for the new Eastern front mod. I waited and waited for it to come out and I gave up on it, but CMCW just has a very nice blend to it. That might be because I served in the Marine Corps during that time and all of the weapons are very familiar to me.
  9. In 1987 In Okinawa Japan I actually had the Honor of shooting an AT-3 Sagger that these Green Berets had on their base. I trained them on weapon Identification, Tank, APC, Aircraft even naval ships and Submarines, then we gave them a 5 day course on the TOW letting them fire a few missiles and in exchange we had a party playing with the Russian weapons they had. PKM...AKM...RPK.....DISHKA Heavy MG, I will take the MA 2 any day after firing that}a few RPG-7's then I finished it off with the AT-3 Sagger, what fun we had back in the good ole days.
  10. I finished reading a book about 73 Eastings and From the Cavalry Commander on down they couldn't believe the issues that they had pertaining to the missile itself, numerous wires breaking, warheads exploding in mid air 6 seconds after launch, it was all there. The book was written by Col Douglas MacGreggor called Warriors Rage.
  11. First of all, after working with the TOW MISSLE SYSTEM for 8 years in the USMC ,it don't make me a TOW MISSLE EXPERT, BUT we had issues with the Regular TOW, Then the ITOW , then finally the TOW 2 came out and we had big issues with the TOW2. Shooting just the regular TOW Missile 10 times, we would have a failure rate of approximately 3-4 missile failures. most of those issues being a Broken Wire from the gun platform to the missile itself. We also had 2 missiles that blew up only 20-30 yards, which was an issue by itself because the TOW missile wasn't supposed to arm its warhead until it went over 50 yards. Here is my last issue about the TOW, they are way to accurate at short ranges. When you fired your TOW MISSILE after the missile leaves the launch tube the gunner is trying to reacquire its target, then while that's going on , the flight motors kick in and you can't see ****!!!!! around after 10-15 seconds now you can finally make sense out of everything, you can now see the target, see the IR light on the missile and now your heart is pumping hard now because in another 6-10 seconds, your target is getting ready to be obliterated, and they don't even know it!!!! So if the BF Community can start making the Tows Less Accurate at shorter ranges would be a start, Say from 50 yards to 1,000 yards the hit rate should only be around 60 to 65 percent, From 1,000-2,000 yards the hit accuracy will now be getting better so I would say 70-90 percent, then from 2,000-just over 3,000 yards my percentage would go from 80-95 percent. During Desert Storm during the battle the M2-M3 Bradley had a Huge problems
  12. I'm really glad this game finally came out so I'm NOT here to beat up on the design guys, I Really LOVE This Game, and everyone involved with this game DID ONE HELL OF A GOOD JOB!!!!! But I also understand they were trying to get two games out around the same time frame ,so being a 0351/0352 in the Marines for 8 years I was very happy to see that you can dismount the TOW launcher from the M151a2, and turn it into a ground mount. After a few years later we had the HUMVEE TOW vehicles which I'm not talking about here, but I was shocked to see that you CAN'T break down the M150 TOW Vehicle from a vehicle mounted weapon and turn it into a ground mount by using the tripod?? The M901 we are not debating here either since I don't believe that that weapon system even carried a tripod to mount on a mountain top, but the M150 should be able to break there weapons systems down ground mount the TOW System wherever you like.
  13. I also prefer the WWII games, and I have all of them, but since buying CMCW I have left all my WWII CM Games and I'm staying with just this one game. I served in the USMC from 1981-1989. This game was my dream come true, as it has all of the vehicles and weapons that I trained with for 8 years, only module besides the West and East Germans that I would like to see would be a USMC Module, believe me we trained in Norway, Italy and the Balkans getting ready to face the Russian Bear. Maybe I might be a bit BIASED, this game is GREAT, I Promise you. Sergeant Lukas
  14. Ah, that's where I got confused. When I set up my CMCW it was so big that I had to uninstall all of my other BF Games and then zip them all up just to have the room on my hard drive to get some of these long scenarios loaded, therefor I forgot who did what, and I do think that your right, I believe it was Marco Bergman. I can't wait to see what you come up with for this game, but knowing your work it will be Outstanding!!
  15. Sorry Brother but I had to give you a shout out. lol I did get most of the Silhouette's from the SF game and then the Heaven and Earth mod, which is a great mod, but I still have some missing weapon and aircraft spots not filled in, and i'm sure your busy with the eastern front but if you have the time it would be great to fill in some missing armor and aircraft spots, including F-4 Phantom, Stinger {my mock up is horrible} some Soviet Artillery, well you get the idea. Thanks for the hard work and the time yo spend to make these mods for the BF Community.
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