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  1. Yes, It is up for me aswell. Already bought CMCW, here is hope it will download fully without further problems. Thank you everyone, you are all wanderfull people.
  2. Thank you for the answer. Here is hope it is up and running as soon as possible.
  3. As far as I know CM:CW will be on Stream and Slitherine in ... June? i think.
  4. Is Battlefront.com site down for anyone else? If so where can I buy my copy of CB:CW?
  5. Hello Veles Truck,

    Interested in playing CMBN, FI, or RT, up to Reinforced Company, Meeting, QB's.

    I also use Dropbox for Game File exchanges, and can do 1-2 turns daily.


  6. I agree with your points 100% Would like to see longer suppression and more surrendering soldiers than dead soldiers. And deep snow could work like a water if it's possible, somehow. Dense, white water.
  7. I would love to participate as a commander of german army, if you are interested you can PM me anytime.
  8. This pixel Ivan is definitely my hero. Really looking forward for this AAR. I'm pleased to see this famous battle (in my country is famous) thru eyes of comrade Ivanov.
  9. Thanks for your quick reply. I will post something similar on the few good men forum.
  10. I played CMBN for some time, but only a singleplayer battles and scenarios. I would like to try some PBEM. I own CMBN 3.11 only and since I have no multiplayer experience i will try to cooperate fully. I hope you have a patience for a noob like me. P.S.: I hope my english is not that bad.
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