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Shall try to start an unofficial screenshots thread?

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A British MG position in Sicily.  



A British AT gun waiting for information about interesting targets. Note that there is an FO team (+radio) with the gun. I tend to do this because the FO team can deliver all information about enemy sightings to the gun. The frontline units spot stuff and tell their superiors. The superiors (battalion level) of ALL units on the battlefield stick together at the command post so that they can share information verbally, even if they' don't share a common superior. By this method, all sightings are shared to all units but it may take a while. So here the FO team is very busy listening to the radio and spotting while the gun-crew has some tea. Of course this only really matters if you roleplay a bit and don't let units area-fire at targets they don't know about. ;)




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Playing the same scenario as @LiveNoMore vs the same oppo. My flyboys made a big hole in exactly the same spot in front of the turret. Nice hole though ;)

Wonder what the turret would look like in the bottom of a hole? 

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6 hours ago, LiveNoMore said:

Sorry Rocketman....  That is your failed attempt to take out my turret!   :-))))

Sometimes I'm easily confused ... 😕

It looked so familiar and yet not - and now I realize it was because of the spotting info on the AA and HQs you provided me with that I didn't have.


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@mjkerner it is the last of a 3 part H2H series I made about the Battle for Rimini Airport. Greek 3rd Mountain, with support from the New Zealand 22 Inf and 19th Armor against a mix of Germans, primarily the 1st FJ and the 162 Turkstani.

There are three scenarios. The first 2 are the Allies attack on the area east and west of the airfield. For these I used a portion of the overall map. The last scenario is the assault on the airfield using the entire map. This is near the end of the airport attack. It should be done play testing in a couple weeks, then I'll release it.

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On 12/24/2017 at 9:38 PM, Heinrich505 said:






The first shot is a hit.  Is it a kill?  No time to judge.  The second Sherman is now trying to turn the turret towards them.  Ruckdeschel lets his gunner turn the turret smoothly to address the 2nd target.





Which effect/explosion mod are you using?

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On 1/3/2018 at 11:17 PM, IanL said:

I was digging around in some screen shots I have been meaning to do something with and found this lucky example of WW2 artillery tank kill:


From about a year ago. The funny thing is I don't remember if those were my tanks for my shells. :)


With the hit text turned on...


Which effect/explosion mod is this from?

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