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  1. I like using CAS but not anywhere near my troops. It's great for hitting villages and farm compounds. Plus the occasional Arty position. The other thing it does is spot any AA gun emplacements when they open fire.
  2. Well, Being the commander of the Stuart I am very happy with this outcome. Unfortunately, a 75mm AT gun took out the Stuart a couple turne later!
  3. We have the .h2hh files in the folder. One says he made it 7 minutes after my last one. But it is empty
  4. There is a chat in the dropbox folder that says he made it 7 minutes after mine. But when he tries to chat he can't get anything to take. We have deleted and reinstalled CM Helper and even restarted the game. No help
  5. Playing a game using CM Helper. Never really had an issue with it before. But suddenly my opponent can no longer use chat. He can see mine, but can not enter any from his side. We tried deleting the AppState.txt file, but that didn't help. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Hi LiveNoMore

    my dropbox email tonycao051@yahoo.com


    which side you want to take? SS or Polish ? any special house rule ? 

  7. @Chibot Mk IX; I'm up for that. Never played that scenario. Send me a PM if your interested
  8. Oops.Looked at it and I have played that scenario. But I'm still open to it or any other you want. I usually play CMFI, CMBN or CMFB, Let me know and send a PM
  9. I'm up for a game if you're still looking. How about CMFI GL The Winter of our Discontent. I've never played that scenario Dan P
  10. OK, this is more of a gripe then anything else. Have you noticed that giving a vehicle move orders where there might be something impassable in the area, like a building etc, the vehicle will go around to maintain its path. But if there is a vineyard in the way the vehicle tries to drive right through it? This happens all the time. Other then micromanaging the movement of the vehicle there is no way to stop this behavior. I've had a tanks, second or third in line, using short waypoints to get past a vineyard, decide to go around the tank in front of it by driving through the vineyard. I'm wond
  11. I have had a bazooka team run through/past an PzIV on a bridge that was firing at another infantry unit. Then they turned and ran back across the bridge because they took fire from a MG. Never did they see the tank. However, the tank saw them and shot them all in the back. Currently I am playing a game where I had a good number of ATG and StuG's facing the route the Canadian Sherman's would be traveling down. They all had clear LOS/LOF down the road and into the first couple of rows of an orchard. They listened to the Sherman's approach and did not fire a single shot. They never saw any o
  12. @mirelm61, Thanks! You don't need to go into major detail on the play test if you don't want to. I just need to see if you think it was fun to play, fairly balanced and anything else you notice. Can you send me your email? I'm at dsp1295@gmail.com Thanks again
  13. @Falaise, I have created a lot of scenarios over the years, but only 2 had an AI. FUBAR Village and DiSarrano took a long time for me to test and test again. This time I have played against the AI a couple of times, but it's hard to properly test a game if you know where everything is! Hopefully someone will want to try for me.
  14. So here I am sitting in the house with nothing to do because of the "stay home" edict from my governor... The restaurants are closed, the movie theater is closed and it's raining outside. So what to do?? How about finally create a medium sized scenario around one of the 1st Canadian Division battles moving towards Ortona on the Adriatic coast? The area know as The Gully. It's early December 1943 and the Canadians are trying to move north up the Adriatic coast. They have taken Campobasso in the mountains and are moving east. The Gully is a natural defense running east/west for miles. In p
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