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  1. That's not a bad analysis. The post-Vietnam US Army was not a happy place. Doctrine was all over the board. Significant Reductions in Force (RIF's) were decimating the officer corps. Remaining draftees were just biding their time, waiting to get out. The NCO corps was in disarray. Drug abuse was prevalent. Overall, it was an All-Volunteer army in name and a Category IV army in performance although some units certainly performed more effectively than the general malaise. The Goldwater-Nicols Department of Defense Reorganization Act did not implement until 1986. It took the decade from
  2. Consider joining The Few Good Men. They have a very active PBEM community for all the Combat Mission titles.
  3. Check out Ian Leslie's Combat Mission 2x Scenario List
  4. It was October of 1973 and, as you say, completely revised armor doctrines afterwards.
  5. The M60A1 & M60A2 had a stereoscopic rangefinder which uses two eyepieces and relies on the tank commander to spin a range wheel until the two images merge into a single picture. When you had a sharp single image, it gave you the range to the target in meters and mechanically adjusted the gunner's sights to that range. The TC then gave the fire command (in this case 1,500 meters) as, "Range one five hundred meters. Fire!". To save time and insure first round fired, veteran tank commanders and their gunners would pre-set the rangefinder to a "battlesight" range; either 1200 or 1600
  6. Quite a good game indeed with very high solitaire playability. It shows Cold War domino-theory thinking well. Only USD $9.99 on Steam. 👍
  7. In '74, I recall this as the doctrine of "Active Defense" championed by Donn Starry. It was a first stab at re-shaping post-Vietnam US war-fighting doctrine based on lessons learned outcomes of Israel's 1973 Yom Kippur war.
  8. Right. By 1976, the US Army was introducing passive night vision devices to active duty armored forces. Passive night vision completely changed night gunnery mechanics.
  9. Perhaps. Try flagging a Hansom Cab to take you there instead . . .
  10. I still have fond memories of the Win95 versions for the "Great Battles of" Alexander, Hannibal, and Caesar! 👍 These days, I fully concur with those who grant high regard to Field of Glory II. It's a great game and I especially enjoy its PBEM capabilities. 😍
  11. Same for me. Fraps stopped working on my PC a long while back and I discovered Bandicam which I installed and find more robust than Fraps anyway.
  12. @NPye - please ping @Bootie to make that happen. These really deserve exposure there. Great work.
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