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  1. You might find it at FGM among some of the ASL websites noted here --> SCENARIO DESIGNER’S WORKSHOP – Scenario Battle Resources
  2. @IanL - "Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it." ??
  3. Duh, I should know that! 1989 was when the Berlin Wall came down . . .
  4. Gosh, Dave, I should remember that but can't. I only recall that Chernobyl was in 1989 and a lot of dynamics changed after that. What was the 1988 incident you reference?
  5. If no one takes you up on this here, check out the CM forum threads at The Few Good Men - CM Modern Titles forum.
  6. During WW2 (the time period of your question) at the line company/platoon level, aligning the FO along the same directional line as the guns was the preferred option. The techniques WW2 Forward Observers used to adjust fires, Fire Direction Centers used for re-calculations, and crew drill traversing the guns were not as good as those used today (even without computerized FDC's). I don't know how the WW2 CM games might handle it as opposed to those historical experiences.
  7. Yes, those would all be "Danger Close" fire missions with extremely limited visibility to adjust rounds. There was enough grousing about Friendly Fire casualties, warranted or not, as it was.
  8. Thank you for the correction. I did not know this pre-1942 history behind the KMT/PLA conflicts. I think of the KMT in WW2 anti-Japanese USA alliance terms. I forget the deeper history before then.
  9. That picture is nonsense. The Chinese Nationalists (aka Kuomintang) were US equipped. Helmets were GI steel pots. Arms were M1 Garand, BAR, Thompson smg, and such. It's the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) which wore soft caps and used bolt-action rifles (German stocks from old Imperial arsenals and US Springfields left over from US WW2 lend-lease). In the 1950's the PLA adopted Soviet style equipment, especially in Korea.
  10. WW2 units tended to be racially (USA) and ethnically (European territories) segregated although there are exceptions. Here are faces at The CM Mod Warehouse which someone can mix and match from other CM titles for a more integrated look (depending how CMCW labels those files). Aris Faces Mod CMRT JorgeMCs CMRT Faces German Winter Faces CMBN & CMFI Aris US Weathered Faces JorgeMc UK Moustaches CMBN Mod Japanese Forces (Brits, SS) I also have Aris's mods for African-American-Faces-CMBN, Asian-Faces1-CMFI, and Asian-Faces2-CMFI which are too big to post here but I can email to someone who wants to host on a file share URL. Yo, @Mord - what are the URL's where I can find your FOG2 mods? I'd like to check them out. Thanks.
  11. Yes, "TC" does mean "Tank Commander". It can also mean "Track Commander" when applied to any other kind of tracked vehicle; ranging from Personnel Carriers to Self-propelled Artillery pieces.
  12. Consider posting such maps at The Scenario Depot which is hosted by The Few Good Men. The will be well appreciated there.
  13. I would really like to understand how to import maps from one title to another. I've never tried because I didn't think it was possible. Would you mind explaining in detail the step-by-step procedure for doing this? Thank you.
  14. I would like to see how their Stridsvagn 103 (Strv 103) fares in this game . . .
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