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  1. For me it is moments like this that keep me playing after 21 years. https://imgur.com/gallery/PQWI4LO
  2. Well as they say, there is no time like the present. Send over that next turn and let's see who pulls defeat out of the jaws of victory!
  3. Go to www.Battlefront.com and log in. From here go to the My Account section and then to My Orders. I am going to assume you will have bought the Engine 4 Big Bundle Upgrade, find it in your orders, click on the download link and here you will find the Full installers for CMBS, CMRT, CMFI, CMFB and CMBN. You will then need to find your order for CMSF2 and CMCW and those download links will also bring you to a full installer page. Each of these full installers will give the most current version of each game.
  4. @G. Smiley do you know which map this took place on? Can you send me your save so I can try to replicate it?
  5. It is a stock CMFI campaign as @kohlenklau so rightly stated.
  6. The Battle of Longwoods was fought 10 minutes from my place and I have walked the battlefield numerous times. I also have an AAR with an OOB, so consider this a scenario in the tank for when you and Bil convince Steve to make this one.
  7. My usual answer to this question is to pick the game that appeals the most to you and buy it. If that doesn't help, then just buy the CMFI big bundle. This will give you the most variety of weather, terrain, nations and TO&E within nations of any CM title. I enjoyed the scenarios and the tactical challenges they present but I love the wild sandbox opportunities the quick battles and scenario editor also give you.
  8. I would try to extract the files to a new folder on a drive of your choice and then run the installer. It appears the installer does not like to run on the desktop.
  9. If you happen to remember which QB map it was I will double check to see if anything silly is going on with the map itself and flag it for a future patch.
  10. Do you have a name for the map in question?
  11. This. Set your objectives and then go play the scenario and see if your results on screen match how you think you did. Tweak the conditions based on your results.
  12. Are you even reading the whole thread? /S The second post in is my vote for Canadians!
  13. Create a new folder in Dropbox. Add the files you want. Right click on your folder and select copy Dropbox link. Send this link to Koh. Alternatively you can open the Dropbox app and share the folder.
  14. In scenario design, the only real difference will be in the strength of the attacking force and in the distribution of points. For the player, the type of battle should give you an indication of what the scenario will entail.
  15. @Kelzhat you can load turn 007, your friend can load turn 008 but you can't load 009? Is this correct? If so, try having your friend replay his turn from 008 and save it as 011 and see if this lets you can load the turn.
  16. Four of the scenarios you have listed are mine. I made the recommendation to play as attacker in each of them as attacking was the inspiration for the scenario. There are an equal number of AI plans for both sides and you might find the battle to be more enjoyable playing as the defender. However you decide to play, I hope you have fun.
  17. When making a quick battle map only two things are needed, terrain occupy objectives and AI orders. Everything else is determined by the battle type; meeting, probe/attack/assault. The game sets 1000 points for each quick battle with the casualty parameters as well as the amount of points for terrain objectives adjusted automatically. I don't know the numbers off the top of my head but in an assault battle terrain is worth more than casualties for the attacker where as a meeting engagement should be closer to 50/50. When I am making a QB battle, I use the size of the map and battle type to determine how many objectives are reasonable. I then set the points for each objective as a ratio, for example lets say the battle is an assault on a small town with a few outlying houses. Those houses are objective 1, the town center is objective 2. Based on the narrative I want to tell with this QB map, the town center is far more important for the attacker to capture so it is worth 3 times as many points. I would name objective 1 "*" and give it a value of 100 points. Objective 2 would be named "***" and have a value of 300 points. Players should be able to determine Objective 2 is worth more points and worthy of expending greater effort to capture. This ratio system will ensure whatever type of battle you set, Probe vs Assault vs Meet the game will attach 3 times as many points to the more important objective.
  18. I will suggest the CMFI big bundle for the greatest variety of nations, terrain, weather, INCREDIBLY diverse TO&E and opportunity to use some really incredible mods to make the game even more enjoyable.
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