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  1. Seeing NATO in what looks like Black Sea had me in my "Shut up and take my money!" mode.
  2. A bit late to the party, but is this going to be released to the public? Hapless' AAR looked fantastic.
  3. T-64's are not invulnerable, even if their turret is very tough to crack. I'm playing a PBEM right now and the M60 will definitely rattle and severely degrade a T-64.
  4. This was a great battle. I played it twice after getting walloped the first time. I used the reverse slope and turned the crest of the hill into a meat grinder while also avoiding the Soviet artillery.
  5. Agreed. It's a great mix of technology and balanced forces. While I really enjoy CMBS, I found the Americans with APS to be very hard to beat. The most fun CMBS QB battle I played was both sides as Ukrainians with older equipment. CMSF2 Syrians vs Syrians quick battles were also very fun if you limited the forces to 1970s tech. I cannot wait for the first module for CMCW!
  6. I think the most fun H2H CMSF2 battle I have played was a Syrians vs Syrians urban QB with forces limited to nothing above T-62s. Very fun mix of forces and no god-like NATO tanks to spoil the fun.
  7. I played this scenario twice. The first time I largely stayed in the default positions and got hammered. I won, but casualties were extremely high. I thought about it and realized that defending on the reverse slope made a great deal more sense. I then replayed it with most of my force except for a small screen on the reverse slope. I put mines and TRP's in killzones and cleaned up.
  8. Superstar FO team in the second mission of the US 1979 Campaign. Lots of quick, heavy fire missions! Used the reverse slope for an ambush and it worked out perfectly!
  9. I have only played for about an hour today (would have been a perfect day for a rainy day!), but I have to say that I am incredibly impressed so far. These are the best maps I have seen in Combat Mission. Even greater job than usual!
  10. Ukraine is definitely the weakest force, but their units are generally cheaper so you can buy more of them. Their newer ATGM's are quite good and the T-12 anti-tank gun is surprisingly effective against most Russian armour, although it is pretty immobile and easier to spot than ATGM's. In a QB, I generally opt for using BTR-70s and buy more tanks and ATGM's, although autocannons can be very useful, but you can always buy Tunguskas. In general, I try to use APC's and IFV's as infantry transport and against enemy infantry, but avoid engaging with enemy armour as much as possible (the Bradley is a bit of an exception here). I think the Oplot is about on par with the T-72's in game, so it's pretty decent, but I find that the T-90 is definitely better at spotting. I think that the best strategy in a case like that is to try and use infantry to locate enemy tanks as much as possible and then use numbers to your advantage.
  11. Very excited for this. I have been playing a Syrian reservists vs Syrian reservists CMSF QB and it's a really fun level of technology. No Gundam-like Abrams to be seen.
  12. Oh never mind. Just clicked on the product link for the 4.0 bundle and it's all there.
  13. I do, but I bought the 4.0 upgrade for every game.
  14. So I just installed a new SSD in my computer and am re-installing all the CM games and patches. With CMBS, I installed the game and all patches in order, but when I start it tells me to contact customer service as v2.00 brz is missing. What am I doing wrong?
  15. Some shots from Gog and Magog. A really great scenario. I'm down to two IS-2's and some anti-tank guns, but have severely reduced my enemy's fighting capacity. Submachine gunner's view. No Country for T-34's. No country for Panzer IV's either.
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