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  1. Regardless of whether it's historically accurate or a whitewash, people love war movies... if it's a gripping story with decent action people will watch it and enjoy it. Cross of Iron for example, I remember thinking how great it was to actually see a war film set on the Eastern Front... at the time I didn't think of the political reasons or the barbarism inflicted by either side, it was a new outlook and perspective of WWII I hadn't seen before.
  2. What a great tank battle! It enthralled me from beginning to end...
  3. Yes, saw this the other day... a good documentary!
  4. Great little video... and a reminder just how good our combat mission games are. I'm pretty sure when I played this mission my casualties were quite a few more!
  5. It can't be the end of Red Thunder anyway... we still need 'Barbarossa'
  6. How many times have I told you , not to wear your dressing gowns in combat!
  7. It doesn't matter... Comrade Stalin has many more!
  8. Absolutely true that, although it will probably be the other way round... it's normally the infantry who gather round the tanks because there is always a brew on in a tank!
  9. Great pics!... I started life on the tanks before I went to the airborne side whilst in the army. You should try sitting in a Chieftain Mk V (showing my age here) when it has a 'flashback'. All that energy, heat and flame when the main 120mm is fired, comes back into the turret instead of the muzzle.
  10. Forgotten all about this one, I'd even downloaded and installed it... I'll give it a go!
  11. Thanks Mord... just got the free download for OOB WWII, played the boot camp missions. The game is really enjoyable! I'm going to get the Blitzkrieg, North Africa and Marines campaigns now!
  12. You yanks used to do a lot of that when we were parachuting with you in Hueys and Chinooks!
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