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  1. Oh never mind. Just clicked on the product link for the 4.0 bundle and it's all there.
  2. I do, but I bought the 4.0 upgrade for every game.
  3. So I just installed a new SSD in my computer and am re-installing all the CM games and patches. With CMBS, I installed the game and all patches in order, but when I start it tells me to contact customer service as v2.00 brz is missing. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Some shots from Gog and Magog. A really great scenario. I'm down to two IS-2's and some anti-tank guns, but have severely reduced my enemy's fighting capacity. Submachine gunner's view. No Country for T-34's. No country for Panzer IV's either.
  5. French infantry storm a heavily bombarded German position that resisted to the last man.
  6. Hmm, just tried to open it in the scenario editor and it is blank. Very odd.
  7. Indeed I have. Windows. It's in the CMFI scenarios folder in Documents with all the other scenarios. I can see it there as a .btt file, but it doesn't show up in the game.
  8. Yes, I've tried adding it with the same file name and a changed file name.
  9. Has anyone else had difficulty getting this to show up in the battle list? I can see the .btt file in the correct folder, but it doesn't show up in game.
  10. I get by with a little help from my friends... As the turn begins a Sherman lumbers towards a Sd.Kfz. 7/1 and a Panther. My flak unit cannot see the Sherman so I use area fire and pepper the Sherman with 20mm rounds. It buttons up and reverses. The Panther promptly finishes off the Sherman. To Verdennes and Victory is really a great scenario. Very fun to be attacking and winning on one part of the map, while defending and withdrawing a battered company from another part.
  11. Kubelwagen driver with a scavenged panzerfauste does his best. Unfortunately the Kubelwagen got blown to bits seconds later.
  12. Oh no! A trio of Shermans crests the hill to ambush two Panthers. One Panther quickly succumbs. But the odds are in fact 4 to 3 in my favour with two additional Panthers covering my flank. Within ten seconds, all three Shermans are brewed up from flank shots.
  13. Just started it and as a suggestion I would recommend having a map in the briefing to give you some idea of your enemy's disposition and/or give the attacker more intelligence. If you're attacking, your artillery more or less has to be used on the first turn.
  14. I think in comparison to how the Iraqi armed forces fared against the Coalition of the Willing, the Syrians actually do pretty well in this game. I feel that if you're defending as the Syrians, then you need to just focus on the NATO infantry and lighter AFV's. I'm currently playing as the Syrians defending against the Dutch and it is very tough, but I've managed to kill many Fenneks and APC's while also inflicting quite a few casualties. I really should have purchased more AT-14's though.
  15. A Syrian team waits in hiding... The trap is sprung! Three Dutch soldiers go down, but my valiant team all surrender by the end of the turn. Still 3 NATO casualties for 4 Syrian casualties are pretty good in my books.
  16. Yes, it's excellent. While I think Black Sea is great, I find the Americans with APS are almost like Gundams. I like the lower tech and huge range of possibilities with CMSF2.
  17. Great AAR. Is this scenario available separate from the campaign anywhere?
  18. Don't imagine this will end well for my Syrian pixeltruppen (neither side can see each other yet).
  19. From a current PBEM as the Syrians defending against the Dutch. Veteran Syrian troops with lots of ATGMs have proven themselves to be quite capable. Canadian armour unleashes on fleeing insurgents.
  20. This scenario looks even better than Tactical Operations Centre.
  21. I have CMHelper 1.7.3, but isn't it up to 1.7.6 now?
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