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[PREVIEW] Juju's Blitz UI

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Wouldn't want to keep you waiting, now would I...

Busy bee, am I. Here are a few previews of my upcoming Final Blitzkrieg UI (Blitz UI for short).
Most of it is done, though obviously I need the final game to finish it all up.

What's new (in my series of UI's, that is):
- Lots of new portraits with winter variants that only show up in scenarios that have snow/cold/winter conditions.
- Many new weapon slot and special equipment icons.
- Some design changes.
- I've reintroduced nine optional camouflage backgrounds. Mind you, these are still work in progress.


Edit: I have a bit of an issue with my provider and the pictures, for some reason. Right click/view image should show the full sized picture (if your browser supports it).




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Thanks guys! And you know what, I genuinely enjoy doing this. And the extra month of waiting was definitely beneficial. I got a lot of stuff done I otherwise wouldn't have.

7 hours ago, Wodin said:

do you make the soldier portraits? Thay are excellent.

Ooh, a little behind-the-scenes mod talk? What goes on in a crazed modder's mind? Sounds like fun, I'm in!

Okay, so, do I make the portraits. Well, yes and no. Meaning I don't actually draw them, obviously. They are based on photos or -infinitely better- painted models, because these have nice sharp exaggerated lines that are nicely preserved when you have to work on them in these tiny sizes. 

Most of the 'work' is actually finding suitable material, which is a total b#tch. After finding what I think is usable I do the following: resize the picture and judge if it's even worth working on. If no, dump it and try a new one. If yes, very precisely -and manually- cut out the background. Resize it again, de-saturate it, and then do a manual colorization to match it to the UI. Next, cut out the face, colorize that into skin tone. Add shading, trim edges, adjust sharpness, contrast, lightness and saturation. Then I go on a pixel-hunt to squeeze out as much detail as possible. After that there's the in-game test run (which, luckily, means simply sticking it onto a picture of the UI. Yay for 2D modding). Then finally there are often some final pixel-hunting tweaks. Maybe repeat that last step.

And for every portrait that ends up in a mod I might have made two or three that just didn't cut it in the end. I must have made close to a hundred of these things in total since I introduced them. What's more, in this mod each portrait even has unique matching backgrounds for every single camouflage option. What with the season tags I've introduced and the camouflage backgrounds there are slightly over 400 portrait files in the mod! For comparison, there are really only 14 in the stock game (or so I'm really, really hoping!). 

What can I say, modding is an addiction. :D

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A healthy and productive passion for moving closer to mod perfection... or an addiction.... 

Thanks for describing the process Juju. You can see by the responses your 'passion' is appreciated.


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