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[PREVIEW] Juju's Blitz UI

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A few of us are testing the Blitz UI mod in the demo and it is so starkly different to go back and forth viewing the game with and without the mod installed.

It seems like an unfinished game WITHOUT the mod in place, a bit crude and simplistic really.

But with the mod in place...wow! From lame to fame. 

I want to thank you Juju for all your efforts for the CM community with these UI mods as well as for the special mods you have done for me over the years.

I am gifting you a copy of CMFB download when it is released. :D


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13 hours ago, Splinty said:

Juju amazing as always! Just curious if you will be releasing your most excellent icons for CMBS too.

What, you mean floating icons? If you really meant to say BS, then no. But if you actually meant to say FB, then simply use the BN version of the mod, which at first glance seems to work just fine in the demo.

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Time for a daily camo teaser. Plenty of Axis camouflage patterns, but there's not a lot of variety in WW2 Allied camo so I've only managed to include two. And although this one's actually British, which aren't in the game to begin with, it's one of my favorite camouflage patterns: Denison.

This shot also features the optional 'strip' command buttons, one of the optional Allied HQ icons and also the text-based C&C icons.


Sorry these pics are all so blurry. This down-scaling seems to have happened since my last provider got swallowed up by an even larger provider. Haven't figured out what's up with that. :(

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19 hours ago, mjkerner said:

And US Marine Corps camo is out, so not much left.

Frog skin? That's in, actually. It was even -sparingly- used in Normandy. Here's a pic. I'll post a Frog skin teaser later tonight.


But the guys wearing it tended to get shot at by their own troops (mistaking them for SS) and its use was discontinued. Can't seem to find where I got that bit of info, though.

15 hours ago, Ithikial_AU said:

Looking nice. Apologies for my inaction in testing recently, snowed under with work in RL and building a house. Haven't even had a chance to play the demo yet!

Don't feel bad. I haven't played the demo yet, either. :P

Edited by Juju
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Yeah, sorry about that. :) Just FYI, the mod isn't yet finished and is also going to need some thorough testing first. With so many files there's a lot that can go wrong and I hate releasing buggy and unfinished mods. Stay tuned for more cosmetic updates I haven't even mentioned yet!

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3 hours ago, Hafer said:

When can we expect the final?

Patience, patience. I've been on this forum a while now, and I know how well you guys can handle release dates. So I'm just going to say: 'When it's done.' ;)

I know, it hurts. Like a splinter...

Which leads us to our daily camo teaser. Three more to go. Today, yes, another splinter:


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