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  1. Can't believe I failed to change the title. Doh! Yup Il-2 1946 is still great. BEFORE you re-install check out BAT: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?action=collapse;c=15;sa=expand;e9d3f700=271a9c2ed88688b0703a4bcac35aec44#c15 ...2nd section down. Sure it's A LOT to install from a volume perspective but pretty straightforward and it provides a TON of new content (planes, ships, maps) and enhanced features. Highly recommended.
  2. TY Schrull for the great info. And, nope, no built in Windows Defender for me. I pay for something that works.
  3. So, I'm finally buying a new rig. My questions are; - What is the best way to go about installing CM? - Need to go module by module, right? - Can I re-download from the store to get the latest patched install packages? - Anything I should know about W10? (My current rig is running W7.) Thanks in advance.
  4. Ummm....don't think your going to get an in-depth discussion of Battlefront competitors on thee Battlefront FORUM. You should ask your question on a non-publisher forum.
  5. Pretty much. "Tigers" and "88s" just everywhere!
  6. Very true and Peiper was following his orders and counting on the preparatory barrage and the attack of a FJ regiment to clear the US thinly held front line forces away so he could commit his KG as the exploitation force. Unfortunately for the Germans, a well positioned I/R platoon coupled with an unimaginative frontal attack by the FJ troops gummed up the works and put Peiper's forces behind schedule by a day. So...you may not have had much historical information but you did indeed have the salient points in mind; speed & surprise. Peiper knew this as well but stuck to his orders on day 1 and the rest is history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joachim_Peiper#Initial_advance_stalled
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