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  1. Can you elaborate on the bug please?
  2. When it rains, it pours (MoD and Steam)....!
  3. I presume M1134 TOW Strykers need to be stationary to use/aim/fire a TOW? Any other things one has to do? I don't see a deploy weapon command, so I assume thats it? Any idea how long from target sighting/acquisition to actual firing (seconds)? It will obviously vary with crew skill.
  4. @Nefron you had a T-90 in Gagrina Checkpoint?
  5. Ahh, that is that contraption on top of the vehicle is! And without a RWS, makes sense that it can only be operated whilst unbuttoned. Cheers!
  6. From what I've read on here, the standard (non-Recon) Stryker is best left unbuttoned to maximise spotting in-game (can't find the threads on this atm). In this thread @Vanir Ausf B lists vehicles better buttoned for spotting http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118276-to-button-or-not-to-button-spotting-the-enemy/?tab=comments#comment-1583995 but doesn't mention Strykers What say you re the Recon-specific M1127 Stryker with LRAS3? Buttoned or no? Is the LRAS3 system best used stationary, and perhaps difficult to use on the move (or not)? I could perhaps see when stat
  7. Ha! thanks. Someone asked exactly my question over there as well.
  8. I am curious why it has Slitherine/Matrix logos everywhere, but no Battlefront logos?
  9. Did you have a template for the thermal (?) camera? Or done from scratch? Very nice btw
  10. Are we playing spot the differences Bud?? ;D
  11. Oh wowsers. A Bud Black Sea graphic novel.!!!!! I haven't been here in ages (normally over at FGM), but I have post notifications setup for the BS forums, and what a surprise to get this present. Much appreciated Bud! As much as I've followed quite a few of your WW2 comics, its AWESOME to see a modern one, no matter how violent and rapid it is. No trading pew-pews and grenades at 20m here!!!!
  12. You'll need a few bags of popcorn, and a quart or two of caffeinated beverage to get through this thread... http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117591-why-doesnt-the-us-air-support-roster-in-cmbs-have-the-a-10-on-it/ However the developer does tantalize.....
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