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  1. @Bil Hardenbergercurious what product you are using for your animated GIFs?
  2. Oh this is pure gold! Thanks Cap'n! looking forward to this (and your humour and presentation style).
  3. Can you elaborate on the bug please?
  4. I presume M1134 TOW Strykers need to be stationary to use/aim/fire a TOW? Any other things one has to do? I don't see a deploy weapon command, so I assume thats it? Any idea how long from target sighting/acquisition to actual firing (seconds)? It will obviously vary with crew skill.
  5. @Nefron you had a T-90 in Gagrina Checkpoint?
  6. Ahh, that is that contraption on top of the vehicle is! And without a RWS, makes sense that it can only be operated whilst unbuttoned. Cheers!
  7. From what I've read on here, the standard (non-Recon) Stryker is best left unbuttoned to maximise spotting in-game (can't find the threads on this atm). In this thread @Vanir Ausf B lists vehicles better buttoned for spotting http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118276-to-button-or-not-to-button-spotting-the-enemy/?tab=comments#comment-1583995 but doesn't mention Strykers What say you re the Recon-specific M1127 Stryker with LRAS3? Buttoned or no? Is the LRAS3 system best used stationary, and perhaps difficult to use on the move (or not)? I could perhaps see when stat
  8. Ha! thanks. Someone asked exactly my question over there as well.
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