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  1. RockinHarry, it seems that they have been looking at that bug for years... I hope we get a patch to fix this and the bocage "run towards the enemy" bugs soon!
  2. I am also very interested in having that important bug solved. Please, BFCElvis, you acknowledged the bug at the beginning of July... CMBN v4 needs a solution for that bug soon!
  3. Hi BFCElvis, Thank you very much for your answer! But it seems that the hedgerow "gap charging" problem continues arising in some situations: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/134988-hummm-patche-4-i-need-your-opinion/?do=findComment&comment=1792929 http://community.battlefront.com/topic/135173-irrational-behaviour/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-1793211 Do you recognize this as a bug in the 4.02 version? Are you planning to fix this buggy behavior soon? Thanks in advance! Txema
  4. Steve, Thank you very much for the update on the engine 4 patch. I really appreciate it. Looking forward to the patch :-) Txema
  5. With all due respect, that statement makes really no sense. If Steve spends 1 hour per month informing his customers about the evolution of the work on their project/s closer to completion, and the patch takes one year of work to be finished, then the release of the patch would be delayed less than two days due to the time invested in informing the customers. I think that everybody would accept that insignificant delay in the release of the patch in exchange of monthly information about the evolution of the work on the patch and on other close project/s. Txema
  6. Please, watch this video. Here you can see the main problem with engine 4.0. Having seen that, I don't want to play with engine 4.0 until Battlefront releases a patch fixing that buggy behaviour.
  7. I would appreciate very much having an answer from Steve on the engine 4 patch topic...
  8. Please, Battlefront, can you give us some news about the engine 4.0 patch?
  9. Well, a long discussion about those problems in engine 4.0 started in April: (10 months ago!). And a lot of people were agreeing there was an important problem. And Battlefront acknowledged the problem, after a lot of requests from his customers, at least in August (6 months ago): In my opinion a patch to fix the main problem with engine 4.0 should have been already released. I can not understand the policy that Battlefront is following with engine 4.0. It was released 14 months ago and at least 10 months ago a long discussion was started pointing out an important problem with that engine and stock campaigns. But that is only my opinion, of course. Txema
  10. Great CptMiller, thank you very much for the information ! However I can not understand why Battlefront is taking so much time to release a patch fixing that issue. The problem was reported and discussed already in April, and some players that purchased Engine 4 have "downgraded" to Engine 3 to avoid that problem that is game breaking for them... I have not purchased Engine 4 due to that reports and I decided to wait for the patch... I guess other players are doing the same. Why not fix that obvious problem of Engine 4 with a patch soon? It can make some campaigns unplayable for a significant number of players... Txema
  11. Hi Armorgunner ! Yes, I am !!! Txema, the WWII tanksim fan :-) But I just cooperate with the STA modding team, helping in several matters (testing, translations, discussions...). The STA team has several very talented and dedicated modders like Lockie, Will73, Deviator... These modders have done and continue doing an incredible work on Steel Fury Kharkov 1942, to turn it into "The" WWII tank sim :-) It is amazing what they have achieved with that tank sim, and they keep improving it and amazing the players time and again !
  12. Hi Battlefront ! As you know there are problems when using Engine 4 and the stock Combat Mission campaigns. They are specially noticeable in the Italy campaigns. When are you planning to release a patch to solve that problems? Can we expect that Engine 4 Patch soon? Thanks in advance !
  13. Hi SLIM ! Are you planning to continue these videos soon? I really enjoy your TTP videos and I am looking forward to more lectures :-) Best, Txema
  14. Please, Battlefront, we need your comments on this topic !
  15. Any comments from Battlefront about stock campaigns and game engine version 4.0?
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