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  1. Sorry @Artkin Website.... The many weeks of record breaking - heavy weather in NOLA may have impacted this? Seize & Secure: The Battle for La Fière is definitely a very significant point in D-Day. Hopefully it will be offer again. Buzz
  2. The Normandy landings are known by almost everyone studying WWII history. I recently learned of a pivotal battle to secure the La Fière causeway and bridge in France during WWII by watching an excellent documentary presented by The National WWII Museum and Louisiana Public Broadcasting. Seize & Secure: The Battle for La Fière https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/seize-secure-battle-la-fiere The WWII Media and Education Center at The National WWII Museum has teamed with Louisiana Public Broadcasting to present the new documentary Seize & Secure: The Battle for La Fière. A component of the Museum’s extensive commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the film—which captures “probably the bloodiest small unit struggle in the experience of American arms”—makes its broadcast premiere on June 6, 2019, on PBS. I was amazed to see and hear the surviving Veterans recount what really happened. Truly detailed accounts of airborne troops, freocius and determined fighting as they held bridges for comrades coming up from the beaches. Not sure if the Museum is broadcasting this today 2021 but the website shows a "premier" in about 25 minutes. Hope they do as it is worth a watch. Buzz
  3. I don't have STEAM either... and never check the site. I guess I should as I do have Windows. Is Steam offering a Mac version? Buzz
  4. With that level of research and details.... I suspect a LOT of folks are looking forward to this Cold War Ride = Meeting Engagement at Dolbach Heights, 1980 🥳 Buzz
  5. 😀 Stay "Nimble" or become a puff a whiff of Victory ...for the other side😉 Buzz
  6. Satisfying "on target signal I am sure 😀 Buzz
  7. Excellent Screens Bud Backer. Thanks👍 Buzz
  8. 👍 Excellent Video for Cold War. Thanks for giving folks a taste of the excitement on the way. Buzz
  9. Agreed nice screenshots. Yes... riding on a BIG target in urban fighting could be very hazardous . Buzz
  10. Meeting in Berlin = встреча в Берлине. Looks like a good plan. Line up the водка Should be a fun run in town. Thanks for the fight Elvis. Buzz
  11. Thanks Bulletpoint... It is Spring so time to "Play Ball" and hum those fast handgrenades into buildings. Buzz
  12. And it gets more intense as the battles get bigger. Have fun and Get Some! Yes CMBS is a wee bit more intense. BFC has such a rich palette of WWII kits it makes one really appreciate how much equipment / tactics have evolved with CM Modern, CMSF2 & CMBS. Buzz
  13. CMBS + Battle Pack is an excellent purchase and one of my favorites. Modern is fast,lethal and a lot of fun to play. Pretty much if you can spot it you can do some real damage quickly. Bud Backer's comic book art is excellent. Good advice from Howler on how to progress and get up to speed on the units capabilities and spotting. Don't jump in the BIG battles 1st... start small and US. Another suggestion is go in the Editor and set up some small scenario testing with limited units and include some night battles in the mix. A lot of CMBS is making sure you know where not to be because avoiding being spotted. With Modern... if you can see it you can probably kill it. Provides a much greater appreciation of all the CM WWII games. I enjoy switching back and forth for the change of pace and unit equipment / tactics needed. Buzz
  14. Great explanation MikeyD. Thanks Looking forward to CMFI R2V...a nine nation hydra-headed mega monster of WWII regions, settings, equipment, troops, etc. . That is going to offer HUGE options with so many detailed services and equipment. Buzz
  15. Thanks Mord. Life is too valuable to waste on their destructive drivel. ✅ BFC has a proven history of creating = Being Productive. If the "BFC is run by a bunch of incompetent morons ... should go out of business for this and a bazillion other reasons".... when will the b*tching step forward put their $$$ on the line to PRODUCE something... anything of quality and value? If that ever happened (it will not) the b*tching boys are starting from the behind.... "20 years of being profitable" and a successful business gives BFC a Heads Up Start... Buzz ...
  16. "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." Bill Gates Sometimes customers have the greatest ideas... and sometimes not but either way a good business learns from them. Battlefront's track record speaks volumes on your ability to learn, adapt and create entertaining, interesting games that are a great value. Shock Force was in a tough spot because far too much had changed to provide a one-size-fits-all $10 Upgrade like we had for the other games. But we didn't want to make people pay for everything all over again, despite being justified in doing so (2 years of development ain't cheap, after all!). Which is why we created the inexpensive special Upgrade options that are now available. Based on our 10 yeas of experience doing it this way, it's our feeling that we got the balance of elements right. Or at least right enough Steve CMSF2 is a clear example getting it right. Buzz
  17. Thanks Steve! 2019 is shaping up to be rather smart. Grateful CMSF 2 is out and progressing. One of my favorite CM Games. Very much fun leasing to bring 10 year old scenarios Back into the Future... and make them Better. Excellent Bones✅ Buzz
  18. 👍💥 I have started over in many of George's scenarios Part of my learning process ... still underway. Challenging 🔥 Most of all, TAKE IT SLOW! Good advice 👍 Buzz
  19. Some thoughts… CMSF1 was Great but CMSF2 is Awesome! Kudos to Battlefront and crew for bringing CMSF into Version 2.0 Game Engine 4.0. 👍 Feels like a new experience but with old friends. There is a healthy amount of old CMSF1 user made material available as well. I prefer modern warfare more than WW2. Since you own CMBS (one of my top favorites) you may consider WW2 to experience the differences. WW2 CM games are tremendous fun but slower … not as instantly lethal as Modern can be. WW2 CM are the most historically accurate games you can purchase. Test yourself in WW2 with authentic units and equipment and enjoy the results. CMBN BIG BUNDLE = The largest WW2 game available with the largest selection of user made scenarios campaigns mods. “I love bocage…reading a lot of WW2 warfare books” = You should consider CMBN. CMFI + Gustav Line BUNDLE = WW2 in a more open environment and mountains. Multi National forces makes for interesting mix of forces. CMRT = Red Thunder was a delightful surprise for me. I began to better understand the non US perspective on WW2. Impressive Large Battles. BFC’s description is accurate : “the hard fought Eastern Front battles of Bagration and Poland, from the swamps of Belarus to the gates of Warsaw during the summer of 1944. Experience the most balanced period of tactical warfare on the Eastern Front… most interesting ground combat of the entire war. ” CMFB = Final Blitzkrieg is a beautiful game … graphically and in units and equipment. As MikeyD correctly noted, “ fall & winter Northern Europe is quite picturesque.” BFC’s description is accurate : “The Ardennes, France, Germany, and Holland from October 1944 through the end of January 1945. Painstakingly researched and highly detailed combat equipment for the United States Army, German Heer, Waffen-SS, and Fallschirmjäger, includes well over 100 types of vehicles and dozens of small arms and heavy weapons.” My last Holiday comment based on the information you provided … Get the BIG WW2 enchilada” =CMBN BIG BUNDLE All forces, battles, and campaigns found in CMBN Base Game All forces, battles, and campaigns found in CMBN Commonwealth Forces Module All forces, battles, and campaigns found in CMBN Market Garden Module All new vehicles found in CMBN Vehicle Pack All forces, battles, and campaign found in CMBN Battle Pack 1 Hope this Helps you Ridaz. You will not be disappointed with any WW2 Combat Mission but when you tally up ALL the game in this CMBN big bundle… you will be playing WW2 for a long long long time with many days of FUN ahead. Buzz "Happy Holidays" Disclosure: My comments above are from playing the games for 16 years (even back in CMBO/BB/AK days). Think of game purchases with Battlefront as ‘investments’ in FUN & Happiness over years. Your initial game purchase is enhanced by the company’s commitment to maintaining and improving their products over years. Battlefront’s games won’t be abandoned next year. Access to user made scenarios, campaigns, mods, advice, etc. is an added value to their great products.
  20. CMSF 2 Upgrade "Big Bundle" ... Purchased, Download, Installed, Follow instructions to Activate and Get Some 😀! Seamless....👍 another Happy Holidays from Battlefront. Thank you Battlefront, Steve, Charles and ALL those Elves who made CMSF 2 happen. You all hit the 🎯 10 ring again. Buzz
  21. A LOT OF MarkEzra CMSF2 Quick Battle Maps is going to put a smile on many faces for a long... long time Thanks Mark👍 Buzz
  22. No YouTube video but it does look #1 great on the 15-inch MacBook Pro - Retina Display with True Tone with P3 color gamut AMD Radeon Pro 560X GPU (4GB GGDR5). Battlefront Combat Mission games look great on the Battlefront Combat Mission games. Retina Display: Default is 1680 X 1050 - “More Space” is 1920X1200. No problems. Games look great The AMD Radeon Pro 560X GPU (4GB GGDR5) feeds the external 27” - DELL P2715Q Display - 3840 x 2160 without any problems. Both displays can be open but I often close the laptop. I was kind of not expecting Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI cable to LG 55"LG OLED55B7A -55” to reach 3840 x 2160 … but it does … without any problems! No stuttering, flickering, etc.. I can even leave the Retina display open for other programs running. Audio along the HDMI cable to the Yamaha audio system … makes the games (and sound mods of full Battlefront Combat Mission games) so much nicer. (Thanks to all the Mod Lords for Battlefront)👍 I also thought the MBP graphics was going to be wimpy but I was wrong for Battlefront Combat Mission games. Buzz
  23. Previous Hackintosh had NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 4GB -3.9 GHz Intel i7-4770K - Windows 7 Pro. I was able to run all Battlefront Combat Mission games (own most all the CM titles) on DELL P2715Q Display - 3840 x 2160 with all the graphics setting set to best and never had any flickering issues. Unfortunately a ⚡️lightning ⚡️ strike killed the Hackintosh. No time to build another yet. The new 2018 MacBookPro - macOSMojave - 2.9 GHz Intel Core i9 (6 Cores) - Radeon Pro 560X 4096 MB is able to run able to run all Battlefront Combat Mission games... including the CM Shock Force 2 DEMO... on DELL P2715Q Display - 3840 x 2160 with all the graphics setting set to best with no flickering issues. The real fun time treat is playing Battlefront Combat Mission games on the LG OLED55B7A -55” Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI cable to LG 55" & Yamaha audio system is the best gaming experience I have ever had. Only get to play this way when Ms. Buzz is out of the house because the house shakes when the battle is underway Wth the 2018 MacBookPro laptop and the HUGE OLED 55" .... no flickering issues with Battlefront Combat Mission games including the CM Shock Force 2 DEMO👍 👏 Battlefront... Don't know what they are doing inside the engine improvements but whatever it is it is working for me. Buzz
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