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  1. @Bil Hardenbergercurious what product you are using for your animated GIFs?
  2. Oh this is pure gold! Thanks Cap'n! looking forward to this (and your humour and presentation style).
  3. Can you elaborate on the bug please?
  4. I presume M1134 TOW Strykers need to be stationary to use/aim/fire a TOW? Any other things one has to do? I don't see a deploy weapon command, so I assume thats it? Any idea how long from target sighting/acquisition to actual firing (seconds)? It will obviously vary with crew skill.
  5. @Nefron you had a T-90 in Gagrina Checkpoint?
  6. Ahh, that is that contraption on top of the vehicle is! And without a RWS, makes sense that it can only be operated whilst unbuttoned. Cheers!
  7. From what I've read on here, the standard (non-Recon) Stryker is best left unbuttoned to maximise spotting in-game (can't find the threads on this atm). In this thread @Vanir Ausf B lists vehicles better buttoned for spotting http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118276-to-button-or-not-to-button-spotting-the-enemy/?tab=comments#comment-1583995 but doesn't mention Strykers What say you re the Recon-specific M1127 Stryker with LRAS3? Buttoned or no? Is the LRAS3 system best used stationary, and perhaps difficult to use on the move (or not)? I could perhaps see when stationary, M1127 might be best buttoned to use LRAS3 effectively? But TBH I ain't going to be parking a Stryker anywhere as a primary OP: I'll be dismounted the Scout team and doing that on foot, leaving the Styker in concealment (if not cover)...... The topic of crew vulnerability when unbuttoned is moot here (and yes, obvious in a modern battlefield): I am solely focussed on (long distance) spotting please. TIA
  8. Ha! thanks. Someone asked exactly my question over there as well.
  9. I am curious why it has Slitherine/Matrix logos everywhere, but no Battlefront logos?
  10. Did you have a template for the thermal (?) camera? Or done from scratch? Very nice btw
  11. Are we playing spot the differences Bud?? ;D
  12. Oh wowsers. A Bud Black Sea graphic novel.!!!!! I haven't been here in ages (normally over at FGM), but I have post notifications setup for the BS forums, and what a surprise to get this present. Much appreciated Bud! As much as I've followed quite a few of your WW2 comics, its AWESOME to see a modern one, no matter how violent and rapid it is. No trading pew-pews and grenades at 20m here!!!!
  13. You'll need a few bags of popcorn, and a quart or two of caffeinated beverage to get through this thread... http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117591-why-doesnt-the-us-air-support-roster-in-cmbs-have-the-a-10-on-it/ However the developer does tantalize.....
  14. What Sburke said. Always unload/load behind cover/concealment, and let the ground-pounders use their own legs to get onto the front line and into contact. Also try to ensure that the transport route is also out of LOS of potential enemy OPs, and consider smoke for areas they may be exposed. or even reconsider if it is really worth the risk of exposing your battle-taxi and passengers to enemy fire at these locations For fire support, spend the time to look for keyhole positions , or set back inside woods with a narrow exposure. Also consider defilade positions. Always have them behind a screen of infantry when providing fire support, but still ensuring their exposure is very restricted/limited.
  15. I do get very frustrated when an Oplot spots a Russian tank, and insists on firing multiple KOMBAT missiles at the T-90, which get defeated by the ERA......
  16. I think that both language but also population would have a significant input on those rankings....
  17. There are new optional DL links that have appeared in the last 24 hours that now work for me.
  18. Waclaw has just pushed a HQS 3.0 page for BS, SF2, etc to the CMMODS III page, but the dropbox links have been disconnected due to traffic. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=7273#comment-7833
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